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 What would you call this condition, its really serious. need the name for it please?
electrical impulses from the brain that can cause paralyzation on part of your body for a few hours. can be triggerd by emotional stress of trauma. the doctor cant really figure out whats goin on wit ...

 Is there something wrong with me? Im different and Im concerned?
Im 16. My mother was an alcoholic when she was pregnant with me, because this,
I was low birth weight.
I was the smallest in my class all through school, and still am.
I have a small ...

 blood test shows im low in iron?
im only 17 and my blood test shows im very low in iron. i've been given tablets for this. But is it bad to have this at such a young age? also what foods could i eat that i high in iron?...

 I have bloody stools SOMETIMES and they go all squidgy and ploppy and bad abdominal pain... What do I do?

 would you donate one of you kidneys to someone?

 do you know someone who stutters/stammers and do you think it's funny??

Additional Details
thanx people who is positive this shows me not everyone laughs and this will really help me through school.....

 No bowel movement in 4 days. Worried?
It's Wednesday and the last time I had a bm was Saturday night, and it was diarrhea (3 times in a row to be exact). Also, almost everything I eat lately has been making me bloated, even when I ...

 I have chronic diarreha. Is there anything I can take to stop it? Inmodium isn't working.?

 Could I be an alcoholic?
I drink alcohol every evening, usually to get a little tipsy but not always. The alcohol varies from wine coolers, to beer, to wine (white or red)--but nothing "hard" like vodka, tequila, ...

 what is the name of the disease that makes you can't remember what you just did?
example: I placed a book on the shelf and no matter how many times I look the book I don't remember seeing it ...

 What are the first signs of being anaemic ?
Thanks for your answers :)...

 Have you ever heard of this?
I was just diagnosed with Sever Anemia... Can anyone explain to me what that is??
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And to "fleetofworlds" it just so shows how ignorant you are.. If you don�...

 Whats wrong with my eyes?
Last night I waking up and I couldn't open eyes. It felt like they were stuck together. I know it's gross but there was a bunch of eye googies around my eyes and on my eyelashes. Not to ...

 do i have an eating disorder? ?
everytime i eat anything, i make myself "poop" or pee after every meal. i dont know why, i think it helps me loose wait.
am i considered like having an eating disorder? i feel fat and ...

 I'm no longer afraid of dying....at all. Should I be?
Since I have been diagnosed with 1 of only 2 known conditions which can mean, I can die at anytime, with no warning or health issue. Simply here one moment, and gone the next.

Should I be ...

 Do you know if anyone has dies from taking cocaine before?

Additional Details
rockingdeadhead - a speedball is cocaine mixed with heroin and injected I understand.
I am just refering to cocaine on it's own or with alcohol...

 My right nostral is very stuffed. It has been stuffed for while. Morning. afternoon, evening. It is insane.?
It give driving me insane. I hate this happening. It has been going on for while now. I dont have the money to be buying Nasal Sprays every week. When I'm at school i cant concetrate. Some ...

 Anyone know if there is anything you can take to stop you from feeling agitated and shaky please?
Not feeling good. What does diabetis make you feel like
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Is there anything I can get from the ...

 Abdominal Pain. Is it appedencitis, or gall bladder disease?! It's giving me a lot of toruble!?
I first started off with a little pain on my right side (where "lovehandles" would be) this has been happening for about 2 months and recently I get 'episodes' where my whole ...

 how do u cure the hiccups?

Everytime I walk up the stairs, my legs feel like they aren't getting enough oxygen.?
I know that sounds weird. It's not from being overweight. I have very labored breathing going up the stairs also. What do you think this could be?
Additional Details
No I am not a smoker and I was thinking it could possibly be from asthma also.

my girl walks a little funny after a good bang

lack of excercise.

Very hard to answer without more info, but heres some ideas: See your doctor, ask if you may have heart problems. Perhaps you are out of shape. Maybe you need potassium - lack thereof can cause muscle pain.

i guess you are suffering from asthma or perhaps a COPD ( chronic obstructive Pulmonary disease) are you a smoker? this also reduces your oxygen. It means that your breathing muscles are fatigue.

someone s
I think the ashtma is affecting the oxygen intake your body requires for your muscles to function properly in the movement of going up the stairs. If you're not getting enough oxygen intake it's definitely hurting your circulation system as new oxygen isn't being brought into the blood to feed and supply the other tissues of your body. I think if it were me, I'd be calling a doctor and letting them be aware of what is going on, as not having enough oxygen can affect various organs, tissues and functions in the body~an ounce of prevention is better than major complications later... so get off of here and go call one now... PLEASE!!

you could be deficient in vitamin b-12, you could have fibromyalgia or peripheral neuroptahy or possibly a blod clot. In all cases you must consult a physician/neurologist or immunologist to get to the bottom of it. Fibromyalgia and neuropathy you can live with and manage, a blod clot you can not.

Heart condition; very tired; anxiety; breathing problems. See the doctor.

Tonia G
its' probley p.a.d. peripheal artery disease, blood clots

You really should be checked by a physician- there are several things that could possibly be the cause. You need to find out for sure instead of guessing- that is not good.

Scott K
You didn't give us much to work from. As I'm sure you know, oxygen is carried by the blood, difficulty breathing is caused by either lung or heart issues. Are you overweight? Do you get regular exercise? Have you been checked for diabetes or anemia? Do you have hight blood pressure? Do you have a history of heart disease in your family? You should probably go to the doctor unless you are just overweight/out of shape, in which case you should immediately start getting some cardiovascular/aerobic exercise on a regular basis until the symptoms go away.

Could be from asthma, this happened to me also but I went got checked out and it turned out I had Pneumonia.

Better check with your Doctor it could be heart problems.

Ruchjat K
You must consult to a specialist doctor as soon as possible.I think you have a symptom of astma,lung disease or heart disease.

when you do a work your muscle have a difficulty in taking the oxygen from your blood..
it sometimes can be from the accumulating of lactic acid on your body ..
if you drink alcohol it can be one of the reasons...

Cindi R
You could be anemic. You will have to talk to your DR because you will need bloodwork done. I have had similar symptoms in the past and anemia was the cause, do you have problems with being tired, also????

Do you suffer from cramp in the legs ie muscle knoting up very painful!

sOuL dOcToR
The Homeopathic Remedy PHOSPHORUS 30C thrice a day will cure that very effectively and safely read more about it :- http://homeoint.org/books/boericmm/p/phos.htm
No side effects or complications take it half hour before or after meals.
Take Care and God Bless !

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