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Anyone know anything about the causes of headaches?
I've developed this on and off headache low down at the back of my head. It's been driving me nuts for a week. I also feel a bit giddy at times too.... Any ideas?

Chris O
Headaches often come from dehydration of the brain, causing it to shrink slightly, only a couple of percent, but this pulls on your inner cavity and causes pain. Drink plenty, and you should be OK.

This explains why when you have a hangover, you head is very sore because you are dehydrated because of the alcohol. 2 asprin and 2 pints of water before bed sorts this problem.

Dehydration, are you getting enough to drink? I get 'neck' headache when i havent had enough water. Doyou get it when you relax? thats usually a tension head, because the vessels in your neck relax and blood flows through faster causing pain. It could be many things, driving, neck injury, i find migraleve pills the best but these are a short term solution as you really need to now whats causing them.

martin r
could be a major number of things see your docter an d get it checked out may you have injured your neck better to be safe then sorry

This could be caused by a number of things ?, it could be stress, you could be sitting or working or sleeping in a different position than normal, or have you had a knock to the back of your head ??, Don't take any chances though and go see your GP... In the meantime take a mild painkiller and try some painkilling gel which will relax any stiffness at the back of your neck.. Good Luck :-)


Sounds horrible..could be the Pill, hangover, stress, neck-strain related, a side-effect of some other medication - whatever you do, go see the Doctor, especially if you are giddy!! Good luck!

According to a friend of mine who is a nurse, the most common cause of headaches is dehydration. If in doubt though, get it checked out.

gangadharan nair
Please see the webpages for more details on Headache (Migrane).

go and see a doctor....
some tips from my experience is:
cut the caffeine...
cut the stress factors as much as possible
get a massage, or acupuncture, see a homoeopath
if there has been a change of some sort, that may contributing.
recently i've been getting tension in my shoulders that can bring on a headache in the same area... i found that it was because what i was doing was causing me to tense my shoulders and i wasn't relaxing them after... so at night when going to sleep, would focus on that area and try to relax them with meditation. it really helped.
good luck

if its at the back or your head it could be due to tension in your shoulders or lower back, if its at the front could be stress. so try and relax or have a massage. to easy it.

There could be lots of causes. But headaches are located in the back of the head are not the usual. It could be symptoms of a lack of blood flow to the brain (this is not very likely) It also could be stress (much more likely). Some people carry tension in the back of there neck which translate to pain to the back of the head. Headaches (strained muscles in the neck) like this are common with frequent computer users.

Have you recently given up smoking? I've got a massive headache because of that!

Otherwise you might need to get your eyes tested. If you can't controll it with pain killers and it lasts longer than a few weeks, see a doctor.

check it out, hope it helps

blame the other half,doesnt cure the headache but makes you feel better...

See your doctor. Usually a head ache is all forehead, a migraine is more painful, lasts longer at side of temple (which I suffer, sometimes with nausea, numbness and 'lights').

Have you injured it, or suffered some whip lash? Maybe its strain from bad posture.

But whatever the cause, see your GP to rule anything serious out, especially since you say sometimes you feel giddy..

Muscle contractions headaches are often stress related, but can also be due to poor posture, spinal arthritis, TMJ syndrome, or problems with the muscles or bones in the neck, back, or shoulders.
Migraine Migraine headaches are probably hereditary. For migraine sufferers, there is often a "trigger" that brings on the headache. These triggers vary form individual to individual, and can include alcohol, anxiety, bright lights or glare, change in caffeine intake, foods or food additives, hormonal changes, lack of sleep, odors or fumes, skipping meals, smoking, stress, travel, or weather changes. Migraine occurs in women three times as frequently as in men
Cluster The exact causes of cluster headaches have not been identified. However, it is known that they are more common in smokers, and are worse when the patient is lying down. Cluster headaches occur more frequently in men than in women.
Post Traumatic Accidents that involve injuries to the head, neck or back - such as whiplash - damage the muscles and tissue, often causing severe head pain.
Chronic Persistent Daily Headache These daily headaches can be triggered by a variety of causes, including stress, depression, underlying diseases, or too much medication.
Occasional Headache Millions of people supper from occasional headaches that are not repetitive or debilitating. They can usually be cured with over-the-counter medications.
Rebound Taking analgesic medication, prescription or over the counter, on a frequent or daily basis can result in daily or near-daily headaches.


seriously........ sitting too long tensed over a laptop answering questions. low down at the back could be coming from the neck and the giddiness from cutting off blood supply if you hold the same position too long.

stress...you made need glasses...many other things cause headaches too

I've been asking the Dr's that question for 10 years now and still no answer.
Make sure you tell me if you find out.

princess tinkle UK
i work at a chiropractic clinic and we also help treat headaches, we have a lot of patients who suffer with severe migraines, throbbing, constant headaches and we can help them. It can be to do with you neck or your back being slightly out of line, go see your local chiropractor for a free assessment and find out if they can help you. Honestly it does help headaches i strongly recommend it. If you live in staffordshire try fraser house chiropractic clinic.

If you drink to much soda and not enough water than headaches will come. And sometimes they will tend to go away if you drink water.
Cnn news channel for example

There are so many possible causes of headaches - but since this is low at the back of your head, could it be an unsuitable chair or pillow? I think quite a few headaches arise from neck pain, and regular neck exercises can help - e.g. shrugging the shoulders, turning head slowly left and right, lifting head up and down slowly etc. However,as always, the best advice is to get it checked out by a doctor, especially since you have been feeling giddy too. Good luck - hope you soon feel better.

Cluster headaches may be caused by blood vessel dilation in the eye area. Inflammation of nearby nerves may give rise to the distinctive stabbing, throbbing pain usually felt in one eye. The trigeminal nerves branch off the brainstem behind the eyes and send impulses throughout the cranium and face.

minor aneurysm in the brain

Conor F
I get that a lot. Tiredness or fatigue is the most likely cause. It might also be caused by stress. I often get headaches after eating chocolate, sweets or ice cream also.

well mines from the bottle of red last night and the 2 bottles of beer. if yours carrys on see the doc soon

Earth Queen
Headaches are caused by blood vessels in the head becoming constricted. Heat may help, by dilating those blood vessels. a relaxing bath may help also, it could be stress related.

The personality change may indicate something more serious. Keep track of that. You may want to see a doctor.

Test your blood pressure it could be the cause of a prolonged headache. Reduce salt, reduce any psychological pressure, increase excercise, cut down on caffeine (caffeine can cause headaches by increasing blood pressure), stop drinking alcohol completely and smoking cigarettes (or anything else that you might smoke).

If you are overweight try to get this down by increased excercise and low fat diet.

Incidently, high cholestoral can cause increased blood pressure and so keep fat out of your diet as much as possible.

I banged my head a couple of times on ice, and the repurcussions of mild concussion can cause headaches as well. I have had my head stamped on by rugby boots, with stitches and severe bleeding from the forehead. This can cause a headache as well.

A change in the weather can cause headaches in some people. I used to experience migraines as a child, and this was worse when the weather was very humid and hot. Do bright lights make the headache worse?

Do you have pre-menstrual tension currently? What is your blood pressure measuring?

I rarely get any headaches these days, as I know how to avoid them.

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