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Both of my parents have MS (Multiole sclerosis) what is the chance that me (or my brother) might get it too?

I will say like 50% because both of your parents have it.

Kelly V
pretty high, ask a doctor what he may suggest to avoid this ....there must be an extra vitamin or something you should avoid ...i would seriously be researching MS on the internet and maybe learn about the disease and come to your own conclusion !!!

50 (same)

i would say 50/50 cause it depends if your grandparents have them


Sean S
i say like 50%

John Doe
Pretty good

Adam L
Depends what if you parents parents had signs.

Below is a diagram and example.

ρəαcə ☺☺☺ [Melis]
It's in my family too. Five people in my family have it (most of them are my distance relatives). I'll probably get it too. I'm 18 and already starting to have problems. I heard that if you have it in your family, you are 8 times more likely to get it than someone that doesn't have it in their family. I hope you don't get it.
Best wishes
EDIT------> Doctors think it might be from not getting enough vitamin D. Make sure you drink milk, it might help.

I would say it is definitely lower than 50%, but you do have an increased risk. It is not considered to be a hereditary disease, per se, but those with a close relative (sibling or parent) do have an increased risk. There are so many other factors (environmental, stress) that can affect it, that it is hard to say. It is also more common in females than males- but not enough is known to give you an exact risk or chance percentage.

Joe K
Not very likely. Scientists have not been able to determine it to be genetically transferrable.

You really need to speak to some who knows ,like a doctor or a specialist ,they will be able to help you settle your mind .
Stay Safe.

Well it's not hereditary so I don't think you should but if you're still not sure check out this website for symptoms and such.

Please do NOT pay any attention to the people that say you have a 50% risk of getting MS. This is nonsense. The Mendel's diagram can only be used for standard genetically recessive or dominant inherited traits and not for something like MS.

While children of people with MS do have an increased risk of developing MS, the risk is so low that MS is not considered an inherited disease. For a child who has one parent with MS, the risk is below 3%, which means that more than 97% of the children are just fine, for a child with two parents with MS, the risk will be slightly higher, but still nowhere near 50%.

So it's unlikely that you or your brother will get MS. I would try not to worry about it too much. Since both your parents have MS, you probably know what to be aware of, so that you can see a neurologist if you should get any suspicious symptoms.

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