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Anyone out there with a disease called RHABDOMYOLYSIS?
I have it and it is pretty scary. My family doesn't seem to care. I have full rhabdo.

I dont want to scare you but you should visit a doctor as soon as possible because this is a Life Threatning Disorder. It is the breakdown of muscle tissue. If this disorder is not treated it can lead to renal failure which is basically the system that makes ur urine. Also, even worse, if not treated, the affected muscle area may have to be amputated.

I was taking a cholesterol lowering medication and it caused me to have those symptoms. muscle ache, twitching etc. My Dr. discontinued the medication b4 things got worse. Now Im taking something else and I feel 1000% better. Im sorry you have it. Good Luck God Bless!

♫singing in the rain☂
no. what is it? your family doesn't seem to care? what do they do that makes it seem like they don't care? hopefully thats not really true. find a support group for the disease maybe, or talk to a counselor/therapist. (and your doctor).
i am sorry, and i hope it isn't too serious or inhibit your life too much.

EDIT: i looked it up. that doesn't sound very nice:( i'm sorry:(

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