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Desert Sienna
Does Alzheimer's or other dementia cause the following?
change in speech and ideas rapidly (span of two minutes)
clouded thinking and jusgment
irrational outbursts
excessive sensitivity
questionable judgements
false accusations
alternating behavior patterns at extremes
incoherent thought and speech

Carla Y
While these symptoms can be caused by Alzheimer's, there are many other causes of dementia. Most of the listed symptoms coincide more acutely with dementia, but the person suffering these cognitive changes should also be screened for delirium. Sudden onset could indicate an underlying infection or vascular condition requiring treatment.

Other types of dementia that would cause these symptoms include multi-infarct dementia (stroke related), Lewy body dementia, and alcohol-induced frontal lobe atrophy dementia.

Dementia results from progressive, irreversible neurodegenerative disease. Supportive therapy is essential.

There are some simple tests and screens that can be used to differentiate delirium from dementia. The sourced article explains the differences.

As another answer stated, these symptoms can be related to medications. This would be a drug-induced delirium, not technically dementia. A thorough health history and physical exam are indicated.

Best wishes.

ms P
It does, but there may be other things causing this as well such as medications, another health problem etc.
For more information on alzeimers see the following website.
Also dementia is another health problem that causes many lapses in memory etc.


There is two main types of symptoms associated with Alzheimer's disease.

Cognitive signs and symptoms of Alzheimer's disease include:
* Loss of memory
* Loss of language skills
* Loss of motor function
* Loss of ability to recognize familiar things

The there are psychiatric symptoms of Alzheimer's disease which include:
* Personality changes
* Depression
* Hallucinations
* Delusions

Diagnosing Alzheimer's is more about a process of elimination. Sometimes symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer's can resemble other problems which are reversible and treatable.

They can include:
some vitamin and hormone deficiencies
problems with the thyroid gland
medication clashes or over use of some medication

So just because a person may show the symptoms you mentioned, it doesn't mean they have a form of dementia.

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