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Lee C
Help my grandma is sick I don't know what to do!?
Okay, I just called her and she sounded really sick. I asked her what's wrong and she said her stomach really hurts and she can barely walk. About a month ago she had to get this surgery that had a risk of her dying. She said she didn't want to take the chance, so she didn't take it. She had to get this surgery because she doesn't eat much which made holes in her intestines; my grandma told me this I don't know what causes holes in intestines. My father and I tried to tell her to eat everyday cause sometimes she doesn't eat for a day or two! She said she can't eat because she has no appetite when she's alone. I only visit her once every week. I can't go there everyday because of school.

Mick M
Let her weakness be your advantage, if she's weak and confused then you can manipulate her to write more for you in her will, then let her die!
Bada bing, bada boom.

George R
The holes would be caused by too much stomach acid in her intestines and not enough enzyme to neutralize it. The only suggestions I have is to bring/encourage her to eat basic foods. These have more chances of neutralizing the acid before it reaches her intestines. Also place a snacking food like low sodium pretzels in easy reach (i.e. a jar on the table) she may eat these more readily + it's a bread product (a basic food)

I know I'm don't know much of anything about sicknesses, but could it be her gallbladder? My dad had to have his removed and there was a chance of him dying.
You defiantly should call the hospital or the doctor, if she's really in pain she needs help. When you're with her try fixing her a soothing green tea with a spoonful of honey. Not that it will cure her, it may just be comforting. Try also giving her tums, or something to help with her stomach. Sometimes a hot water bottle can help.

well if i was you i wont go to school and i will go to my grandma's house

school could wait!

but ur grandma could die

Bill P
and your dad cant drive by?

You should ask your dad to hire a nurse to check up on your grandma everyday and tell the nurse to make sure she eats at least 1-2 meals a day. I'm sorry to hear about your grandma. Feel better.

Your grandma needs to see a Dr. If she is in that much pain she needs to go to the hospital. I think I know what you are talking about, her condition, and it is very serious. She needs medical attention.

well try ur best to see her and take her to the doctor maybe he can give her nutrition pills

julie why
lee, need more input. What type of surgery was it? Was she anemic or low blood count? Any abdominal pain? Frequency of bowel movements, to name a few.

Talk your parents into organizing a schedule to have someone with her at all times. Or move in with her. Or bring her to live with you. Older people that are frequently eat little, because they don't want to cook for one, and dont like eating alone.

Take her back to the doctor. She needs to eat something to keep her strength up. Keep taking her back to the doctor until something is done. If that doctor can't help her find a new doctor.

Most of all, pray for healing. I don't know if your willing to hear this but God is still on the throne and he is still healing people today. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. If he healed people back in the bible days, He will heal us today.

I'll be praying for her.

I would be worried too. If you can go check on her I would. If your not able do you know someone who could.

I would encourage you to first see about your grandma. Make sure for your self how she is. If she doesn't seem to good get her to the Doctor. I would anyways just to be sure she is ok. Then I would get with your parents and devise a plan to maybe stay with your grandma during the week and go to school from there in order to be sure she eats or find a way for her to stay with you.

Talk to your dad and let him know your concerns. It may be time to think about getting someone to look in on her each day; her health insurance may cover this, or even a live in caretaker. If that won't work, she may need to move to an assisted living center so that she can have care. Either way, this is really something your father should handle, but it's probably fine for you to help him out.

use 2 b lost
whatever her illness is if you learn more about it and get some training on it...you may be able to help. I think it's worth the try.

Al B
call 911 and tell them that they need to check on her!! Then you should see about getting her into a nursing home so that she is around others and not alone all the time. Good Luck to you and her.

Uncle John
I can't get too specific because I have no way of knowing what city or even country you are in

but the first thing is to get adults involved. There are agencies and programs so elderly folks not only get food delivered but people who visit to be sure they actually eat in. There are networks where people call every day to be sure everything is ok. If she is in pain because of the ulcers in her intestines, there are ways of combatting the pain so she can eat.

Your father should be taking care of this - maybe your job is to push him so it gets done. Your grandma may say she doesn't want it - too bad. Sometimes we have to take care of the people we love whether they want it or not.

Call 911

If she's doing it to get attention or sympathy then a few visits from 911 will put an end to it. If she is really sick then 911 will get her the emergency help she needs.

Call 911. She could be really sick. If she gets mad at you, tell her that you did it 'cause you love her.

aotea s
Darling i'd have a doctor around there quick and smart.
Nanas always say they are fine. They don't want to worry anyone. Howvever get someone around there. It could be serious.

Have a friend pop around occassionally to see how she is.
But do get someone to check on her.

to tell ya the truth...........
It's a shame she is living alone.
Tell your counselor at school about this if you are worried.
He or she can help you and your Grandma.

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