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Are green stools a bad thing?
Green stools for the past 3 days.Should a doctor be contacted on this? This has never happened before first time.
Additional Details
I have had taco bell for lunch 2 days in a row and it has lettuce before that i had mc donalds I dont usually eat out those many times but i did. But nothing out of the ordinary I have done that before and ever got green stools.
Im a bit embarrassed over this question but I am more worried so

Amanda C

green stools are not a bad sign provided youve been eating green foods. if you havnt been eating anything green lateley then get it checked out because its probs more serious. otherwise get used to it, its wat comes with a green diet:)

could be excess iron or some foods or medications. If you haven't changed diet, eaten anything different or in lg. quantities or started new vitamins or medication, call the Dr. if it continues much longer.

Trey M
what color is the room?


♫ Bubastes, Cat Goddess♥
No, I get that when I eat green veggies or eat anything with a lot of blue dye in it, like Iceees or Sno-Cones or Blue Jello or Blue Kool Aid.
Worry if they turn black and look like tar, this is a sign of an ulcer.

Sweet Thang
Not if you are a frog !!!

Seriously, it could be that your food is passing through your intestine too quickly. Irritable bowel syndrome may also cause this or eating coloured or flavoured foods.

If it doesn't clear up in the next 2 days i would contact your doctor. I would also stay clear of bread and gluten foods.
Are you drinking enough water ????

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