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beyond paradise
Any ideas what this pain is?.?
I get excrutiating pains in my legs when I am sitting or laying in bed...mostly at night. ...as if my legs are being pulled off my body.I hzd a road accident about 2 years ago and though I have told doctors and consultants about this and ambulance crew have witnessed it no one has done anything about it. What can it be. I would rather die than keep going through that pain.
Additional Details
Yes they said I had a fracture of the spine but nothing has been done about it. I have been given tablets but they do absolutely nothing and I was told (as Mensa says) to take bannanas every day but the pain still persists and I shall go back to the doctor in the morning when he opens again.

See a neurologist. This sounds like CNS pain possibly.

restless leg syndrome

It sounds like maybe you have sciatica/ back nerve pain. Consult a neurosurgeon, they will give you good advice on what to do. Remember, the good surgeons try everything else, before doing surgery. I had to have back surgery to repair my problem, and I don't regret it. I also used a TENS unit instead of drugs, and I recommend using one- it helped alot. I used after surgery instead of pain meds too. Good Luck.

Sassy OLD Broad
Could be you're having circulation problems or "restless leg syndrome". I'd get another opinion if I were you. And I would try walking around a little before I went to bed. That seems to ease and relax the muscles in your legs. Taking a nice hot bath or running warm water over your legs before bed will help too. I had the same thing after an auto accident. It really gets to you. Take some aspirin or ibuprophen with food before bed too. That will reduce any inflammation. But the light exercise before lying down and the warm water baths really helped me alot. Good luck.

retired nurse

Sorry to hear about your pain.. You really should go to your doctor though. They should be able to help with pain control at least.

I've lived with chronic back pain for more than 20 years, so I can sympathize

sounds like growing pains

It sounds like you have a very real problom. If the doctors refuse to do anything, then God is the only one who can help you. If you haven't ask Jesus this simple prayer:

Dear Jesus, I thank you for dying on the cross for my sins, I accept you as my Lord and Savior and I wan't you to come into my life and help me. Please guide me in the way that you know I should go, and keep my foot from being snared by evil.

Now that you have God in your heart, you can ask for total comfort and healing.

Dear Lord Jesus, I pray that all this pain will go away, Only you know how much that I am hurting, since you know all my pains and weaknesses. I pray that you'll cover my body with your blood, and heal me completely. Amen

God bless you! Click on my avatar if you ever need to talk.

Sciatica or some circulatory problem causing a lack of adequate blood-flow to the muscles in your legs. If the pain is specifically in your joints, rather than throughout your legs, possibly arthritis.

Pester your doctor some more - get an MRI scan asap.

Find a doctor that will listen to you and work to discover what the problem is. Don't just suffer...I do hope you are able to find out what's going on, and get it taken care of soon!

[email protected]
pinched nerve in back will no that go to a neuro get a nerve mapping done that will tell you

i dont have any idea what it could be, but go to your doctor and explain the pain to them...dont let them fob you off with some lame excuse if your really in that much pain, they should do something about it... dont give up... theres obviously something wrong, so get to the bottom of it... goodluck...

If you've been checked out by your doctor, it may well be worth spending £25 and going to see an osteopath. Make sure they're appropriately qualified and registered and book an appointment.
You may need a few consultations, but in my view it's £100 or so, well spent.

My hubby went after suffering excruciating arm pain. (usual painkillers from GP - no effect). He is virtually pain free, not on painkillers and as an added bonus, no longer snores at night!!

Sorry to hear this. I hope the other people are wrong because if you have a ruptured disk you may need surgery. I had surgery to repair two ruptured disks last November. The pain was unbearable and I was also getting numbing which was almost better than the pain but scarier. I would recommend getting an MRI with your doctor as soon as possible.

Good Luck

What you need to do is go to other doctors!!!

Even if you are in an HMO, you still have the LEGAL right(in the USA at least) to a second opinoin by different Dr. Sad that you would consider suicide over expending a little more effort in researching the cause of your pain.

While I am no medical professional it does sound from your scant description that you have residual nerve damage, or a bone marrow infection.

[email protected]
You are not getting the right advice, if you are in Uk insist your Doctor refers you to a specialist "leg man". Pay £150 and go for a private consultation, its quicker and worth every penny.

I advise you get a complete exam from your doctor to analyze what the problem may be. Also, ask your doctor about restless leg syndrome. I provided a link for more information about it. I hope everything works out for you and take care.

Someone here said "growing pains" --- THERE IS TRUTH TO THIS. My son is almost 18 and still gets them every so often. He's already tall but he may still have a little to go -- the pain is in his legs too.

If you're not getting any help from your current doctor, get a second opinion. You are clearly in pain, and there is a reason.

It can be any number of things that you are describing.

Someone is being mighty negligent, Friend. Your back should have been checked after that accident- and it sounds to me like there was an injury that's now pinching a nerve leading to your legs.

I think this is called restless leg syndrome. I would force my doctors to do something about it. That is what you pay them for.

might be sciatica, my friend suffers from it quite badly and she gets medication from the Drs to clear it up. might be worth talking to them about it.

Amanda J
Could be a blood clot or something to that effect, might need to get that seen about

You're going to laugh at this answer, but give it a try. Wear knee socks on your feet in bed at night. Good luck.

I had the same thing and I was diagnosed with EVERYTHING! Then finally they found out that I had 2 hernias. After they were repaired I have felt better. But no Doctor ever thought to look at that. I had extensive physical therapy which made it worse. I was always on pain meds and zoned out! Hope this helps.

If your Dr.s haven't been able to give you an answer as to what it might be you might try writing a letter to ask Dr. Gott.

you have either a herniated or ruptured disk in your back.

You probably have nerve damage from the accident. Possibly even spinal damage.This pain started since the accident? Never had it before the accident?

You need to go to a doctor, a specialist, and get tested. There might be prescription medication or an physical therapy regimen that can alleviate your condition.

Do not hesitate. Some nerve injuries can worsen over time if not treated. I assume you don't want this pain to get worse.

Check with a neurologist or orthopedist, and quickly!

Good luck.

I'm so sorry to hear about what you say... have you tried the warming red light? My grandma uses it for her legs too and it seems to help. Try it

K's Mom
You poor thing! It sounds more like Sciatica than restless leg. Get ugly with your Dr and demand that he do something and if he doesn't know what to do refer you to a specialist!

goto the docotr cause it can be a number fo things. Also pray for the pain to be gone.

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