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 Progressive lense manufacturers - which are best?
There are several manufacturers of progressive lenses: Essilor (Varilux), Zeiss, Sola, Nikon and others. Which are the best in terms of quality and what are some of the differences between them that ...

 Toric Contacts or Accueview? I have astigmatism. how about you?
I just got contacts and i have astigmatism in both of my eyes, right now i'm using toric xr (i believe) for a 7 day trial period. however, sometimes they get blurry and i have to adjust, move or ...

 My distance vision is fine, my near (reading) prescription I think is +2.25.?
I am not getting on with varifocals for driving and am going to buy some half-eye readers that I can drive and look over the top. I only want them when I need to see the SatNav writing about 4 feet ...

where can get prescription nerd glasses?
i am getting new glasses in the summer and i have to questions:
1.if i like a pair of sunglasses frames can i get them in reading lenses
2. what brand or store sells reading glasses that look like this http://www.balconyshirts.co.uk/Gallery/news/nerd-glasses-news-picNormal.jpg
good examples of who wers these glasses would b youtubes KassemG and CollegeHumor's Amir Blumenfeld

1. Yea I think you can as long as you know the brand and you have an eye doctor. If you ask the eye doctor they can maybe call the company of the glasses or ask glass lens company to make a size that is right for the glass. But it would probably be more expensive.
2. Those look like glasses from the 80s or 90s so it's probably not out in stores any more. Why don't you just pm kassemG and ask where he got it from it would save a lot more time if he replies you.

Flying Dragon
I suggest you try looking on some of the larger on-line eyeglasses sites, The last time I looked, I couldn't believe all the old style frames that were still available or had been re-issued). You will need to be patient in your search, as there are a LOT of companies that make frames. Avoid using cheap reading glasses or sunglasses frames for prescription lenses, these frames often won't even accept prescription lenses or are quite cheaply made and might not last very long when being worn every day. Most of these on-line places will sell empty frames (if you want to the lenses put in locally), or they can put the prescription lenses in for you.

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