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Abdominal Pain. Is it appedencitis, or gall bladder disease?! It's giving me a lot of toruble!?
I first started off with a little pain on my right side (where "lovehandles" would be) this has been happening for about 2 months and recently I get 'episodes' where my whole abdominen area would cramp up and hurt for about 15 minutes. But for the most part, I'm not hurting during the day. However, at night when I get the pains, I feel very nauseous and feel like I'm going to vomit (I haven't yet). I can hardly eat and when I do, i get full after a little.

I hope its not appendicitis because I heard that the whole abdominal area would be tender and hurting all day. My region only hurts on occasion, usually at night & after meals.

Can anyone help? Because I've gone to the doctors/emergency room 3 times in the past 3 weeks and they don't know whats wrong with me! I feel like vomiting at this moment.. but haven't yet.

Ree J
Well... You could have either PUD (peptic ulcer disease) or cancer of the pancreas ... sounds more like the pancreatic cancer to me.. but Im not a doctor... I'm just trying to give my opinion... I recommend that you get a CT of your abd ... or get a CEA done... Which confirms the presence of cancer... Blood tests would help too... you would have elevated levels of amylase, lipase, alkaline phos, and bilirubin levels... Well Just wanted to give u my opinion .. let me kno wht it was if u would...

Joni B
I think you need a colonoscopy and probably an abdominal/pelvic ultrasound. It doesn not sound like gallbladder and definitely not appendicitis.

See the docs, and insist on some test. Then remember to pay the bills.

Good Luck and God Bless.

I had to have my gall bladder removed due to "sludge" as opposed to stones, and I know how bad that feels. Whether you have that or anything else, go to an M.D. to ask your questions as chi_twn_guy77 said. God Bless you.

University Girl
If you are a women go and see a gynocologist right away. Also check the following website for help:

Have you been checked for an ulcer? Years ago my husband had a duodenal ulcer which was hard to find because it was in an odd place. The next time he was scheduled for an X-ray he didn't take his medicine which used to coat it. Then they found it.

He also had gallbladder trouble. Pain and vomiting. This problem ran in the family. He ended up having it out.

Don't you have a family physician? I don't think an E.R. doctor is supposed to take a family history and give you a complete physical. I strongly urge you to get a complete checkup before it gets out of hand.

I wish i had an answer. I have the same problem. Been in the ER 10- 12 times in the last 5 months. Had every scan and test done, but nothing shows up on my gall bladder or liver. The pain is excrutiating, I have three children and would rather be in labor than feel this pain. It appears out of nowhere, regardless of what I eat. It has a mind of it's own and is starting to really affect my life. Seeing a specialist now, but still no help. will find a surgeon next and let them decide. best of luck to you!!!

URQ pain or 'upper right quandrant pain' could be associated with the gallbladder or liver or both.

The reason I say both is in many cases a malfunctioning gallbladder is a sign something is amiss with the liver.

Get tested for HCV as regular blood labs are not a good indication since those that have HCV (some) do not show any elevation in the ALT and AST's.

Good Luck!

I went trough the same pain full experience, nobody would find out what was happening to me. Finally a Dr. from the Jolla California gave me a diagnosis, I had mud in my gall bladder which is very hard to detect. I had an operation and since then I do not suffer from any pain.

If it were appendicitis you'd be dead by now.

I think that if you had appendicitis, the ER would have been able to detect it. To my knowledge gallstones only show up on a sonogram, or some other sort of imaging device. Gallstones often cause nausea. So my advice is to see a gastroenterologist and get a definitive diagnosis.

Sometimes going on a low-calorie diet causes gallstones. This happened to me about 20 years ago. The first time that I had an attack, I thought that it was a heart attack. So I went to the ER, and they told me that my heart was OK. But what they DID NOT tell me was that sometimes a gallbladder attack feels like a heart attack. Many months later, a nurse told me this, and so I had it checked out with a sonogram, and--sure enough!--it was gallstones. I never did get my gallbladder removed, and the problem resolved on its own...but I did have violent nausea/vomiting for about a year.

does it hurt when you lay down? if so it could be your gall bladder, infection or maybe even stones, you should got see your doctor and ask for an MRI.

surgery may be necessary if so don't fret the surgery consists of 3 to 4 (1/2-1")cuts one on the belly button and the other 3 forming like a square to the right of your belly button if no complications arise you should be out of the hospital in 2-3 days after the surgery.

hope you feel better.

Did you have an abdominal CT done? It would show both appendicitis and gallstones. Either way, you should see a gastroenterologist for further work-up.

okay i had my gallbladder removed a year ago these were the symptoms. upper right pain in stomache bloating feeling,pain shoooting from front to back. nausea, vomiting it hurts after you eat greasy food or spicy food. it best to see a doctor they can sonagram it. appendix is in lower right side of stomache.to me sounds like gallbladder.

Go to the emergency room immediately. It sounds like what I had and I waited until my intestines twisted so bad that they had to remove 12 inches of dead intestines. I almost ended out having a colostomy.

The episodic pain sounds more like gallbladder problems. Try to limit your fat intake as much as possible.
Has anyone done a rectal exam for appendicitis or tried what they call "Murphy's maneuver" to test for gallbladder irritability? If not, you should go to your doctor and ask him/her to do a workup for gallbladder and appendicitis.

You need to take this question to a doctor, not a yahoo Q&A forum.

YOU need to see a specialist!! What you have could be something BAD! Has there been blood in your poop? Check and see..... GOOD LUCK!! and God Bless

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