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Cassie V
Help me I can't get rid of my head lice I have nits that won't come out!!!!! What should do?

smother your hair in vegetable oil lots of it then put a shower cap on to smother the lice did great for out hairy friends all gone

kee k
You should use a very fine comb available at pharmacies which can be used to remove nits, followed by application of benzyl benzoate or malathion lotion to kill the lice which produced the nits or eggs of lice.

Go and get lice shampoo but ask for the Preventative kind. You will get a nit comb. Follow the instructions carefully and comb your hair or let some one help you. Remember you will have to delouse your whole house. Heat kills lice and their eggs so wash all the bedding and towels, tumble dry them or hang them in the sun (5 hours of hot sunlight). vacuum the matresses and carpets because they will also be infested. Good luck. Remember to check again after 10 days because then the old eggs will hatch again.

Laura B
After using Rid, keep combing your hair with the fine tooth comb that comes with it every couple hours, being careful to get the roots really good. Also, don't forget to wash your bed linens every day. If you aren't doing that, you may be reinfecting yourself.

bwaylvr99(loves her soccer team)
get head lice treatment for one. also, i had it when i was really young, and my doctor said u should put mayonnaise on your head and a plastic bag JUST OVER YOUR HAIR . it suffocates the bugs.

donte b
2.go to a pharmacy and ask for shampoo that gets rid of lice.

Devil's Advocate
According to the school newsletter I receive every time there is an outbreak, you need to wash your hair in a shampoo that kills the lice for 7 - 10 minutes. Then brush your hair with a fine tooth comb and pull out any nits with your fingernails. Repeat this procedure 24 hours later and again after 7 days. Also wash your pillows and sheets, blankets, jacket, hats, scarves and anything else that comes in contact with your head in hot water and dry on a hot setting in your dryer.

First off, get someone to help you. A good friend or a neighbor that can take the time off. Go to the store and get a product there for lice removal, and follow it's instructions. Once you've done this, if you're still itching, have a friend go through your hair and hand-remove the lice, placing them onto a white paper towel that you can just roll up and trash. I would also try mayonneise (don't think I spelt that right...). You put it in you hair and put a shower cap over it for about half an hour, then you take a hot shower with the cap still on. After the hot shower is finished, you take the cap off and wash your hair. If none of this works, you really ought to see a doctor. That'll solve the problem entirely. However, all of this worked for me, and I've had it twice, the latter time of which was the worst infestation my school had seen.
Also: As everyone has been saying, R.I.D. is a really good product for it.
Side note: Wash everything - like bed linens, pillow covers, et cetera - very often, so you won't have a chance of reinfection.

Deb W

Neil G
you could use something that is called R.I.D and then use a nit comb if that wont work then you can always shave your head

Use the comb that comes with the kit everyday, and use the shampoo atleast once a week till all are gone.

shave all your hairs off so that the lice will have nowhere to hide

Go to store and buy Rid and follow instructions.

You need one of those little combs that gets the nits out, usually comes with the shampoo. If you can't get them out then shave your head!

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