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Tiesgel Shardeston
Do you have sympathy for Drug Addicts?
Some believe that addiction is a disease, and if a pour soul starts messing with a drug, that its not their fault for addiction. Others believe people bring it on themselves and regard them as useless

What do you think?

First of all, how the hell do drug users cost taxpayers money? Ms. perfect. You don't even look old enough to PAY taxes

Anyways, I do feel sympathy, becasue I am a good person, and I know that anyone can get involved with the wrong scene. Some drugs are very addictive, and the first time you use you are addicted. For some people, curiosity turns into a habit that's hard to kick. But, if it doesn't affect me or my life I could care less if someone wants to do drugs or not...

I have no sympathy for people who are addicts. My father is an alcoholic and he has really ruined my life. Addiction is a disease and it is not the persons fault that they are addicted. BUT it is their choice to indulge in the addiction. If they are recovering addicts, I admire them. But otherwise I have no sympathy accept for their family, friends and people who care about them.

C & C Fan
I as a 45 year old smoker and have been since I was 16 find Marijuana not to be anymore a drug than alcohol. I have done harder drugs in my life and many can be addictive if you allow yourself to be weak minded about what the out come can be of the addiction. I don't feel sorry for a drug addict. Drugs are a choice, the addiction comes with not being strong willed enough to say no and I cant feel sorry for weakness. They have the power to say no.

I do have a lot of sympathy and empathy for them.
It's true they got into them; but often unless someone has struggled with ANY addiction (like cigarettes) cannot understand how hard can be to get off.
Sadly the medical community in general has no sympathy.

Total Stanger
No matter how bad an addiction is there is a choice in whether or not to feed the addiction or to get help stopping the madness. It all comes down to a choice. No sympathy for someone who refuses to help themselves.

Initially people doing "rec" drugs (non medically prescribed) do have a choice in doing so; however after they have made the bad choice for too long, I believe that there is a turning point when they CAN'T make that good decision to quit. They have ruined there cognative ability to deal with quitting or making any other really good decisions abiut anything important..........that is where I start having pity on them; not in the beginning. I am no so sure that I believe in the "addiction" disease, although I do believe in addiction!


Tru3 Lov3r
Some what,they got thereselves into that situation which isnt very smart at all! but maybe theyve tried to quit and now its hard for them..sometimes people do such things as drugs cuz they think itll take away there pain when really itll just make it worse though I have some what of sympathy on the other hand I think there stupid and ignorant,it makes it really hard just to judge them when you havent walked a mile in there shoes..

I do have some sympathy for them, as much as I don't want to. Drug addicts usually have the "invinceable" mentality-the "but it won't happen to me" mentality. I've seen how drugs have destroyed lives and relationships and people...but it always breaks my heart a little because so often the people did not intend for such negative consequences.

It's obvious that they do bring it on themselves. They shouldn't be smoking meth or shooting up heroin...that's a given. But once they have, it's something that is so difficult to overcome that it makes me very sad for them.

no they are waste to society and cost tax payers money

I just dont understand what possesses them to even try it once, seeing how poeple become junkies....what makes them think that they are so special that they can use and not get hooked???

Unless it's an infant born to a crack addicted mother than no. People want to have an excuse for addiction. "My life is so messed up" or "My father was a drug addict" It's you're choice, not anyone or anything can change that.

Robin D
I honestly don't, unless someone shoved the drugs down that person's throat. =/

♥ that one girl ♥
only to a certain extent. i feel bad that they are suffering from such an unfortunate addiction, but at the same time, they knew what they were doing when they first tried it to begin with.

uva guy
As a recovering addict, I can speak to several aspects of this. I wish that the genetic predispositions to addiction and alcoholism were more clearly understood, because almost all of the men in my mom's family are/were alcoholics and/or addicts: 5 of her brothers, their sons, her sons (me included). It killed a number of us. There are some studies that indicate that once a genetically predisposed person ever drinks or uses, it puts them on an almost inevitable path to addiction unless there is an intervention and treatment.

That said, I have no patience with practicing addicts and alcoholics now. Can't stand to be around them. I have an empathy from having been there, but I understand how people run out of sympathy. The lying, the unreliability, the money issues, the broken promises, the watching someone destroy themselves are all painful. But addicts are trapped in their own disease, and really are not even generally aware of the affect they have on those around them. I know I wasn't.
The toughness advocated on 'Intervention' is often truly necessary.

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