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 Is it possible that bad eyesight (like shortsightedness) can be inherited?

 How long can I wear montly contacts?
Since they're expensive ($30 per lense), I've decided to stretch them out to several months. So far, I've been wearing a pair for half a year, and may go a full year, since they still ...

 What is wrong with my eye?? (PICS INCLUDED!)?
well a few days ago i discovered that part of my eye was pink. as the day went on it seemed that it was kind of hurting a little. then today i noticed that it had gotten red. and it hurts when i ...

 Contacts or Glasses?
Ive got an app on monday to be fitted with a pair of contact lenses. I was just wondering if any one has contacts and what do you think of them? is it a good idea to at least try them. I currently ...

 What causes the eye pupils to expand and contract?

 My eyes are yellow. Anyone else's?
Now I know that yellow in the sclera can be problematic, that's not what I'm talking about.

My iris's are actually yellow with black/dark grey spots on them.

I ...

 what is the majority of the populations eye color?

 Favourite Eye Colour?
Whats ur fave eye colour my eyes are a dark hazel green & i luv Bright blue eyes

So whats ur fave eye colour?...

 what is your eye color?

 Glasses vs contacts?
I have astigmatism and slight nearsightdness. I have both glasses and contacts, but was wondering why I see better through my glasses. With my contacts, it sometimes is blurry especially up close, ...

 Do your eyes get worse if you wear glasses when you don't really need them?
I have a bet with my teenager who thinks glasses are cool and wants to wear them in spite of his 20/20 vision. Do your eyes somehow get weaker because they grow accustomed to the magnification the ...

 is floaters in eye bad at this age?
im only 16 and ppl say u only get floater in ur eyes wen u age but i have them nw and im only 16 is tht bad????? and i do have an eye app. set up in feb.. but is it bad at this age?...

 Can you tell if someone is wearing contact lenses?
Or is it impossible to notice?...

 How long do glasses take to get in?
i have bad eyesight. over the summer it was 20/70 and 20/50 and it is worse now. I want them in about 5-6 days do you think i would be able to get them in my the end of my spring break???

 Why is there more than one type of colour for eyes?

 if i hold my eyes open when i sneeze will my eyes pop out?

 what happens if I don't wear glasses for 3 days?
I'm going somewhere, and I want to know if anything will happen to me if I don't wear glasses for 3 days?
*I can't see very clear without ...

 i have goo in my eye and its all puffed up?
so i wake up and my eye iches, then i look at it and there is like the white stringie goo crap in it, what do i do to get it out and get it back to normal ...

 What is my eye color? Please awns-er!?
Ok I have always thought my eyes were brown but now i am looking closely at them and they look dark brown with gold and a gray lineing what is this color?...

 What am I seeing?
When I blink, alot of the time I will se black dots and sometimes I see these like, see-through wormlike things, They look like worms and some are ssquiggly and have light lines in them. What in the ...

AJ smooch zombie :[
survey about butter: can my real contacts separate themselves from my not so real contacts?
we'll call you teams...

bonus question: what should the teams be called?

we only need two.

I have been hearing through the internets that some of you may not be real...and instead of making me investigate and possibly break a nail....can you do the work for me? I thank you.


I'm quite real, AJers. We used to be Myspace friends back in the day, remember? Anywho, the only thing fake about me is my hair color. Some people are not real, and its a sham. A sham and a shame.

Bosco Lives Where It's Gray
I'm a real (mostly) Non-Contact...

That count?

MWAPy 2010 - A Space Oddity
What about those that are surreal, like me?

David E
As an optometrist, I have to warn of the very negative results that will come from putting butter on your contacts.

Ðåzεd®- seems to be nowhere
ive never had crabs

Your next ex wife ♥'§ Julie
I am a also a contact in law.....I am real, I think.....I am too boring to make this stuff up!

but I got here late and I don't know the correct answers!

Margo congrats it's a girl!
I vote for Team Edward. It's the internet 99.9 percent of these people are liars. Maybe we could call the Maury show.

The Real McLovin II
I'm gonna take my soccer ball and go home unless I get to play with my friends. They include:

1. the real doll and
2. my cheryl ladd hand-puppet

ηeяd↕e кαятΘΘη кя↕§тү Legs
I live in Ohio does that mean i am not real? *cries*

Futility Knife
You should call us "Innies" and "Outies" like bellybuttons...

Betty Sparkles
I'm a contact-in-law...because the hat scares me.

That is all.

#48© Marty Brodeur is #1
I like butter and *pinches self* yup I'm real......*looks up*
go leafs go....ewwww I'm sorry to hear that

BQ: team awesome and team not so awesome

j0seph c00lisky
I am Canadian, but I am very real and there is no way that I am switching teams.


I need more Cowbell!®
They should be Contacts and I Can't Believe They're Not Contacts.

Teams are shirts and skins. I'm skins.

um, I'm as real as Land O'Lakes? I'm not sure about this butter reference of yours.

With it being Wednesday and all, I'll forgive you for this question. You're probably drunk.

Crash Fu™
Team Sacajawea and Team Pocahontas

One of those two is on a butter package, I just know it.

I tell ya what, I'll see your airplane and raise you a skyscraper!
*looks at cards*
[email protected]#$ a bunch airplanes!

Are we playing poker?

Ms Bits is cold and PISSED
There is a lot of BS and to find out that my contacts aren't who the appear to be or lead me to believe something about them that isn't real...would hurt...a lot and has in the past...hurt.

You know I'm real...you heard my voice. Friends for over 2 years now, love. But I guess time doesn't really matter in this case does it?

1thousand is super fantastic
I'm supposed to be sleeping..but I thought I'd just say that I support your will to form teams and that I'm not afraid to drive my cleats into anyones thighs for this cause.

Can we call one team "Pain train" and the other one "The Love Butterflies"?
Just put me on a team. Whichever.
I'm good to play..after a nap.

Does not compute.

Sweet Oly
teams!!! i want to pitch and i want clint to catch. oooooh clint. oly out

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