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Can I live a normal fulfilling life with multiple sclerosis?

Computer Says No..COUGH
Unfortunately, if you're not born into an aryan race, full genetically working human, then you can not live your live normally and fulfilling, but you can get by..

Mickey Mouse Spears
Normal? No.
Fulfilling? Yes.

You'll have obstacles to overcome, obviously. There's no point in sugar-coating it by saying your life will be normal.

Liz Lam
yeah you definately can

My mother has MS, she was diagnosed about 15 years ago, it affects her legs and her sight, luckily it has not been too aggressive, and she can still see, though not as well, and she can walk

She went thourgh every new drug trial they had, she has shots every other day, she does anything to try and help find a cure including raising well over 50k a year in the ms challenge walk to help find a cure, we all walk with her

she is still the same person, of course she has bad days, its an awful disease, but dont let it get you down and do whatever you can to beat it, she still works full time plus is a member of the chamber of commerce, school commitee, and a writers group, she has 5 grandkids that she still plays with and all in all a very happy fullfilling life

If she can manage all that plus many things im not listing, while having MS I totally beleive you can too, be strong, its hard, but you'll be happy as long as you dont let yourself wallow in misery because you have a disease

you have it, you cant get rid of it, deal as best you can, and be happy

good luck!

Raji's here 4/3/10
yes of course. I know people who are dating, working as a lawyer, is a wife, a mother, sister, and friend who has M.S. It's up to the individual to want to have a fulfilling life for themselves.

yes, it's all up to you and your mind set.
The life expectancy of people with MS, at least for earlier years, is nearly the same as that of unaffected people.Almost 40% of patients reach the seventh decade of life. Nevertheless, half of the deaths in people with MS are directly related to the consequences of the disease, while 15% more are due to suicide, a percentage much higher than in the healthy population.

Although most patients lose the ability to walk prior to death, 90% are still capable of independent walking at 10 years from onset, and 75% at 15 years.

My friends Mom has MS and she is still functioning normally, and has a very happy and fulfilling life.

yeha you can you just really gotta get past your obstacles.

even if your losing mobility

you cna live a fuffiling life just gotta :] get around it


yes you just have to fight it it i know its defferent then my aunt who doesnt have a leg but she seems to be better without it because she seems happy mos tof the time before she had it removed she wasnt the happiest person

Your life will be as fullfilling as you which for it to be. It sounds like you want to have a great life, so you will. There will be hard times for you to face, but it sounds like you are the type who is willing to take those things on. I wish you all my best and I know that your life will be as fullfilling as you wish for it to be. Enjoy your life.

Clark The Female Super Hero
Of course u can.

Nate D
YES, stay strong and live life to it's fullest.

it's completely up to you, if you refuse to let your disease define who you are and control your life then you still stand a chance. all you need is willpower, patience, and persistence to overcome the path set before you. yes it will be hard and painful, physically & emotionally, but you will learn things most other people couldn't even begin to comprehend. just hang in there, good luck! :)

ofcourse! plus it depends how bad you have it. most people acctualy
have it and they dont even know! i have it ever so slightly.

tom d

Yes, of course you can. Many people do.

Kevin S
yes you can

i don't know how you feel about the situation, but i have a friend who has rather severe MS. he started smoking medical marijuana about a year ago, and he says after he smokes it he feels the best he has in years. he says his joints and muscles dont ache, and he is able to relax and forget about his troubles for a couple hours.
if you already haven't i would highly recommend you researching medical marijuana. it has helped thousands of people with MS, and it could potentially help you

god bless

if you want to

Normal, probably not, simply because you can't do everything other people do, but definately fulfilling, just because you are not like everyone else, doesn't mean you still can't enjoy some of life's simple pleasures :)

depends on the severity of the MS. My mother (Allah yarhamaha) had MS, but other than occasionally getting tired it didn't really affect her life. Others however end up needing a wheelchair.

Joe Biden VP
yes, of course you can

my best to you

Phil B

Yes you can

Of coarse buddy. Nobody holds a grudge your just as equal as the rest. Just keep your head up high and live like a normal person.

Best Wishes Con.Man

Casey T
If you want a full life then you have nothing stopping you. Don't let a disease hold you down. Good Luck

r j
Yes you absolutely can ! I am a 50 yr old F with MS. I have had it for many years and still lead a full and productive life.I work full time, go to the gym ,play with my grand kids and even learned to ride a motorcycle this year. Only about 20% of people with MS become disabled that leaves 80% of us up and running !
I have learned over the years that attitude makes a huge difference ! If you lay down and let MS take over , It will !
Even if you are one of the 20% you can lead a full and productive life, you just have to modify a bit .
Life with MS isn't always easy, it can be a royal pain in the butt now and then, but OMG compared to cancer , ALS, Alzheimer's and some others , MS isn't so bad !
So Get Up, pull Up your big girl panties and get on with life, It will be ok..I promise

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