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 which is worse to have?
ok i knwo they arent really equal to compare

but would you say that chronic kidney failure or cancer is worse?

i understand certain cancers are definatly worse, like pancreatic<...

 too much water in urine?
What would happen to the body if the urine concentration becomes faulty and too much water was expelled in the urine?...

 I have some weird symptoms.?
My fever is at 102.3 deg F, I have severe muscle aches and pains. Headaches, those too. WHAT I DO NOT HAVE is a runny nose, cough, congestion, or nausea. Any idea on what this could be? It had a fast ...

 I have the shakes what can be wrong with me what do I do until I see the doctor tomorrow.?

Additional Details
I have not been drinking and I have not been drinking anything with caffeine in....

 One of my friends said i had a disorder with popping my fingers?
i just wanted to knwo what it is called cuz i pop my fingers all the time....

 Organ Transplant Questions? I was wondering if people with Organ transplants can have Pets?
I had a Kidney Transplant . Thanks!...

 should i get the surgery???
i might have appendicidous, but my docter isn't sure. he said i should get the surgery but i dont know im only 12 years old and my parents said the decision is up to me.
Additional Details<...

 I've been sick for a week, not hungry, losing wight, dizzy, pain in my legs, and very tired. Help?
It started last Sunday with a sore throat. It then progressed into a cough, a stuffy nose, and fever. The cough worsened, and I developed very bad lethargy. I slept for 18 hours a day, and didn'...

 my grandfather is dying, he can't eat, what can we feed him?
He has kidney failure and its really a matter of time before he passes away, he'll eat a little soup but nothing else can anyone help with other suggestions we could try?...

 i'm a drug addict, i need help.?
please don't say i am a horrible person.
you don't know me.
my name is brandi. i'm 19 years old.
I have been addicted for pain killers[oxycontin&hydrocodone] for ...

 I'm sixteen and was just diagnosed ADD, should I take ritalin?
After answering a bunch of behavioral questions with a psychologist, he informed me that since I have so many symptoms, I am ADD. My dad also has ADD, and it is genetic. I have done research on ...

 Patients in coma are brain dead. Are they living or non-living?
patients lying coma are supported by machines that replaces heart and lungs and their brain is dead.they have no self consciousness. Such patients who never come back to normal life living or non-...

 Should i tell my friend that i'm bulimic?
ok well i've been bulimic for a little while now and I want to tell my friend but I don't know if I should. like i really want to tell her because she's my best friend i just don'...

 Should I see a doctor?

Coughing, chest congestion, dry mouth, diarrhea, loss of appetite, pain on right side just below ribs (not low enough to be appendicitis, btw)

All of these started ...

 If you're drunk all the time, does that make you an alcoholic?
My dad drinks all the time. He doesn't during the day unless he takes the day off, but he comes home for work and has a bottle and a half of wine. On the weekends he and his girlfriend have ...

 What causes a person in their early 40's to get shakes and or small tremors for no apparent reason?
And they do not drink or smoke or do drugs?...

 how do i tell him?
ummm sorry to say this but i am beliemic

i have no clue on how i can tell my dad!
he would be mad!
i no he will cuz i know him, hes not a "nice" kind of guy
hes ...

 Everytime I walk up the stairs, my legs feel like they aren't getting enough oxygen.?
I know that sounds weird. It's not from being overweight. I have very labored breathing going up the stairs also. What do you think this could be?
Additional Details
No I am not ...

 What is America's #1 killer?

Additional Details

okay so im 20.. and occassionally get stomach pains on left side. doctors believe its (IBS)Irritable bowel.. okay so heres the kicker.. i ate fast food 2 weeks ago and started getting cramping that W...

Katherine Maria
Can lice kill you?
I don't have lice. But I just always wondered what the worse that they could do is... Can they KILL you?
Additional Details
Thanks for all your answers. But those who said, "don't be ashamed" or "it's okay". Thanks but no thanks ^^ I don't have lice. But thank you all.


I dont think so but you never know little things like chicken pox can even kill you... but being that lice are insects i dont think so

huh? google it

they're pretty small but probably... (ew they're not pretty but u know what i mean)

sorry i'm not sure

a shaw
no they cant kill you
you do want to get ride of them and clean everything that your head touchs, the washing machine wont kill lice, put pillow case and stuff in a blastic bag for a week and than wash in hot water. wash your hair with lice killer and comb threw with a fine tooth comb

Emily Dew
In certain conditions, they can lead to typhoid.

Luxray shock
No i don't think they can. They just itch and drink blood but not that much see they're tiny

lice can't kill you.
but it's treatments and shampoos can.
check out the study at my source for more details. :]

Jamie L
i dont think lice can kill you

No way..they just make ur head irchy, get rid of them by using thay special comb or go to u r doctor x

But you if you get it, you will want the kill the person who gave it to you.

Wright the Radical
Oh, most definitely. During the plague, what carried the virus? Fleas. Lice are just like fleas. Hopefully you don't get gruesomely infected with some horrible disease like Ebola or the bubonic plague or yellow fever. Maybe if you are really unlucky you will get HIV from someone else that had lice as well. Or maybe if they somehow had a neural toxin in them and it hadn't killed the all the lice yet...


no but they will make you itch like the devil and you wish you would die



No they can't kill you.

I doubt it.
But its definetly really nasty.

yeah, they crawl threw your ears and eat your brain. no, they cant kill you. they're just gross

No, just drive you nuts and cause people to not want to be around you.

no lice cant kill you all it can do is feed of of you. and if you scratch give you sore on you head. dont feel bad if you have it because it just means your hair is clean. lice cant cling on to dirty hair they cant hold on. you can get products from the store to get rid of it just dont go to school orwork til it is gone cause you dont want to give it to anyone else.

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