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Okay so I eat cereal every morning and at school my stomach growls at science time specifically and its LOUD! :( Schools starting in a week and I dont want it to happen AGAIN THIS YEAR SO PLEASE HELP MEE!!
It doesnt happen on days that I dont have school and i think thats because i wake up late and eat, on school days I particularly eat at 7:20 am and finish at 7:30-7:35 am and then lunch at school is at 12:10.. Is it because i have a big amount of time without eating?? ive drank a whole bottle of water at school to stop it and it still growls!! tell i eat lunch and for the rest of the day im good! I particularly eat dinner early.. at around 3:30 pm. I think i feel bloating and im worried if i have ibs or something.. PLEASE HELPPP, TELL ME WHATS WRONG !! AND HOW CAN I FIX IT.. IVE TRIED DIFFERENT BREAKFESTS, EVERYTHING!!!! :(


try getting a shock collar, every time it growls it will get a shock and it will sooner or later learn not to growl

Miss Sep
i think nerves mak your gas move more, lol

its a demon or fart

kiki gota luv me
uh.. eat more for breakfast so that u dont get hungry !
it happens to me too and p.s ur not fat =] its normal

<3 FEB 17<3
It's called ur digestion!! Just eat more for breakfest or et snacks at school

well first off don't drink water when your stomach is growling it only makes it worse and you can get a terrible stomach ache because you are hungry you aren't getting your daily calorie limit your body is telling you "feed me feed me!" but don't go overboard just a lite snack like baked chips or even just regular chips and also you can drink a red bull no im serious this may sound weird but red bull has taurine which is a muscle relaxer which is good for you but if you just can't stand the taste (which i don't know who would hate red bull red bull rocks!) you can take taurine pills they are usually at your local health food store or maybe at wal mart even like a nutrigrain bar and a fruit juice before classes will get you through until lunch hope i helped and good luck

The Beatles

Calm Down! Stomachs always make noises!

Try eating a BIGGER breakfast. Not a different one. Just more cereal. If it still does it then talk to your doctor. But I am 99.9% sure your stomach will stop growling.

1. You have diarrhea.

2. You aren't eating enough in the morning and get hungry during that class.

have a little pump :)

So you can drink water during school?
That usually settles my stomach... I'd try taking a little pack of something. Crackers or something. It doesn't have to be big, just enough to soak up the acid in your stomach, and make it stop growling. (:

its called digestion, tard

Graceful Skull
Honey you're growing, it's normal. This is very natural and nothing you should worry about. You're body is changing & growing, so the little bit you eat for breakfast isn't enough anymore. Eat something with it, like toast or a bowl of fruit, or maybe a bagel, some eggs and orange juice.
Nothing is wrong, just eat a little more then you do now to hold you over until lunch time.

i suggest you bring a snack to school and keep it in your backpack/bag and when you get hungry again you can eat. but make sure the teachers dont catch you. I hope this helps

Elementary Physics
It doesn't happen when school isn't in?
Well, you may just be nervous or anxious during school, due to the social surroundings. Your stomach makes noises then.

Ok first of all don't listen to Ron Jeremy. Eat a more filling breakfast like eggs and no SUGAR. Sugar just fills you up for a little while and then you switch to starving in a matter of seconds. Hope this helps!

Have you tried not eating in the morning then having lots of snacks at breaktime? That might do it, or getting up earlier, having breakfast and relaxing for a bit before you go into school? Hope I've helped :) Good luck with that.

you go back to school next week?!
But its August!

try eating eggs, it does work cause it fills you up alot and is really good for you. If you've already tried that and it doesn't work, then why don't you get a snack and bring it to school one day and eat if around 9 or 10, that way if it's hunger, then your stomach will stop growling. Hope this helpedd. :)

Halos' War
Ok, I know ur not fat or else ur stomache wouldn't be growlnig. (cause ur stomache would digest the extra food in ur stomache before growling)

Try eating heavy foods, like pancakes, waffles, sweet breads, pb sandwiches. Itll make stomache hurt a little like being full or just the sweetness. Light foods don't really fill. lol

And don't drink to much water cause it will make the inside of stomache more liquidy.

Well the only thing i can think of is your fiber intake. Is the growling a hunger noise? If so your still hungry.
If its a sick stomach noise, and you feel like crap, then you are eating alot of fiber, which is good for you. Eventually it will come out of you, if you know what I mean. You can check the fiber on the nutritional facts. The more fiber, the more full you will be.

You are probably just hungry. You should carry a healthy snack in your bag and around the time your stomach growls, you should eat it.

Tay Tay
go take a dump or feed it!

your just hungry, or you need to go crap, or your stomache is just like that my mom's stomache makes noises too

Matt Mckerroll

eat the same amount of food just spread it out over the course of the day

Feed it.

go poop. :) it works!

i had the same problem. try taking a little snack with you to school.

Wake up, Donnie
Why not bring a small snack for in between classes?
You could eat it while walking down the hall so you won't be as hungry.
Keep a granola bar or something in your bag!

Resist It
Just eat a little more. Keep snacks with you and when it growls, just eat an apple or something. You'll be fine.

what i do is have dinner for breakfast, things like roast beef or steak or whatever leftovers there may be from the night before which will keep you going. if your in high school there are some teachers that will let you eat during class so find out which teachers will allow that and bring food to those lessons.

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