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 can one eye be bigger then the other one?
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 Is it weird that one of my pupils is bigger than the other?
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Could you please answer 3 questions :-) I am very curious after a recent visit to the opticians!

-What is your eye grade? Is one of your eyes worse than the other?

For ...

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its just like small lines, some are twisted around into ...

 Do you have glasses ? (This is a serious question)?
Well im 13 I went for an eye test yesterday and found out that I need glasses I'm not sure what kind are , like trendy, can you help me?
And if YOU wear glasses what do they look like ?

 Am I an ****** just because I won't let my girlfriend get laser eye surgery, glasses or contacts?
She is as blind as a bat, and I am afraid that she will fly away just as fast as one once she figures out that I look like Quasimodo after a car wreck.
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Wow... Yapoo ...

 At 16 can your eye color still be changing?
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 Is there any way to permantley change your eye color?
Not colored contacts or any other non-permanent thing. And what are the risks of the procedure....

 I dropped my contact and it dried out if i soak it can i reuse it?
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 What is hotter glasses or contacts?

 What color are your eyes?

 At what age is a teenager ready for laser eye surgery?

 Hi, Does inserting eye drops hurt?
My daughter has been given CROMOLUX 2% to relieve her itchy eyes. But she is refusing to use them because she thinks that eye drops hurt. Having never used them before, please help!

 What color eyes will my baby have? My eyes are light brown, my bf's are blue/green.?

 how do you fall asleep???
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 What's your eye color?

 Can a 13 year old get contacts?

 What is your eye color?
mine is blue/...

 Why does everyone say contacts hurt?
My mom says contacts hurt, is she just lying so I won't get them? Also my friends say contacts hurt. Is this true or is their contacts noot in right, the wrong type of contacts,wrong ...

what happens if I don't wear glasses for 3 days?
I'm going somewhere, and I want to know if anything will happen to me if I don't wear glasses for 3 days?
*I can't see very clear without them

You want be able to see for three days.good luck.

you'll just get annoyed and want to wear them. i wear glasses too and i hate it when i go even 5 mins with out them. but nothting bad will happen

Vegetarian Era
nothing serious
ive gone without glasses for 5 years
but i have contacts now and they rock : )

Your eyes will fall out of your skull and rot on the street. Oh, and you'll also get syphilis.

It would bother the heck out of you. I doubt three days of not wearing them will mess up your eyes. But it could.

1776 - 2008 R.I.P.
You might bump into things.

Patty M
Then you won't see me coming! Your loss not mine!

you'll magically see perfectly.

hmm dunno i dont think there r any side effects but then again i dont take off my glasses much i just know that its slightly more clear after a while of leaving them off

You'll be fine but why aren't you going to wear them? How are you going to see?

The only good cat is a dead cat
Chewabaccas will get you

You may end up with headaches...hopefully you won't run into anything.

NOTHING! Assuming you are not a child, wearing or not wearing your glasses will have to affect on your corrected visual acuity (that is, what your vision is when you have your glasses on.) Wearing glasses doesn't "protect" your vision, because your vision doesn't need protecting. Glasses help you see while they are on, and do nothing while they are off. Of course, if you don't wear them, you can't see, and you might hurt yourself. Nothing would happen if you didn't wear glasses for years.

Josh N
I need glasses, but I haven't worn them since they were prescribed 13 years ago.

Simple, your mind associates the blurred images of things and learns to recognize and rationalize. Your eyesight may even slightly improve, as your eyes learn to refocus without looking through a lens.

You will get used to it; then your glasses will give you a headache, until you readjust.

mark j
your eyes will fall out of your head

Your eyes will constantly try to adjust themselves, thus straining them and even making your eyes worse. 3 days isn't really that bad, but why don't you just wear your glasses...? or contacts.

debbie d
you may bump into things,miss stuff you want to see.not be able to go out anywhere cause you need to see,what about TV?sightseeing?you can always wear them, then put them-on your head if not in use, but i don't believe it would hurt your eyes, may just strain them and give you headaches?you trying to make an impression on someone?whats going on, that you don't want something with you, that is now a part of you, if they don't like you with glasses, there not worth having around!!!!!!!!!!!!so just wear them and deal with it!!!

One thing sure, you can't see clearly - you said so yourself.
Two - you will be in danger since the world around you is not clear: a car could be heading for you when you cross a road, or an obstruction or hole is in your path.
Three - your eye muscles will be strained since your body will attempt to give you better vision and this could give you headaches.
Four...if the person who gave you the glasses made incorrect computations, you will feel relieved since your eyes will be in a better condition without the improperly made glasses even if you can't see clearly.

you wont be able to see for three days:-P
and you may get hurt by walking into things.

Probably nothing but you may get one large headache and your eyes may feel more tired


Stephanie F
You will probably strain your eyes. Why don't you want to wear them?

I can't see and most of the time people get headaches. I have to wear them, or my contacts.

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