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Anne M
Alcohol abusers should get liver transplants?
this is an ethical questions what are the arguements for and against this?

Daniel F

Jon P

I Like Old Escorts
It along the lines of "should a morbidly obese person with heart disease get a heart transplant"?.

I think they should.

My grandad died from liver disease due to being an alcoholic and i never got to meet him.

Yes they brought it on themselves.

But don't they deserve a second chance?

F8ck them. They shouldn't. They brought it upon themselves.

i don't think there is a big supply of livers and it would be very expensive and if they made a mistake you could die so only if you need it. leave the livers for the sick dying children

Kevencia F
no its there fult it got ruin in the first place why should they get a second chance

If they have been in rehab and been sober for one year and showing that they are taking a positive approach to their health, then, yes.

babby maker, MILF
NO. Try living with one.

Alcoholism is a disease of choice. If someone has drank themselves into needing a new liver...sorry, that is many, many years of BAD choices.

On the other hand...a child who is born with liver issues, or somewhat who develops a hepatoblastoma or liver disease for other reasons...do not have a choice in this.

They have made heavy stipulations on who gets and does not get organs (not just livers) for a reason. They have WASTED many organs on people who abused them after receiving them.

But particularly drugs and alcohol. They have to show some SERIOUS recovery time.

I do not think alcohol abusers should get liver transplants. I am against it because they CAUSED their own damage vs. someone who was in a crash or developed a disease. It's supply and demand. There are not enough livers for those who didn't cause their own damage. If a family member wishes to donate part of their liver, that is their choice.

Transplants to anybody is an ethical dilemma especially when covered by insurance. The costs of the transplants plus the monthly costs to maintain that transplant raise insurance costs, which may eliminate coverage for some, even minimal medical care.

No they shouldn't. They caused it, they should understand the result.

Everyone should get a chance. The transplant should be followed by intense therapy an automatic refral for an inpatient detox.
After the second transplant they should not be aloud anymore.there are people out there who deserve transplants more than someone who didnt try.

well if we ever figure how to grow or make an artificial liver, fine than they pay for the liver and for it to be put in,but no not for alcohol abuse, and it does resort back to the Q disease or not... and I am sure that plays a part in alot of people's answers, and some day we may truly know if alcoholism is genetic if people are more prone to get it, does it matter how we are socialized into it, but an alcoholic has a chance to seek help and change long before they wreck their liver, I mean the first things is actually just a fatty liver which is reversible at first (Steatosis), and than a ways after that you get can get (Cirrhosis) which can be stop but does not change back but you can live if you stop it soon enough and change your lifestyle

Should push bike riders get medical help if they have an accident, or car drivers?
This whole lifestyle choice thing is a crap argument. If you can have laws that say you have the freedom to ride a motorcycle without a helmet and still receive medical treatment when the road rash has removed half your face, or to be treated after you have shot yourself cleaning your gun, what is the difference.
The real difference is that alcoholics can't stop.

This question hits close to home. My father in law just passed away in October last year because of this very thing. They won't give an alcohol abuser a liver transplant until they have been sober for 7 years. His family all offered to give him part of their liver if they were a match. The Doctors said no. He had been sober for about 2 years. His liver was starting to regenerate but not fast enough to keep him alive. This is a very horrible way to die! My husband doesn't drink because of what his father went through. Even though I had to watch him die very slowly over the past 2 years I do not believe that and alcoholic should get a liver transplant because of the fact that they can turn around and ruin the transplant by starting to drink again. They need to be sober for the needed time before even being considered.

thats like giving an ipod to a pitbull

well my first thought would be no but if it was someone close to you as suppose you would think twice and want them to have one

As an alcohol abuser, I would even say 'no'. The history of abuse could indicate a high likelihood of recidivism and therefore automatically make that person ineligible.

Jesse J
one is that they shouldn't because they caused it upon themselves ,and another is yes because everyone deserves a second chance.

No they shouldn't. My neighbor was on a list because he destroyed his liver from drinking. When his name came up they tested him and he had alcohol in his system. They put him back on the list at the bottom. He died 1 yr later before his name came up again. Some people choose alcohol over life. Some people choose life over alcohol. These people should get to be first on the list. If someone were to get my liver I would hope it would be someone that takes care of it. Not someone that just wants another liver to waist.

Baa Baa
I think that the way the transplant world handles it right now is really the best possible way when dealing with alcoholics destroying their liver. They require 6 months of proven sobriety before they will even consider them for a transplant evaluation. Proven mean they must be in a program and attend regularly. They must also agree to random drug and alcohol testing with labwork which I might add is usually pretty frequent. Even if they manage to get listed after the 6 months, they must still be subjected to the random testing until their transplant. If they ever test dirty, they are taken off the list and it's very difficult to ever get listed again.

I think that anyone willing to take these steps means they are serious about changing their life and show they are commited to getting well again. It's not perfect, but I think it's the best we can do for people. Most alcoholics are not able to comply with all that is required and will end up dying. The ones I have met that did succeed are very grateful to be alive and have made a total change in their life. You don't put yourself through all this to just get sick again.

By the way, I had a transplant, but not from alcoholism. I have primary biliary disease, an autoimmune disease that attacks the bile ducts in my liver.

Claire in NYC
Well, it's a fascinating question. I read about this in the British paper "The Manchester Guardian." They learned that quite a few liver transplants in Great Britain are going to alcoholics.

I have a few thoughts:

1. The patients are usually at a point where they'll die, if they don't receive the transplants. So is it right to deny a transplant to someone, and basically kill them as a result, because they drank alcoholically in the past?

2. Maybe the question is whether alcoholics should be "last in line" to get the liver transplants... Maybe the livers should FIRST go to people who had liver failure that wasn't their fault. I suppose I would be upset if my son or daughter were denied a transplant, but some alcoholic was able to get one first.

only if he or she stops drinking after the transplant. i know a gentleman who received a liver of a young man. this man had abused alcohol and drugs for years and ruined his liver. i couldn't believe my eyes when i saw him at a bar...drinking after his transplant!
that liver should have went to a person who would not have abused that liver.

just my thoughts.

Only if they have come clean and are living sober, otherwise then no because like Arnold said they brought it upon themselves

If someone who has a drinking problem sobers up, there is a good chance his/her liver will heal itself. If the person has hepatitis, he or she is not a good candidate for a liver transplant.

Often if a person's drinking problem is so bad that they have liver failure it is too late for a liver transplant. Their other organs will start failing too. I watched my brother-in-law die from liver failure due to alcoholism at the age of 45. It was very sad as he had so much going for him and was very well loved. He was pastor of a church in Southern California and at his funeral they had to close off the street in front of the church and set up video cameras. He died two years ago next month.

Desiree M
It is really a waste of a liver to give it to someone who is just going to destroy it anyway instead of giving it to someone who has not done anything to destroy theirs. Alcohol abusers should at least go into a program like AA before they can be considered for a transplant. I do not think they should go to the top of a donor list, the people who have liver diseases not due to alcohol consumption should be put as a priority.

There is no way of predicting the future, so those who become sober before a transplant may go back to alcohol once they are healthy, and at that point it's not like we can take the liver back.

Well Hello
No they should stop being a ******* drunk

leave the transplants for ppl who deserve them

- morally i have to say give them another chance but they must go to AA and be dry... alcohol is a reliance so if the ppl arent ready... thats a waste of a liver that could save anothers life.

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