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Wonder Why
Alcoholism - I've drank a lot for the past 5 years. I stopped and now my entire body?
aches, my wrists hurt really bad, my arms and my upper back is in a TON of pain.

Is that from stopping drinking???? Or is it just a coincidence?

Hence, why you don't drink!!

Go see a medicine witch

Votre chance !
You should quit drinking. At those symptoms that you describing it for sure because you drinking.

Maybe when you getting drunk you fallen on some hard places. You should go to doctor to he/she tell if you have some kind of bone problem and when he/she asks if you drink don't hide it.

your body has become immune to alcohal. you need to see a doctor you could get very sick for just stopping like that

never felt that i have drank lots and stoped then started again. what is alot to you? case a day. or a 5th a day is what i liked.

Anil S
Don't worry . It is not because you stopped drinking. It is due to other factors of the body. I used to be alcoholic for nearly 20 yrs and have left all of a sudden. The mental attitude only make us to feel that we are not happy , and we have physical pains etc. Go for swimming, or gym or Yoga or Meditation or do any other things which you like to diversify the attention from addiction. Best way , answer maximum questions, attend internet dating, or go for dating if feasible , have a chat with good ladies friends . That will help you to overcome the alcoholism.


Private I
1st off...how long has it been since you've had a drink?
I do doubt the pain is from abstinence...try taking something like Excedrin..less Tylenol {Acetaminophen} it has an equal amount of Asprin, added in is caffeine, which will aide the pain relievers to get into your body much faster, not to mention flushing {alcohol} your body of any nasties!! You may have contracted a flu and the flu causes many different aches and pains. Try the good old Grandma remedy of chicken soup and tea as well. If you're not better in a few days, I'd head for the doctor with the entire truth!! Should it be you just stopped drinking in the last 48 hours, you may want to consider seeing one now, especially if you've drank heavily..like drinking yourself into oblivion!! My hat's off to you for stopping..You seem to have a lot of sheer willpower...AWESOME YOU!!

take some liver pills to help it

I would definitely go see a doctor. And even if it is from you quitting drinking, DON'T start back up. You'll get used to not drinking and you won't be as sore. See a doctor so he/she can tell you what to do.

Alcohol is a toxin. It tends to increase acid levels in the muscles. Your body is probably working out all the toxins and the acid, and sometimes that hurts. Think about it, your body's norm was to have moderate to high levels of alcohol in your bloodstream for years. You are now changing that norm. I would guess it will take at least a few months to improve, for your body to adjust to the new, healthier norm.

It could also be that when drunk, we tend to ignore much of the pain we're feeling, and these pains have been growing all along in the background. Perpetual hangover right now, kinda?

I went through the same thing when I stopped. I found a detox drink called "mastercleanser" (google search it), you mix it up yourself, it is really cheap to buy the ingredients. Follow the directions for using this and you will be amazed at how good you will feel after all of the toxins are out of you. The first 3 days of cleansing will probably be more painful for you than now, because all of the junk in your system is being stirred up, but after that it is o.k.. Good luck with sobriety, it was the best choice I ever made.

gout is often made worse by alcohol intake. Usually it causes pain in joints especially feet and wrists. Although you have stopped drinking it may be related. Uric acid levels affect gout, your doc can check these levels with a simple blood test. If you really drank a lot and suddenly stopped cold turkey it may just take some time to get you straightened out. Alcohol affects the liver, kidneys, digestive and pretty much all other bio systems. Try to eat a vit. rich diet and drink LOTS of water. In a little while you should start to feel better. Good luck and congrats!

nora d
maybe you are going through a little detox... It can be painful. I hope you can continue to stay on your path from being alcohol free... Have you joined an AA meeting yet? They can be a great help..

I've had experience with alcoholism myself but I never experienced psysical pain after i stopped 4 years ago. I'm no real expert but my best guess is that you've been having these feelings of pain for some time (for some other reason than alcohol) but that you've been too much under the influence to notice them before now.
My best advice: See a doctor, explain, leave nothing out and ask for some sedatives to prevent alcohol relapses (like diazepam) and moderarte pain killers to relieve your pain (like codeine or tramdadol) - NOT morphine which is highly addictive!
Best of luck!


my husband has the same problem they were probally always there you just didnt notice the as much cause you were drunk

Tamia Michelle 7-29-10 Darnell Ta-Lee 2-18-08
My grandfather used to be an alcoholic for I couldn't tell ya how long finally he just up and quit because the doc basically told him it's alcohol or it's your life. I would see a doc about all that it might end up being gout which is a known disease in alcoholics.

most likely, now your body has to face all the poisons you put in you and find a way to be it self again, it is the demon crying and knows he being banished, soon it will be gone.

visit alcoholic anonymous for advice .


Just how much drinking did you do??? Anyway since you stopped did you start anything rigorous like hard work,exercise, more activities??? This sounds like just muscle aches.



did you suddenly stop? or over a period of time? that info would be helpful. if it's cold turkey, you may be going through withdrawal. if you stopped awhile ago, then it may be something entirely unrelated.

ummm it's probably not just a coincidence (i don't know what else you have been up to, like if you have been lifting houses or something). you will indeed have symptoms related to stopping drinking alcohol. your body is trying to out process both the poisons and the habit. you might want to google something about it. also, once you have stopped, you will be much more susceptible to alcohol in the future, ie. you will get drunk faster, just fyi, so be careful!

yes, you are withdrawaling from the alcohol. call someone with your local AA, and they can get you some support. good luck.

It may be a form of withdrawal. I can assure you however, you're far better off and for your personal well being stay off.
Good luck and God bless

Eli The Great
Go see a doctor.

your body is going through dtees. your body is used to alcohol and now it is not getting it keep your head up and stick with it it will be hard but you can do it! good luck

Barbara B

give it 3 weeks

Your body does not know what to do without the alcohol, it will get better. Good for you for quitting, you are an amazing person. Be proud of yourself.

stephen k
No, alcohol does deaden pain and yo may jsut be realizing the damage done to you

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