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Rawr! Its_Reenie.
Does she have an eating disorder?
Im really worried about my friend.
She's lost loads of weight lately (even though she denies it)
Always at school, shes boasting how shes gonna go home and binge, and eat loads of ice cream etc..
But i never actually see her eat anymore.
once at school after dinner (she'd had a sandwich) she was in the toilets, and i heard her being sick, and i asked her if she was ok, and she told me tht she's recovering from the flu.

one day, i went round to her house, and her mum told me to go straight upstairs, and when i opened the door, she was stood looking in the mirror with her shirt lifted, and i could count her rib cage.

What should i do?
& how should i approach her?

Ravshan B
About eating disorder can be read in http://healths-tips2009.blogspot.com/?q=eating%20disorder

you should look up some web sites about approaching a eating disorder and see what they say about it.

This could be serious. Ask your mom or an adult you trust about the problem and then tell your friend their solution and she should go see a doctor. She could be anorxtic (spelling) and then her doctor could determine what to do from there. It is good o be a friend who cares, so just always stay by her side.


Ayeshaaa :) x
offer her food at school while your eating or invite her round for dinner after school one day, if she doesn't eat anything then obviously there's something wrong and maybe when she was looking in the mirror, she was breathing in?

i have the same problem with my cousin well she eats then goes straight to the bathroom to puke me and my mom know but we dont know how to approach her either it is a very delicate situation so i know how you must feel....i think you should talk to her mom because i dont thinik that ur friend is gonna accept that she has a problem...
good luck!!

Yes. She. Does.

Approach her mum. This is not a good sign and needs to be brought to someone's attention before you have to look for a new friend.

Good luck.

It sounds a LOT like she has an eating disorder. If i were you i would tell her that she looks awfuly skinny and tell her that you are worried.

Nicolasa G
All you can do is be her friend, don't go up to her and ask her. she is going to tell you what you want to here, so watch how she eats , whats she eats , and see if she uses the bathroom a lot. If so follow her and see if she makes her self sick. If she seems to I would go to her mom . I also would inform her mom of all what you took in.

Invite her over to dinner, grab lunch with her or offer her food now and then and see how she responds. Just talk to her and tell her you are honestly concerned. If she doesn't admit to a problem you may want to talk to her mom or a school counseler that can get her the help she needs yet still keep the problem confidential.

tell her mother what you suspect. it this makes you feel uncomfortable, ask your mom to speak to her mom. she needs help. she might resent you but in the long run it is waht is best for her.

Wow, yes I think she might have an eating disorder =/
That's so sad.

What I think you should do, is research some stuff on the internet about eating disorders & then honestly, go and talk to her mom. Tell her not to tell your friend you said anything, just talk to her about it and her mom will help her out.

Ask her questions, be vague...but it sounds like she has a serious problem. SHe might need counseling. Maybe talk to her mom, drop a hint to her....I know the friend would think you're betraying her by talking to her mom, but you might actually be helping her...of course if her mom is a normal woman, understanding and won't go all wacko and forceful make her eat, etc. If she's more or less rational mom, talk to her.

That is MY opinion.

Tell her parent(s)


Mai Girl
Yes, she's probably experiencing an eating disorder.

Try talking alone with just the two of you and let her know you care for and don't want to see her like that. Let her know you care and that you are all open ears when she's ready to talk.

Never tell anyone of her disorder unless she allow you to, if you do, she'll probably take it the wrong way and believe you have lost all her trusts.

It'll take time because an eating disorder can be very addicting. But have patient.

Good luck!

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