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Differential diagnosis for supraclavicular mass that is NOT a lymph node?
Eight years ago, my husband noticed that I had an enlarged area above my left clavicle, and wanted me to get it checked out.

The doctor felt it and believed that it was a lymph node, and referred me to a surgeon for further evaluation. The way it was described was about 5 cm, very hard, almost rock hard, and immobile. It didn't hurt to press on it. Surgeon ordered a CT, then referred me to an ENT guy. The CT results came back -- showing nothing to account for it.

The ENT guy sent me back in for a repeat CT, and then pulled out the actual films and said he saw a tumor in them that the radiologist missed, and operated to remove the lymph node completely for biopsy. The lymph node was NOT swollen and fine.

Eight years later I still have a lump there! I can tell the lymph node is gone, but there is still something rock-hard there. I'm not worried about it, but I was just trying to figure out if anyone knew what it could have been. They scared me to death talking about cancer!
Additional Details
Just to clarify... I'm not actually worried about this. It's been eight years, if it was actually something to worry about I think I would have found out by now. It hasn't grown, hasn't changed, etc.

What it seems to me, at least, is that something was pushing the lymph node into prominence. I can feel the hole where the lymph node was. The hard area is below and slightly to the left of where the hollow from the lymph node removal is. The lymph node removed was nowhere near the size they thought it would be by palpation.

I do have pain and tingly sensations in the area, but there is a nerve plexus there and I was warned the surgery could damage it. The pain is NOT where the lump was, but where the actual scar from the incision is (they went under my clavicle to remove it, so the scar is actually below my clavicle.) Seatbelts aren't fun but that's about it.

I have no desire to have it examined again, I don't want to waste any more money. Just curious is all. Thanks!

are u the same girl , moriah, on the lymphoma website u just answered one of my questions on there lol

maloney baloney
It's probably a clump of scar tissue from the surgery.

I had a half-thyroidectomy a few years ago to remove a possibly-cancerous cyst, and there's still a little spot where that part of my thyroid used to be that's noticeably firmer than normal. That was one of the things I asked my surgeon about at my check-up, and he told me it was scar tissue.

If you're really worried, though, it wouldn't hurt to get it checked out just to calm your nerves.

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