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 Anyone out there with a disease called RHABDOMYOLYSIS?
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 Does anyone else have restless body syndrome I am calling it?
It like RLS cause I have it but as of late i seem to have bouts of it through out my whole body. I wake up with it and cant sleep at all cause of it. My body get tense and sort of weak. If i move I ...

 How to raise an exceedingly low white blood cell count..?
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 What can go wrong if you "drink" bottled water through your anus?
i know this is a silly and somewhat wrong question but my friend told me people who can't drink water via their throat have to drink water through they're anus from a bottle. i know that...

Do i have a problem with my brain?
I seem to understand things slower than other people, like when someone makes a joke it takes me a while to get it like 10 seconds. do i have some sort of misfaction with my brain or what?

No, there are people who just get things a bit quicker that others. 10 seconds is nothing, check if you are absentminded at times, or the others just laugh without even getting the joke. I have done that sometimes.

If everybody is laughing, check the one who you think might be fake (not the one who told it, they had time to study it) and say, could you explain it, I didn't get it. Don't be put off by words like it is really easy. Say for me it is not. The best time to do it is when you get it, and you can test the others if they do. Just because people are excited does not mean that they really "got it".

Jason M
Definately sounds like your brain to me , sounds like your brain to me

Nah, you're fine.

It really doesn't matter how your brain works, as long as you can find a way to get by in life.

We are all different and "get" things in different ways. Don't focus of it. Just be yourself because it will make you uptight and maybe you will withdraw more if you think you are not equal to your friends. This leads to poor self esteem. Just keep smiling, keep your chin up, make eye contact and stay involved. We all are slow or ignorant about some things and better at other things. You will develop or learn your strong points.
I know a man who didn't finish high school. He was not close to his parents. Did not get a lot of encouragement or support. He decided to put out a visitors guide paper. His English grammar was not the best. Nobody told him he couldn't do what he wanted. I like the NIKE moto for him. Just Do It! He made $85,000.00 a year doing it. He developed a sales business for himself. He made his own hours. So much better than some of us who work 8 -5 forever missing lots of neat things because we have to work in a structured setting. Many highly intelligent people are not successful in life. Many intelligent people are not formally educated but learn through the hard knocks of life. Certainly our ancestors did this.
So, never put yourself down, God has blessed you with a life you can fill with joy and goodness. Enjoy it to the fullest.

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