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cutie pie
Am I Ill??? please help?
i feel tired alot. and sleep alot.

i can be not hungry and then suddenly go to hungary with hurting tummy (because of no food) then if i dont get anthing to eat i feel really weak.

i also gets loads of headaches.

please help me!! what are these symptoms i don't want to bother the doc when it could be nothing!!!

Brandon J
Your first three sentences start with "i" so you can be "III".

maybe ur getting a period sorry lolz but better ask a doc

Haha it sounds to me like you have all the symptoms of a teenager.
but if it would make you feel better you could always go to the doctor. It couldn't hurt (:

You should go to the Doctor you will not be wasting his/her time that is what they are there for
you could also look on
A-Z of conditions and treatments

how old are you? probably its only a period of time where you are stressed ... you'll get better

Duncan R
you do not have a healthy eating pattern by the sound of things. 3 square meals a day, dont force yourself to eat but make sure u get something in you... headaches can be caused by not drinking enough water or water based fluids. it stops some oxygen getting to your brain which can give you headaches.

Hope This Helped

posh scouse
It sounds like you could be diabetic, you must go and see the doctor, its important that you go, you wont be wasting his time, he's there to help so make an appointment today.

it kinda sounds like wat i had but my back also hurt i went to doctar and he said i was on the verge of becoming a diabettic im not sure if thats your case but my brother calls my doctar a quack so i dont know gl tho

If you are a teenager it could just be your hormones. i sleep loads and am always tired even after having a good nights sleep. I also get headaches/migranes and the doc said its hormonal.

Maybe you're anemic or pregnant.

Devon Custard
I am the same but without the headaches. we should really see the doctor

Aida S
Check with your doc - or at least make sure you are taking a good multivitamin/multimineral and drinking a lot of water. The headaches may be coming from lack of nutrition or something as well as the tiredness. Make sure you are eating right and periodically, drinking a lot of water and taking a good multi-vitamin/mineral. This may help - but if you think its something else definitely go to the doctor~

are you depressed at all? or have you been under severe stress in the last like 6 months? When i had my breakdown it started off like this, with the tiredness and sleeping all the time, and not eating right, and lots of headaches too..then it got much worse because i refused to go to a doctor and get help.

regardless of being depressed, i think you should go anyways though, could be some kind of food intolerance too that is preventing you from getting the vitamins you need, therefore making you sleepy and if you sleep too much it can give you headaches. I'm a Celiac (cant eat gluten) and I know that can cause tiredness, I get severe pains when hungry too..

hope it gets sorted out soon! xx

Yea that sounds like your getting the flu without the puking.

maria x.
Not eating a well balanced diet can have a profound affect on your health. Not having the right calories and vitamins will result in your body becoming weak. Poor diet will also affect your sleep pattern due to the lack in energy. Go and visit your GP and discuss the difficulties you are experiencing with eating. This way he can check your health whilst your there and provide you with the information, any medication and support you require. Maria x.

clair r
go see a doctor

stargazer (lost in space)
It would be a good idea to see the doctor, that's why they are there.It may be something minor but sounds like you really do need to get sorted out,it may be a virus, you may be anaemic it may even be depression but do see about it,it can put your mind at ease.

It is hard to diagnose with such basic symptoms. It is a doctors job to see what is wrong with you and he wont judge you if it turns out you are just over reacting. I DOT NOT suggest doing internet research. Most likely whatever you find from the internet you do not have.

So overall, go talk to your doctor and see if anything is wrong.

Well, you're clearly ill.
If you're getting symptoms like that, then go to your doctor. Thats what they're there for!

I have the same problem with headaches and weakness and I have anaemia. Go get your blood tested(blood pressure as well)
You might feel not hungry if you are not feeling well. If you get hurting tummy, you might have a lot of acid in your stomach.

Miss You Tommy :(
I think people who have told you to get a dictionary should notice that when you spell 'i' with a capital it looks like 'I'. 'I' shouldn't have been spelt with a capital letter but she is actually spelling it as it should be...

The tiredness thing may be due to anemia. Do you have heavy periods as that could result in it, as it happened to me. Buy some iron tablets from boots or a supermarket and if things don't improve, ask to see the nurse at your doctors surgery if you don't want to bother the doctor.

The hunger thing is pretty normal, that definitely isn't something to worry yourself over too much.

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