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Iggy rocks
what causes your eye to twitch?
cos mine is going fricken crazy and twitching so much my eyeball is being twitched by the crazy twitching eyelid! It's been going wild for about an hour!
how can. I stop it and why does it happen?

In my culture I was told that when your eye twitches it meant that something bad is going to happen to someone you know.

I wonder the same question! I asked my Doctor about it once and he suggested that it may be something in the air...?

But, I'm not sure.

for girls left eye twitch is luck for guys is right eye.

Could be stress or dehydration.

Anne CS
my eyes twitches too...sometimes for days and suddenly stops.
A friend told me to take some magnesium or make a cure of mag and sleep.
Should work.

well it's either your tired, stressing, or someone's talking about you behind your back..<-----idk my mom told me that one haha.
or its itchy

My eyes twitch when i'm super tired! Or sometimes, I stare at something for a long time, without blinking!

Sleep more and less salt!!

People with high amounts of salt in their system will get twitches
People with severly low amounts of salt in their system (if they have hypertension) will get cramps and need to quickly eat more salt

mainly sleep :)

Elmo G. Kabazowitz
Mine's been doing the same for a while. It's usually from either you or your eyes being tired.

I've heard its from lack of sleep and stress. Meditate and sleep. You should be A-OK!

When I was in the process of moving and not sure if I had a place to live, I was all freaked out and my eye twitched (coincidentally) for a little over a month. Things finally relaxed and so did my eye (also coincidentally?).

Usaully it is from lack of sleep. More seriously it could be nerves, Do you get migraines? if that is the case you will need to see a neurologist


from tiredness

I hate that too. It usually happens to me when I am tired, dehydrated (which makes my eyes dry) or have been staring at a computer all day. This article explains it better.

1. Eyelid Twitch (Doctor-reviewed Article)

Eye muscle... An eyelid twitch is a general term for involuntary spasms of the eyelid muscles. In some instances, the eyelid may repeatedly close (or nearly close) and re-open.

There you go website below elaborates more, hope this helps

What causes my eye to twitch?

My mother-in-law.

JK. I dunno.

Just get some sleep, twitchy!

Lack of sleep and prolonged staring at a computer screen or television. Try some of your favorite stress reduction techniques. These might include less caffeine, more sleep, and more vitamins.

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