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 worst drug?
Whats the drug that is hardest to quit; with the worst side affects and cravings? NO STUPID ANSWERS PLEASE.
This is for a school report!!
Any stories or thoughts or anything in general ...

 Am i sick my friends are worried?
my friends think that there could be something wrong with me cause i dont eat i tell them not to worry but they dont lisen. i am always shaking and i always have headackes. sometimes i get ...

 I have scoliosis and i'm young!!!HELP ME PLEASE!!!!?
Hey guys me again.I'm so scared i have scoliosis and i'm only 12.For those who don't know what scoliosis is it's a bone disease that curves your spine to an S shape.Now i don'...

 i had a bloody bowel movement?
i took a crap which had blood in it...do i need to go to a doctor for this?...

 Why is it bad to be a alcoholic?
If you drink asnd have fun - whats the trouble about it?...

 Black diarrhea and vomiting?
The past few days I've been on my period and experiencing bad upper abdominal cramps along with black diarrhea and last night I vomited. Then I took a shower and blacked out. I figured I did ...

 should i smoke a cigar?
im 19 and its more pressure than ever. my parents, college friends, and members of my family smoke. i feel like smoking cigars but not cigs. somethin wants me to smoke cigars and cigars only. any ...

 does anyone have a constant ringing in their ears?
if so can u cope with it? do u care about it anymore? do u still enjoy life? can u block it out and forget about it? i ask coz i have it too and the doc says itll never go away and wondering how ill ...

 I am a little worried about Alzheimer's?
I am 45 years old, and my father passed away 4 years ago with complications from Alzheimers, he was 85. In the last few months I have began to notice that I have trouble remembering several things in ...

 Who else has insomnia?

 i am 32 years old female & sometimes i feel really dizzy after eating & it lasts for about 45-60. almost drunk

 Why am I overly thirsty?
But I'm not Wilfred Brimley!
Additional Details
This happens through-out the year. Cold or hot, sick or not. I'm thirsty. I can drink water, 8 times a day like it recommends, ...

 How 2 stop my mum from smoking?
my mum has been secretly smoking for a while now, she thinks i don't know, is there any way i can convince her to stop without making her know its me?...

 Am I dying?
Ok I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Scared. I feel tired these days, If I sleep 12 hours and wake up I will stil wake up tired and yawn. I feel like I want to throw up and sometimes I feel dull. And I feel my ...

 Has anyone ever struggled with OCD? Tell me about it.?
I have OCD and I was just wondering if there is anyone out there like me.
Additional Details
Just so people know, I have been through thearapy and I really am not that bad. I was really ...

 On again, Off again sore throat? What can this be?
I was sick with viral bronchitis about 12 days ago. That mostly resolved itself in 8 days. I continue to have a sore throat, on right side only on and off again. I went to doctor's yesterday ...

 Will this affect my health...is it serious?
i get my period every other ...

 Why am I shaking..? ?
It feels like...when you get really scared, like a really scary event just occured, and then afterwards you're really weak and shaky....it feels just like that.

What is going on??

 is this normal for a 13 year old girl?
k, im well almost 13, and i dunno if this is normal.
lately, ive been getting this kinda red rash on my cheeks, and
my eyeballs hurt a little when i moved them. also, ive been getting ...

 i think i suffer from OCD, depression and an eating dissorder, but how do i know if i dont go to the doctor?
i am only 16 and i am severly depressed..i think i have OCD and i struggle with my body image. i dont want y mom to know so how do i know if i suffer from these things? what are they any way, i want ...

Does anyone know how to live forever without dying?
Does anyone know how to live forever without dying i.e. from illnesses or old age.

Many thanks in advance

It is definitely going to happen to & everyone else. Scientists can do every research they can but it won't happen in our lifetime. Vampires aren't real and only God can make things happen. If it weren't for Satan using a snake to speak to Eve and Adam then we wouldn't have to worry about.

Vicky S
Yes thank you very much.

Lucy Blue
No, it's impossible. We are mortal beings. Life is like a ride. You get to go around a few times and then you have to get off and make room for someone else, otherwise, the ride would be so crowded no one could enjoy it.

me too.
there is a medicine called insycromnaicsylmia .. it is very rare and only kept in the finest medical books... along with the cure for aids.

supposedly it causes immortality without actually aging.
too bad you can't get your hands on it though.

yh convert to islam and there is a prayer u cud read for long life


Yes - to make new cells in your body, your DNA replicates itself. But each cell can only replicate around 40 or so times. Scientists beleive that if they could find out what causes DNA to 'run out', and stop it from happening, you could become immortal.

But that probably will never happen!

You are going ok so far

in reality no..like u don't know that already

if you lived forever, you would watch everything around you die, the world would change in drastic ways, and all values and beliefs you have now would mutate or become extinct. The human race would eventually evolve into something you could no longer relate to. In the end, you would become so maladjusted to life and so unhappy, you would WANT to die. So im not interested in finding out.

From the # of deaths each day and around the globe, in short, No. But I heard awhile ago, that scientists were working on some type of drug that could slow down the aging process as well as even reverse it. I, personally, wouldn't want to live forever even if I could. I love life, but then there are the sad times and worries... So, when my time comes, I'll be on my way to whatever is next. Cloning is being done on animals but I'm not sure it will ever be allowed on humans, at least not in my lifetime. Cloning is about as close to living forever as I can imagine. But, don't forget those unexpected accidents that can take you out in a heartbeat! So, not just illness or age will cause you to die. I have one daughter and one son so I feel they will be my replacement when I'm gone. That's enough for me.. :-)

Chryogencailly freeze yoruself

Lets be rational about this No-one is immortal. so Noone can live forever.You eventually die and it doesn't have to be old age or illness

[email protected]
Only in the fillums.

Seriously, not yet, but people are working on it. As we learn more about genes, we are finding out what causes aging. In the next few decades, we will probably have a pretty good idea of how to at least slow down the aging process. Once they figure it out, there will be another decade of testing. BUT it could happen in your lifetime...

James Bond does.

Get bitten by a vampire...

Firecube ♥ MJ
"No, it's impossible. We are mortal beings." - Yeah, if that's your attitude. If you want eternal life you gotta earn it by gathering all 7 Dragon Balls.

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