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Help!!!! I'm bleeding and don't know why!!!?
This is pretty gross but my mom doesn't know what it is, neither does the doctor. Alright last year i noticed when I went to go, uh number 2, there was some blood in the water and on my stools. I was scared so I told my mom and made her look at it... she asked some questions like, are you sure it's not your period and stuff like that. We went to the doctor and he looked at my anus and said it wasn't hook veins or something like that. so he gave me some acid reflux medicine and told us if it kept on coming to come again. He also did a thing where he had a camera and took pictures of my intestines. They found an ulcer in my overy and said it was nothing major. We did many lab tests, I had my blood taken like 10 times and it finally went away. now a year later, it's back and worse. Blood drips from my anal hole and my anal hurts really bad. I've been constipated once, yesterday, and the stool was an inch to an inch and a half thick. if anyone knows what's wrong please help.
Additional Details
I'm weaker and my lower abdomen is really numb. When I flatuate, blood sprays on my underwear. (sorry this is so gross) I'm extra tired and may be swelling. If any of this helps, pleas tell I REALLY need your help. if not just let me know that you cared enough to read all of that stuff.

that's ******* gross.
i don't give a **** that
your *** is bleeding.
get that checked out.

lookup the symtoms online?
keep trying different doctors if this one isnt working for u

omgosh i just read the extra details u put there
now im thinking u need to go to the emergency room NOW!!!
seriously!! tht is not normal at all!

matt p
tell ur mom and CALL 9-1-1 NOW!!!!

um i cared but i just thought you might have internal bleeding tell your mom again and go to the doctor because to much blood loss could be fatal!

eeew what the guy up there said

Elmo watches you at night
wtf go to ER a video pill just records your digestive system there's a camera in the pill.

Sounds pretty nasty. You probably have some intense disease and you might even die. I'd start wearing diapers.

douglas k
wow talk about confidence

Sam B
I feel sorry for you girl.. well what i would do is not to go to the doctors but go to your local hospital doctors dont do anything trust me. and put on those HEAVY DUTY diapers

brittany =]
i'm sorry,i hope you get better. i think you should go to the hospital though.

First off, find a different doctor. If he's just gonna pump you full of medicines and yet say he doesn't know what it is you need to find a different doctor. I don't know what it is, but take my advice and go see a different, better doctor...because thise could be serious.

i really do hope you find the problem
i am NOT a doctor, so i'll give you my THOUGHTS, and not the reason ok? <=]

alrite, well my dad had an ulcer, and it had popped and he lost a lot of blood
the doctor told him to stay away from certain things that he consumes bcuz it would come back
maybe ur ulcer isnt fully gone, and its messing with the controlment of your blood, and its letting it out early/late and MAYBE even in the wrong are =[
continue to get help form the doctor, and try not to sit haha just some humor to make ya feel better, but really, not to much pressure on the be-hind =P
and try to not do anything to extreme until ur well checked out, such as biking or stretches involving butt stretches XP
i hope you get better and FEEL better too!

and rememeber, this is my THOUGHTS in possibilities!


it might be food related but idk i only think that cuz my dog was that way now we changed its food and stoped feeding her people food and now she dont do that

but dogs are diff than people

Mrs. Joe Jonas
well. Its prolly your period, or your close.... cause you can get some blood before your period.... WAIT!! I knowwat it prolly is. It can also be discharge. Its something you get on and before your period. Like do you get this icky, yellow, or some green, or white gew stuff on your underwear or something. Thats discharge, it can also be blood. Hope i helped, and hope you find out what it really is.

Tiffany C34
There is no question about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U need to go see a different doctor!?!?!?!??!?!?
I wish you the best

Have your mom take you to the emergency room. This is nothing to take lightly.

I hope you're alright. I will pray for you!

♥ celena
i don't really know what you could do but to see another doctor. i just wanted to say that i cared to read this.

i am so sorry about what's happening! i hope you get better!
good luck and go see a doc soon!

Heres a number that might help you out 9-1-1

Go see another doctor, and if they still can't work out a definitive answer, go see a specialist. Doesn't sound like something "trivial" to me.

If you are constipated, you need to put yourself on a high fibre diet- wholegrain bread, fruit, vegies, nuts, grains, dates, sultanas. Get it sorted out now, it can only help your situation.

And drink heaps more water.

Maryann S
blood in your stool is never a good sign it may be as simple as hemorrhoids or something more serious you need to see a proctologist they specialize in this type of problem. But dont wait go now...

Bruce T
Go see a different doctor, preferably a gastrointestinologist. (sp?)

Katie Q
just go to the doctor and hospital.. let them take care of you. noone here can really help more then them. i hope it gets sorted

Бухой Парниша
call a doctor

Eva I
how are we suppose to know.
hope you get better. I'll pray. ;]]

you could be hemorrhaging, when veins burst in your anus in usually is a sign of internal hemorrhoids. This is caused by holding your stool in and not going to the bathroom in time, intentionally.

omg that doesn't sound good at all !! change you doctor get some answers! this isn't normal something has to be done!

Well, since you were constipated, you could have ripped a tiny peice on your anus. It's nothing to be alarmed about. It's only like a cut on your finger. It will heal up. Although, you should get on a better diet and drink more water, etcetera, so that you don't have the problem of constipation anymore.
Good luck : )

College Kid
Two Words:

Emergency Room!

♥ Dancer ♥
tell your momNOW

AhhhSashaaa :)
im not exactly sure about the bleeding part but to avoid constipation [which could prolly make the bleeding worse]drink LOTS of water.you should try and detox your system.go on a diet of nothing but fruits, veggies,nuts, & water. cleansing your system with this all natural diet could help get rid of any harmful toxins in your body that could be provoking those ulcers.but go see your doctor tell your mom get some professional help.

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