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Jessica B
Easy ten points! Is it true...?
Is it true that after you die, your fingernails grow 5 inches, and then start curling up? I know your probably thinking "Thats the stupidest thing I've ever heard", and I think it's stupid too, but my 9 year old cousin says her friend told her that. Wow. She also told her when you die, they have to put you in a big bag to catch your leftover poop. She must be smart. Any opinions?

kinda they don't stop growing till you depose

No. When a person dies, their heart stops beating (duh!). Without blood flow, the hair cant grow, and neither can the nails.

That's what you get when you listen to your 9 year old cousin's friend..

Sounds like somebody needs to put a bag under HER, to catch all the b.s. that SHE is putting out!!

Do you realize how foolish that is to say they do?
Here is a link, if you still dont believe me:

fingernail is true but prolly not 5 inches
and the poop thing i dunno
no offense how old are you? 9 yr olds are prolly not the best sources

That stuff is true.

Because of the fact that your nails are basically dead already, they do feed off of the nutrients that is still left in your body after you die. If you look at old bodies that Scientists have unearthed, you will see that their nails have grown just because of this.. It is a natural occurance.

A great description of this is the "Buried in Ice" photos of people that Scientist's have discovered.

One example:

isnt every poop just leftovers?

Miss A
she's 9 years old no it's not true and that is so disgusting!


romanian princess.
im not sure about that.
in ways it may be true but then your nails grow and you only digestive when you eat and have your daily vitamins. So im not sure but wow that sure is very intersting.

Umm im not quite sure about the nails...
That sounds really weird since you should be decomposing after you die.
But when you die your body completely relaxes so you do actually get rid of any access urine or fecal matter.
I know its gross but that happens right after you die.
They shouldnt have to keep you in a bag... Lol

Ahmed M
no silly!

its cause your body shrivels up it APPEARS that your fingernails and hair grows
but it doesnt!

No. You do discharge and body substances when you die because your bodies muscles relax and there's nothing holding things back.. But finger nails growing? no because your body just completely dies.

It's a misconception. After you die, believe it or not, your skin kinda shrinks or shrivels up a bit. So your hair and nails appear to have "grown". Even so, its a matter of millimeters, and not 5 inches.

Im not sure but i do know when you die your bowls relax and you poo yourself

No that not true, when you die you body stops growing and stuff. They only put you in a bag to cover you up if they have to move you. But once they get to the hospital they clean out you body, including poop so it dose not stink when they barry u.

Yes. It's stupid. Your body functions cease when you die.

The fingernails thing is just stupid. NO that doesn't happen. When someone dies it is very common that the muscles in their body relax, and YES they poop. This happens before they can be put in a big bag or anything else.

mr garrison

your fingernails and hair
continue to grow after
your death


as for sh*tin urself
im not sure
i dont think so though

Ally F
i believe that it is not true. after you die your body shuts down. and for our fingernails to grow we need our body running. so..no =) hope i helped.

idk about the fingernail but the bag is totall BS

[([Miss Unstoppable])]
uumm i dont think so...

answer mine

Mr. E
No. It isn't. You 9 year old cousin is a superstitious idiot. The cells in your fingernail die when you do. This is because you eat the food that gives them energy. I assume that you currently don't understand that this happens, I am not going to explain to your further, or your brain might explode.
And it is true that when you die you empty your bowels, but they don't put you in a bag because of it.

Alex W
Your body goes through a state of extreme tension and than a sudden relaxation when you die. you lose all control of your bowl movements and you basically crap yourself. The finger nail thing is also true you nails keep growing because they don't need any vital life signs to live. And because of the access energy the body has left after you die your nails use that up quickly and grow

Weird i know

vicky p
well the poop thing i definitely don't believe at all! you cant poop when your dead whose gonna squeeze it out???but maybe the fingernail thing is true but idk. look it up on the internet.

haha no how could it when you die your body stops to work so therefore der is no blood going to you body thus they not growing!!

Spencer P
Your finger nails will grow a few millimeters, not much. And, your poo is flushed out of your system before you are put in to the grave!!!

☆light ☆bright
Your cousin is correct about the fingernail part. When you die your hair and nails continue to grow. However, they don't put you in a big bag to catch your excrement, whatever is left inside you is flushed out while being embalmed.

No there is a rumor that your hair and nails grow. This is untrue. The skin shrinks making it appear that way. The big bag is not just to catch the leaking of bodily fluids but to protect the body as well. Good luck.

i'm awesome
when you die you do poop because your muscles get relaxed so it all comes out I do not know if they put people in bags but that would be a good idea. I really do not think your fingernails grow 5 inches because your heart cannot supply the cells with energy and oxygen.

no its not true my dad's a mortician

G&J's Mommy
That Is False. Read Links Below.

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