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Steve K
Gastric reflux & Swallowing problem?
I regularly suffer from the inability to get food into my stomach. It seems to stick for a long time in my gullet. Occasionally this triggers a cough reflex and I spray whatever I swallowed last around the room. Additionally, when in bed I sometimes get a surge of gastric fluid into my throat. I need to sit up to control this and remain propped up in bed to get to sleep. It's like a non-return valve in my gullet either not working or working the wrong way.
Any thoughts on the cause or what the condition may be while I'm waiting for a doctor's appointment (next available 31 Dec).

Julianne B
you will probly have to get _________ swallow i forgot what its called i got one befor its not that bad

Do you smoke? Do you drink a lot? Are you overweight?
I would insist on imaging the esophagus SOONER than later, especially if you answered 'yes' to the above, and you happen to be a man. Can you call the doc's office and set up an upper GI or a scope BEFORE the Dec 31 appointment? Tell them how uncomfortable and concerned you are.

It's probably simple reflux, but it could be Barrett's esophagus, or even esophageal cancer. Also, certain medicines, alcohol, and cigarettes loosen the lower esophageal sphincter, leading to reflux. Anyway, you need to be VERY insisting that you get answers fast.

I don't mean to alarm, but it could be serious.

You may have Achalasia. I have it and this is what happens to me. I have been dealing with the hard to swallow feeling and the choking feeling for the last 11 months. I had an Endoscopy done and an Upper Gi {barium Swallow} That's when they found out my muscles weren't working right to get the food down. I found out I have Achalasia. My muscle on the bottom does not function correctly which makes all the muscles not work right. Usually you have a hiatal hernia and reflux to go with it but I have neither. I am having a Laparoscopic Heller Myotomy in January to remedy this and I can't wait to be able to eat normally again without worrying if I'm going to choke, throw up, or wait ten minutes to swallow. Good luck, I wish you the best.

John & Shona C
wife suffered from similar - globus or GERD.

try getting losec fom the doc but in the meantime there are several over rthe counter remedies as above.

licorice based suplements are excellent as well.

You need a doctor ... I think it may be GERD or Bad gallbladder ... in any case you do need to see your doctor.

john r
try ranitidine for acid reflux-works great for me

i suffer from the same and have had the barium meal etc.i ended up on lansoprazol and maalox .lansoprazol builds a wall against the acids and maalox is a white chalky medicine that stops the pain....avoid smoking ,eating spicey foods,pastries,and alcahol .....good luck with the doc

Muriel L
I suffer from gastric reflux, and it gets worse if I feel stressed. it feels like I have a lump stuck in my throat, at the moment you are doing the right thing by propping yourself up while your in bed until you see your doctor. You can try drinking some milk to line your stomach.when gastric fluid comes back up into the throat it irritates the throat and can cause ulcers in the throat hence the problems in swallowing,you can buy over the counter antacids until you see your doctor,it might help a bit. But you need to see your doctor because you might need something stronger.But until then the best thing is milk.it neutralises the acid,

Miss Mouse
Hiatul hernia?

Hiatus hernia.....try lifting the head of your bed about 1" by putting books underneath the legs. In theory it ought to prevent the acid from flushing into the back of your throat. And by all means take gaviscon until you see your GP but do not take rennies as well.

Meantime cut back on the acid forming things like oranges, booze, fatty foods and try not to eat after 8.00pm at night. Stay off the chocolate.

Noone i
i would encourage you to tell them exactly what you told us.

I experience the SAME exact things and they gave me Tagamet and advised me to quit drinking coffee completely, especially the espresso. I did, and 7 yrs later, I have no attacks. I take Tagamet religiously and its helped ENORMOUSLY!!! I haven't had an attack like you experience in over 6 yrs.

I can relate, and it can be frightening. Not only that, it can realistically cause you to choke when eating or sleeping and that is EXTREMELY hazardous to your well being. Pursue the answers and I wish you nothing but the best of luck getting them fast. Sincerely.

Get In Line
Wow, it sounds like you've got a bad case of reflux! You also may have a hiatal hernia or a stricture, so it's a good thing you're going to see a doc! In the meantime, make sure you keep your head elevated when you go to bed, with 2-3 pillows. Make sure you eat very slowly and wait a minute or two after swallowing to take your next bite of food...and chew it up GOOD!. For now, stay away from sticky foods like bread and pasta, drink plenty of fluids (slowly) and try taking some over-the-counter meds like Pepcid or Zantac about 20 minutes before you eat.

Good Luck!

Helen S
Go to your local hospital - forget the idiot doctor who is getting 1K per year for just having you on the books from the health service! This is awful and disgraceful! My husband has acid reflux due to a hiatus hernia (where the stomach releases acid back up through the throat) and takes OMNAPROSAL tablets - one per day. If it becomes any worse he will need to have keyhole surgery but they are very effective. Go as an emergency patient and tell them that you cannot get to your doctor sooner and that you can no longer stand the pain. Really lay this one on! Your doctor and the whole practice should be ashamed of their service!

i have this problem and also my sister inlaw is in the same position. I have lost alot of weight due to ill health from this problem. I now take tablets for reflux daily and also Gaviscon in the morning and evening sometimes at lunchtime. I started on those little Rennie tabs but they didnt do anything for me.. try Gaviscon it should help relieve things until you can see your GP. Good Luck

Its to do with digestion.. do you think you may also suffer from IBS?

little devil
When I saw a specialist for this problem, he arranged for me to have a barium swallow which is painless but whilst waiting he prescribed me some tablets for reflux,taken morning and night. It cured my problem and the barium swallow results were clear. Try not to worry, I am sure everything will be fine!!

This sounds like Gastro-Esophageal Reflux or GERD. The muscles in your esophagus becomes lax which causes the acid contents of your stomach to back flow.

Sometimes a Hiatal Hernia will cause this.

Doctors will advise that you--lose wt, stop smoking,limit caffeine, eat small frequent meals, avoid foods that cause discomfort and to refrain from eating 4-5 hrs. prior to going to sleep.

Some meds that are used are Prilosoc and Prevacid.

Your doc may send you to a gastroenterologist to confirm this diagnosis and rule out any other ailments.

This will involve getting an endoscopy (a scope is put down the throat into the esophagus and into the stomach to examine them. They usually sedate you for this. Other tests may include a colonoscopy and blood work.

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