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Kaye P
Can I share my boyfriend's antibiotic?
My boyfriend has an antibiotic for when he had a cough. He's fine now and did not finish all of his antibiotic. I just cut myself a little bit down there while shaving, and so can I take his antibiotic to prevent myself from getting infected. It was just a little cut, didn't bleed much and I'm not in any pain, I just don't want to get infected. Serious answers only please. Thank you

it would probably be fine. just read the instructions and use the recommended amount

Prudential Intern
is it a cream/pill? if cream...i wouldn't risk it because it's of the chance of contamination. If pill, make sure u follow the proper dosage, most likely if penicillin form it can not be taken more than 3 times in a 24 hour period.

You can take the anti-biotic, but it may not help your situation since different anti-biotics are prescribed for different reasons. Not to mention anti-biotics are suppose to be taken for a certain amount of days in order to kill off the infection. What you whould do, is just clean the area and watch it just to make sure there isn't any change in color, or that you don't get a bump full of puss. As long as the razor was not rusty you should be fine!

Robert N
not for same reason so NO

no that can cause many different problems in the respiratory system

You need serious psychiatric help. I have heard some ridiculous questions here but you are the winner. A small surface nick anywhere will not get infected and if you take antibiotics when nothing is wrong with you it does nothing. Have you checked the use buy date, they may be out of date which you could OD and you may be allergic to that antibiotic. Throw them in the bin and see someone about your thought processes.

your user name here
no thats dangerous

sweet as candy =)
first of all he is supposed to finish all of the antibiotic even if he isnt sick anymore...the second thing is you shouldnt be taking something not prescribed to you....and third antibiotics dont stop you from getting infected they only fight off infection and FOURTH antibiotics cause yeast infections especially if u dont need them and sometimes while your prescribed.....getting an itchy infected crotch out of it all is NOT worth it

global trotter
No. But just for a cut, why don't you apply a local antibiotic ointment and cover the wound with a band aid. And keep it clean until it heals. Sharing any prescription drug of one individual with another person isn't wise for your health and risky.

Please don't use your boyfriends antibiotic because you guys are probably a different weights which varies with medication. You wont know how much to take because it wont say it on the bottle it will just say how many his weight size should take. You can overdose if you take too much, obviously. Also, you can underdose which will just be putting stuff in your body and it wont work for you. So you should go to the doctor and get your own medication.

You should never take a medicine that is not prescribed for you, even if you have taken it before.
The medicine your boyfriend took is not for the same reason, and could be harmful to you if you take it without a doctor's authorization.
If you're worried about it, go see the doctor yourself, and they'll prescribe you with whatever it is that you need so that it doesn't become infected.
Good luck!

Don't take his antibiotic. You probably won't need anything, as your body will heal on it's own. Taking an antibiotic you don't need can lead to your body building a tolerance. If it's small, and you don't hurt, keep it clean and dry as possible. Try an over the counter ointment, like neosporin, if you need it. Most cuts heal on their own.

Mrs. Duncan
No you should not. If you think you will get an infection, go to the doctor. Try to put an antibiotic cream on it as well.

You don't even have an infection, why would you take an antibiotic? That's not a smart idea . . . #1 if you got an infection, the antibiotic is specific to a type of bacteria, gram stain positive vs. negative, dependent on the mode of cell destruction, etc. #2 taking an antibiotic without an infection can actually make you sick -- you kill of the good bacteria and that can result in a yeast infection, really bad stomach disorders, etc.; and #3 Your boyfriend would've finished his whole prescription because he could make his infection worse for the same reason you shouldn't take it and because if he could have just killed off the weak bacteria and then the strong will come back with a vengeance.

no you should never use someones else meds.. medication is giving based on weight, and reaction. if you were using your own razor and it was new and clean then just wash it with soap. i hope you went using anyone elses razor as you can contract some really nasty bacteria and get a terrible infection

Deffinately a no.
Try some Polysporin or something. You don't need a precription antibiotic for a cut like that, especially if it wasn't precribed to you and if it has a entirely different purpose than what you want to use it for.

Absolutely not! Do not take his antibiotic!!! Never do this! His antibiotic was prescribed for something totally different than what you have. Plus... antibiotics fight viruses and not prevent infections! Secondly he should never have no finished his antibiotic to begin with. That's how people are developing resistant bacteria.

Henry C
why antibiotic? use alcohol, or bacitracin, because you do not know the right amount of the antibiotic

Don't use medicine that wasn't prescribed to you. As long as you wash the cut with soap and water it will probably not get infected. There are also over the counter creams and gels you can get at CVS that will prevent infections.

One reason for not taking other people's medicines is that you may be allergic to them, or they may be too strong for you. Doctors ask a lot of questions before prescribing someone medicine and that's the reason why...to make sure the meds don't harm you.

U should NEVER share any one else's meds regardless it could potentially have dangerous side effects.

Jesica M
no you should never share your pills cause u never ever no wat could have been put in them

Absolutely not! It clearly states on all prescription bottles that they are not to be shared. He should have finished the entire prescription and then discarded of it. As for your nick, get some Neosporin. It works really well and will help you to heal fast & prevent bacterial infection.

No not safe

never take anything not prescribed to u

A doctor gives the anit. for a specific amount of time~ and if a person does not take for that FULL amount of time~ they might as well not even bother taking the med to start with....

If your boyfriend was put on antibiotics and he did not complete the full course~ hes more than likely going to relapse with whatever he orig. had when he had to go on the antibiotics.

As far as you taking his antibiotics~ again not a good idea as there are not enough there to be a proper script amount.

Also~ there are certain anti. that work better for certain conditions...and its up to the doctor to make that call.

You dont take antibiotic medicine for a skin infection like what you are describing anyways...you use antibiotic ointment that you can buy over the counter, and put a band-aid on it, if you can that is.

You should put antiseptic on that, rather than taking an antibiotic. Anyhow, antibiotics should be taken as a course, not a single dose.

Each antibiotic covers some bacteria well, some not so well, and some not at all.

You would do better using something topical - like a triple antibiotic cream - than something oral.

The two problems with using your BF's antibiotic are the lack of appropriate coverage (won't kill the right bacteria) and it will be a short dose. All that you'll wind up doing is creating bacteria that may become resistant to that particular antibiotic.

So run to the corner drug store or supermarket and pick up a tube of the store brand triple antibiotic cream - and flush your BF's antibiotics in the toilet!

no, you should never take a prescription unless it was prescribed for you, especially if it is an antibiotic, if you take them when you do not have an infection, your body builds up immunity, and then when you do need an antibiotic, your body will be resistant to it, and then it will not work for you. that how super bugs are born, like MRSA

Elliott Smith
Regardless of how you are feeling, you are supposed to finish any antibiotic through the amount prescribed. You run the risk of having the illness come back twice as strong.

As to your question, you will not have enough now to do the job if you WERE infected. Since you are not, preventive measures would be keeping your cut clean and treated topically.

↑ Қεℓℓчcσpтεя ♥
I wouldn't.

first of all you could be allergic, and have a serious reaction to it.
I'd throw his pills out and settle for your own.

take a normal pain reliever..
aleve? advil? bayer? etc.

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