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Mia Mouse
Could I be an alcoholic?
I drink alcohol every evening, usually to get a little tipsy but not always. The alcohol varies from wine coolers, to beer, to wine (white or red)--but nothing "hard" like vodka, tequila, or whiskey.

I feel like I need a drink every night, regardless if the goal is to get a little tipsy or simply to just have a drink. If I don't drink before bedtime I will lay down for 5 or 10 minutes before getting back up and pouring a glass of red wine to drink before I lay back down for the night. I have justified this because it helps me have a better (deeper) sleep and go to sleep more quickly.

Alcohol isn't my life and I don't go throughout the day yearning for a drink. As a matter of fact, I usually don't even think about drinking until the evening, when bedtime is closing in. I suppose the only thing odd is that I do get up at night to have a glass of red wine if I haven't had a drink previously.

I have told my friend that I usually have a drink each night and she has questioned me, feeling I may have developed alcoholism. I'm not sure what to think but she seems genuinely concerned. I never thought I had a problem with alcohol but she assures me that getting up for a glass of red wine is absolutely unacceptable.

What are other opinions on this matter?
If I am an alcoholic, then should I seek some sort of treatment? What kind, if so?
Additional Details
1. I do not drink to escape reality or my daily stress. I go to the gym 3 times a week and walk around the block the other 4 days. I have a very easy going job that I love and a happy relationship with my boyfriend, friends, and family. I simply am not drinking to "escape" anything. There is nothing I want to escape or ignore. Life is beautiful.

2. Alcohol is not interfering with my personal relationships or work. I function normally and have yet to see it affect the people around me or my personal performance. I do not show up tipsy in front of any person. I do not drink before work or going out. I do not drink in the morning. I do not "crave" it.

3. I do not get completely drunk or wasted--ever. One and 1/2 wine coolers gets me tipsy usually. Once I feel a little tipsy, I stop. I do not SEEK to become tipsy and I definately do stop when I feel such things because I fear drinking too much and getting ill to my stomach (seriously, I'm strange like that)

Olivia C
Yes, you're an alcoholic. Having a drink everyday makes you an alcoholic. You feel like you need it - that makes it an addiction. It doesn't matter what type of alcohol you're consuming or whether you get drunk or tipsy every time. Your habit isn't healthy and it has become something you depend on. Many, many people are like you and rely on having a drink or two each night when they get home from their busy days to unwind. That seems alright at first. But then wait until something bad happens - you break up with your boyfriend, you get depressed at the holidays, whatever - and you start having more than a couple drinks. It can escalate really easily.

It may start out innocently enough, but it's not that innocent. Alcohol is a powerful and very addictive drug. What makes it different than having a joint or two every night, or popping a couple pills? Sure, one thing is legal and another's not. But other than that, what is the difference? There is a degree to which it is healthy to have a glass of wine occasionally. But once it becomes a habit, it's not safe.

Most importantly, you are using alcohol as an escape instead of dealing with your issues in a healthy way. There are other ways to relieve stress, deal with your problems, and unwind. There's meditation, having a cup of hot tea, going for an evening walk, doing stretches or exercising, yoga, settling in with a good book, or writing a journal. These are better ways to relax that actually deal with the root of your problems.

"I feel like I need a drink every night"

I think you could have answered this question on your own.

Yes ur a alcoholic. if i were u i would get some one to drive u to the docter right NOW. before it gets worse

people who aren't alcoholics don't think about drinking!!!!!!

If you feel you need to drink to sleep, or any other reason. You have a problem. Seek help.

Sarah O
I don't think you are an alcoholic. I know many people who infact need a drink before they go to bed. And i think you have got more or less in the routine of having it now that if you were not to have it you would sleep poorly without it. I believe you are an alcoholic when you are drinking all the time i.e in the morning.. and when it puts a strain on family life and relationships.

I worked in an Alcohol Program as a therapist for some 12 years and this is the way we judged the the term "alcoholic":

If alcohol interferes in your life in one of four area - health, work, social, legally then you do indeed have a problem with alcohol. There is a line that drinkers cross and it is different for each person, wherein once crossed, then you are termed an alcoholic.

A question that is put to the drinking person is "why do you not do something else to gain the same effect of alcohol rather than drink"?
And if this becomes an issue to answer, then one needs to come to grips with why is it so difficult to find another behavior to replace the effect of alcohol.

Counseling or therapy is often to needed to help a drinker to go into further exploration of his drinking pattern and need for same.

Someones' Mom
First, only you can answer whether you are alcoholic or not. No one can answer that but you, which will make it more desirable to attempt to deal with your issue. You could go to an AA meeting and talk to some folks in recovery. They will be quite happy to see you and will welcome you. You don't have to speak if you don't want to, but will be asked to introduce yourself, and you certainly don't have to say "I am an alcoholic" after stating your name. You say you take a glass of wine to get to sleep.....have you tried an over the counter sleep aide to test your nightly reliance on alcohol? And is this the forum where you would wish to discuss this? Blessings in your search for the truth.

If you only drink one or two glasses of wine a night, your good =]

alcohol is a drug and it sounds like you are getting addicted and I would talk to a counselor and she/he can help you get over this issue. But, first you have to admit to yourself that there is an issue.

Crix M
If you're craving for an alcohol every now and then, yes, you are alcoholic. you need treatment. go on get some help.

I use to feel like you ,I had to a had a drink every weekend it was like I was getting addicted to it.I couldn't have fun without a beer in my mouth.I had to stop because I was doing bad thing. Try to stop on your own but if you can't look for help even ask your friend to help you

i think you mite be...maybe.....slightly

i would'nt call you an ALCOHOLIC..but you might be becoming one, i dont really know for sure though...i took supstance abuse classes, and they said an alcoholic is someone who cannot function through a day without having some kind of alcohol..but i think you just have to have it at night because you might be stressed during the day, and maybe it releaves tension? i think as long as you use it in moderations, and dont abuse it, you'll be fine ..by that i mean dont get drunk every time you drink, you can relax without getting completely drunk.....good luck, and stay safe!!

check out this site.
it should answer your questions

Just Dance
u might have alittle problem and if u dont start to slow down now it can guess worse..even drinking like that is bad for your body and especially liver..yea u should get some treatment

Try to go a few weeks without it and see what happens. If you get a thirst that you just can't quench then that pretty much means you are addicted to alcohol.

Helen W.
I don't think you are an alcoholic, but what do I know? I'm a recovered alcoholic myself, but that doesn't make me a diagnostician.

My suggestion would be that if you are concerned about your alcohol intake, you cut down. If you have trouble, you might benefit from a support group such as Smart Recovery.

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