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Does anyone else have restless body syndrome I am calling it?
It like RLS cause I have it but as of late i seem to have bouts of it through out my whole body. I wake up with it and cant sleep at all cause of it. My body get tense and sort of weak. If i move I am fine , its when i stop it is bothered the most. I was on antidepresents for 5 days when i first noticed this come on and a day later after not sleeping at all my doctor said stop the meds. Well its been a week I am off them now and I got hit with another attack of it. I hate how it feels. I dont mind just my legs but my whole body , I am fustrated by it. Anyone else have this issue or can relate to give me some advice? Thank you.

i think,you are having withdrawal symptoms.
some antidepressants cant be stopped "cold turkey"
you must reduce the amount of medication every 4-5 days.Otherwise, you feel weird, have muscle twitching, feel electric shocks or restless.
Did the Dr warn you about this?
If you need antidepressants, maybe you need a lower amount.

i can relate, but no advice sorry.

some nights thought i can't sleep AT ALL, like no sleep whosoever.

actually, its 3:45AM right now and i came on the computer because my legs wouldn't stop being so restless so i had to do SOMETHINGGG>

but it's such a horrible feeling, i hate it, like you want to sleep, but you're so restless and you can't do anything about it.

yeah, i know what you mean ;)

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