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 does anyone have a quick fix for a sore throat? i'm desperate!?
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 I Think I'm Dying?
I was getting dressed, and I took off my pants and my panties, and they were covered in blood, but I haven't gotten cut in alteast a week, and definitly not in the place the blood was.
I ...

 what causes liver damage?

 How do I get rid of a cough caused by a cold?
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 Urine drug test on Friday........?
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 If im around weed smoke EVERYDAY more than once a day, and not smoke AT ALL, can i fail a drug test?

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 have any idea what's causing this?
Okay so I've been sick continually this whole month. It started off with just a really bad cough that started to go away when i started getting sore throats that would last two days and then go ...

 I'm convinced I have a thyroid problem?
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 hi, i was diagnosed to have a scoliosis. what's that?
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 Does smoking Cigars damage the Liver, if so how badly?
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 what are the symtoms of UTI (urinary tract infection) please help me?

 how can u get rid of hiccups?
also, is there a way to prevent them?...

 if my brother is 'special', will my kids be like that, too?

 How can you tell if your dehydrated ?
I dont drink very much, and i know that i should :S But i end up needing a wee all the time, and being in secondary (im 14) they dont let you go to the toilet in classes. :O What symptoms do you get ...

 What's the funniest thing you've been to the doctor's with?
Mine was a pain in my throat when I whistle. He had to sit there listening to me whistle while we waited for the pain to start.
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Gary: no, I don't think they'...

 If i get stabbed by a penicl? And it goes through my hand , what will happen?
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Bloated stomach feeling, pain just below ribs, what can this be?
First of all let me say I'm on my period--but it started around saturday or friday and the cramps only last the first day.
I'm starting to believe my body can't handle bread at early times like 6 am.. (I can't change my wake up time because I have school)
I ate a sandwich today and the problems started within 5 minutes.
The area under my rib cage started feeling terrible, and soon after in my first class I wanted to rip something to shreds because at random times it felt like my lower intestines were wrestling and something was going on down there. No gas though. I even went to the bathroom after first period and when I got home (just now) and there was nothing. I kind of have a pot belly..
What's the name for whatever is happening? and is there any way to make it feel better or go away?

Muscle Beach Party
you have cancer

you are pregnant.


The walking dead

It takes your body some time to get used to eating so early in the morning. in time it will get better :)

Nicole M
Does your throat ever hurt occasionally? If so, it could be GERD. Look it up.

If your throat doesn't hurt at all, it could be a bad ulcer. Please get some medical attention now.

aww poor you.
don't worry i know eactly how you feel.
you should see your Doctor and let them know whats going on.
maybe its your appendix.--> which is right underneath your ribs.

i had appendicitis (i think thats how you spell it) i got surgery for it and they took it out.

im worried for you. so go see a docter and find out, it can be risky.

hope you feel better. <3
i hope this helped. take care.

Sounds like constipation. If you do finally go to the bathroom (#2)
and you still have the pain then the doctor could check for an ulcer. Drink lots of water and increase activity ie, go for a walk, You can also buy over the counter stool softener. If you go #2 and you don't have the pain after that you will know what the cause was. Feel better soon!!

you could possibly be wheat intolerant, a lot of people are, some dont even realize it.
try switching to wheat and gluten free products and see if that helps. if you want to find out for sure so to a homeopath.

doctor can help u.

ᘓ ABear˚s Mom ᘒ
It's possible you have an ulcer.
Or, it's possible you have Celiac's Disease. That can come on at anytime- or feel like it comes on later because although you may have had it for years, the symptoms can hide themselves until there has been damage to your intestines. My cousin has this- I thought I might have hadat one point.

Bread would be a #1 reason to feel ick if you had Celiac's.

It's an intolernace to gluten/wheat products.

Another symptom of Celiacs is having diahrrea (sp) numberous times throughout the day.

Symptoms are different for everyone- but it's something you might want to look into.

Sometimes carbs can cause gas...that might just be what it is...trapped gas. Take some tums or alka seltzer to release it. Does this happen all the time with breads? Could be a gluten allergy? Or maybe it is what you said and you can't handle bread that early.

Sounds like gas pains; (I have them all the time). Best thing that works for me is to lie flat on my stomach on a hard floor and the gas usually decompresses. I hope this helps you!

I personally think you are just bloated from your period and you have gas. Gas pains can be extremeley painful and often are located below the ribs and have a pot belly. Maybe exercise to get everything ....well moving and drink alot of water, and maybe take a fiber supplement and get rid of stuff and then you wont have horrible gas pains!

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