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Can one get arthritis/rheumatism before 50?
Recently joints hurt, both knees click and one elbow painful and feels weird and bony. Before always I was healthy. Was on Prozac for 6 months, stopped when told it can affect bones. Friend told me its irreversible and I will soon need Wheelchair or Zimmer Frame. True?
Additional Details
Cant sleep on knees, painfully click also when bend them. Even dull pain when walking.

serene e
It's called going to a doctor and getting tested.

Also, how do you sleep on your knees???????

You don't say how old you are. Yes you can get arthritis before 50. I could have written the same question myself and I'm 37. I have every sympathy mate.

Gary B
arthritis and rheumatism can develop at ANY age.

Whether or not this has anything to do with Prozac is a question you need ttodiscuss with your doctor.

Whether iornot you will need a wheelchair is AALSOsomething you need to discuss with your doctor. There are several newer medications for aarthritisthan help slow the progression of tthedisease, and in man cases increased eexercisehelps, too.

As you specifically mention the age of 50, I presume you're referring to osteoarthritis. The answer is that sufferers can start experiencing the symptoms of joint degeneration from the age of 40, especially those who have taken an active part in sports and even more likely in sportsmen/women who also have physically demanding jobs. In addition, osteoarthritis has been found to be hereditary. You really need to go to your doctor in order to undergo diagnostic tests. Don't listen to scare stories for if you do have osteoarthritis there are excellent natural remedies that help enormously, eg., Glucosamine (either on its own, or with Chondroitin), and Omega 3 fish oils. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis more than 10 years ago and I still regularly walk quite long distances and lead an active life. (Rheumatoid Arthritis, however, can develop at any age).

I was diagnosed with RA at age 42. I am now 55 and my hands/fingers are bent to the right on my right hand. Left hand isn't as bad and I think thats because I use my right hand more being right handed.

It affects lots of areas for me. Sometimes It is hard for me to walk. The balls of my heels kill me at times in fact that is how I found out I had it. It affected my heels from the very start. In the morning I would get up and had severe pain in my heels which went away after an hour or so.

Now, I am on daily doses of Naproxen and if I do not take it, I wouldn't be able to do anything. Sleeping is also a probem. Pain in legs, arms, elbows etc.

Sounds to me like you probably have RA. No need to think you will be in a wheelchair though unless it very severely affects your back.
If diagnosed with RA, also ask the doctor for medication to prevent your fingers from twisting. Its not fun.

Good Luck to you.

conviction wears stilettos
i doubt that your meds have anything to do with it,but yes it is possible for anyone to Develop arthritis at any age,weight,prior injury,family history can all be contributing factors see your Doctor before self diagnosing it could also be gout or another problem

You will be one of the lucky ones if you don't but you won't be in a wheel chair

yes,im 47 and have rhematoid arthritis.

My sister has had rheumatoid arthritis since she was 4

Well yeah, you can get arthritis when you 20. Tell me more details and I can help you a lot. Like how all this started and I'll be happy to help

Scott P.H.D

just try supplements, like omega 3 and calcium it stopped my joint problems

Sophie M
I have RA and i'm only 19. RA is basically to do with your immune system and will normally start in your hands. you've probably got oesteo athritis, but then again you have abused your body so it could be something to do with that.

You can get arthritis as a little child. Unfortunately it's true.

Rowan's Mommy
You absolutely can. In my mom's church there's a 2 year old with rhumatoid arthritis. I have arthritis in my right knee and I'm 27. I would definitely go talk to your doctor. Your friend, unless they have a medical degree, probably doesn't know all the facts.

Daisy <3
My 12 year old sister has JRA (Junior Rheumatoid Arthritis) so yes, it is possible. There are medicines out there that can help your problem. I'd suggest seeing a doctor as soon as possible.
Good luck

Yes you can, I was told I had arthritis at 25. Did you have a fall or any injury? I don't think you will need a wheelchair maybe some physical therapy will help.

well I have arthritis in my back and hips from an accident, it set in afterward and I am only 28, my friend has had rheumatoid arthritis since her teens. Wheelchair? Sounds more like knee replacements as the worst case scenario. And I don't believe that a medicine of that kind would cause such damage that fast, more like a long term affect. They cause stiffness in the joints, hence the Thorazine shuffle, Your best bet would be to go to an orthopedist and have them check you out. It might be less than what you feel, get yourself checked. Hope this helps =)

Arthritis can strike at any age, and especially after an injury of a joint. I have RA in hands and wrists, and im not even 40 yet.

Sleep on knees by lying on your front - assume he means pressure on needs hurts - almost any arthritis sufferer will tell you that!

a) Go to your doctor.

b) If I say your friend is right, will you go to the doctor? Very much doubt you will need a wheelchair. This time 2 years ago I was unable to care for myself at all because I couldn't stand, and unable to sleep thorugh the night because having the covers on my knees hurt too much. Saw a rheumatologist, got disease modifying drugs and now walk with a stick, and am able to work again!
Think your friend might be scaremongering to get you to go to Doctor and be checked out.

Whether it's irreversible depends on what it is! There are over 200 different kinds of arthritis (referred to by laymen as 'rheumatism' which isn't a medical condition at all).

In short - yes possible to develop any kind of arthritis at any age. Unlikely your drug use plays a major part, but the tiredness and feeling sick could point more towards a virus or other autoimmune condition rather than RA or other arthritis. See your doctor. If it IS RA, it will get worse until you start on DM drugs - the sooner you get there the better it stays.

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