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oh so lovely
toothpaste...in my eye.?
ok dont ask me how i did it, im a clutz and uncoordinated and pretty much attract danger and i hurt myself all the time, but anyway i got a bit of toothpaste in my eye as i was brushing my teeth, it slipped otu of my mouth...well anywy i washed it out and its half an hour later and its a ll blurry, will it be ok? lol

it will be okay if you put warm water in your eye it takes time for the eye to heal

Clean your eye with water and it's gonna be fine, the same thing has happened to me a few times too.

Flush it (the eye, of course) directly with warm or lukewarm water for several minutes. A lot of the toothpastes today have peroxide and other chemicals (usually in very small amounts, luckily) in them that are definitely not good for your eyes. If there is any burning or redness/irritation that accompanies the blurriness get to an eye dr. right away.


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