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Angela Avalon
Has anyone had OCD and been cured of it? What is it like not to have it after having it most of your life?

I think if you do what it takes to heal it through the use of reframing your thoughts, nutriton, etc you will see what it feels like & it will be nice...I guess it would be like having a really good day cause it has been raining for so long & then it turns sunny & nice out & you just feel better....have you ever had a massage or jumping into a nice refreshing pool on a hot day or been really goofy tired & took a nap & woke up feeling llike you could take on the world...You might not have s straight line journey. Most healing is more like a dance..You move forward & backwards & all around but it still is a good thing so don't get discouraged any transformation that takes place happens in a process.

Mike J
just stop doing those habits that classify u as being OCD

Spencer S
I have had it for 4 years and I would like the answer too,

Tara Marie
uhmmm if your trying to get rid of it i suggest you hang out with friends that are veryyy laid back.....
it kinda feels super relaxing because you never have to feel like everything has to be perfect

I don't know if I had it but it describes me partially

Cameron W.
It has been cured. If you have questions you should try to get a hold of the MTV episode of true life. In this episode people with OCD stuggle with it in everyday life, and one girl is cured though some type of program.

I have a friend who had OCD quite badly, but after some councelling learned to deal with it and overcame it. I dont really suffer from it myself though so I dont think I could really attempt to explain what it must feel like, but just to see him being his old self again was great.

ive been on a special psychatric program for it...I was obsessed with the way I look....and ive been kind of "cured"....till now...


Its like ADHD you can control it

OCD can be controlled but it takes a long time. It's a matter of reprogramming your thought process and awareness of the behaviors.

I've had severe OCD for most of my life and didn't start medication until 3 years ago. I cannot describe the change in my life other than to say it's been dramatically for the better. I tried everything from traditional talk therapy to God, when all that was really needed was for a particular molecule to bind to a particular receptor in my brain (medication). It was profound. I understand that not all OCD sufferers respond to meds this well, but I am grateful I did. The pervasive anxiety and fear is gone. I can be me!

I have OCD with cleaning the house. I'm a neat freak. . Honestly, i don't want it to be cured. . LOL . .. A house can never be to clean!

They best way to get rid of it is to get help from a psychologist. Only a professional can help you get personalized help. He will be the only one who can find a method or treatment that is specific to your needs. You have to re-train your brain!

My brother got over his by becoming aware of it when doing it. To realize that you're doing it when doing it helps you disassociate from it. It also helped when he went away to college. There was less anxiety from home.

A lot of people use anti-depressants. Not because you're depressed but b/c your chemicals are out of whack. My meds help me too.

My thoughts OCD obsessive compulsive disorder is not a disorder at all. It is a dysfunction that stems from a lack of discipline. My So call disorder know that i can control is gift. Unique attribute that sets me apart from the norm. doesn't mean I don't screw up from time to time and I often piss people off to the point utter hatred and discuss. Only now I love this reaction and because I could care less how they feel or what they think especially since they typically can't hurt me physically, or mentally.

I don't think anyone gets cured of it. I have had it for about 25 years and I have managed to curb a lot of it but I still have issues with it. The majority of OCD is that your mind won't let it go. Meaning----if you have to touch your plate 30 times before you eat off of it-----you can stop that. You just have to NOT do it. I ignore a lot of my past OCD issues. It's all a mind thing and once you focus on something besides the issue at hand......you can learn to control it.

I've had it and although I used to be really bad I'm not as bad now... I suppose I could probably use positive thinking and force myself to do things that I wouldn't but for my type I don't think I'd be better off... if you just have something like wanting to keep everything tidy then I don't think it's very harmful but if you have something that has a negative effect on your life then you should ignore what you tell yourself in your head and force yourself to do what you don't want until you have the choice without OCD being invloved.

Sorry if that isn't helpful....

Um no it's just part of someones personality.

errr I didn't know my mental illnesses were curable... You can use medication to deal with the chemical imbalances or you can even go so far as to do get psychological help to learn to deal with it without medication... But those just treat it, I don't think you can ever "cure" it. If you have it mildly enough those treatments might feel like cures though, but as far as I've seen it is never "cured". Closest thing I could say would be for medication... Helps some things but you don't exactly feel like "you" anymore. The way you think and stuff can be affected. Of course still no idea if that is feeling "normal" or not, given the varied side effects of medication (sometimes pretty extreme, one type made my father think he was talking to a dead best friend of his) and our limits to truly know if we are feeling normal, having never felt that way prior to compare it. Sorry that my answer isn't exactly what you were looking for.

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