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 sometimes when im awake, i forget to breathe. is this a condtion? whats wrong with me?
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This is for a school report!!
Any stories or thoughts or anything in general ...

 Am i sick my friends are worried?
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 Black diarrhea and vomiting?
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 Who else has insomnia?

 i am 32 years old female & sometimes i feel really dizzy after eating & it lasts for about 45-60. almost drunk

 Why am I overly thirsty?
But I'm not Wilfred Brimley!
Additional Details
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 Am I dying?
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Sierra L.B.
Are these symptoms of ADD?
I often find myself loosing focus regularly. In school I completely phase out, and when I am not paying attention I loose track of everything that is going on. When my parents talk to me I find myself shutting their voice out and I have no idea what they have directed me to do. I lose track of activities and dates very easily, and I become very unorganized. I am not stupid, but I have regular lapses in concentration. I loose track of conversations easily when they are not directed toward me.
Am I A.D.D? And if I am, what can I do about it?


Yeah thats a problem

Jerry G
maybe it seems noncontagious in most burpconstanders

Brandon R.
i have the same problems. my doctor had me see a specialist to do a 4 hour evaluation process just to tell me that i have a.d.d. while i knew it all along and it was nothing but a huge waste of time and money. but the pills they give me work wonders. not only do they help my a.d.d. but they make me feel great, and make me motivated to accomplish anything!

get those pills and you're on your way to a successful life!!!

ADD is one of the most over-diagnosed diseases. there is just a checklist of symptoms, when it is often caused by angst or depression, you may just be spacey. I am allot like this, but I definitely don't have ADD.

Me having ADD personally, these are my same symptoms, so yes. Tell your parents that you are having problems concentrating and you think that it is add.

Yes these are symptoms of add. I had adhd when I was a teenager and the only difference between add and adhd is that adhd is add that includes extreme hyperness

[email protected]
Yes very much so

Mz. Foxy
It seems like you do have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Treatments are as follows: Talk to your parents about what you are feeling. Seek doctors advice. My child had that same problems.

same girl/new name :)
sure could be hun. I am. I'm 38 & didn't know til I had my son tested 3 yrs ago when the doc said to me, have u ever been tested? lol! Turns out I have it too. I knew all the way through school there was something wrong but back then we didn't really know much about it. I have a hard time reading something & comprehending it. I have to read it over & over & still sometimes it don't sink in. My son could never take test's. I knew he knew the material but failed the test when he took it. Finally a Teacher listened to me & I she

Eveling C
by what you said i think you could
but its not a big problem
i mean i have friends who have add
and well they love to act and they
had the main role for the play
they still did great what im saying is
dont worry get it checked tell your parents about it
and maybe youll get pills for it thats it

Garik Melkonyan
have you been smoking too much pot? possibly...

Ask a doctor. Some advice might not be valid and you don't want to risk anything.

I don't think it's ADD. If it is, it'd be pretty mild. I think you just have problems concentrating. You can have those problems without ADD. Try to repeat everything that is said to you in your mind. That might help you focus a bit more when people are talking to you. Write down dates and activities in an agenda or a notebook.

I have diagnosed ADD, and I found myself doing that as well. But you may just be bored and absent minded. But if you do have ADD those are some symptoms of it. Lots of people with ADD usually need to be moving, like fidgetting because they cannot focus. Most people think that it just happens for those with attention deficet hyperactive disorder, but it is a common effect for both.
If you want to know for sure go talk to a doctor about it. Many doctors, like family practicioners, can help you. They usually just ask some questions, and in my case, ask you to fill out a questionaire of symptoms. It is very important to be as accurate as possible and not over exagerrate anything or lie. This can lead to complications if they do perscribe medication.
Medication can be used to control some of the symptoms. I was put on Adderall XR and it works great! I can tell the difference on days that I take it compared to those I do not.

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