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 Brown eyes turn to blue????
Is there a way I could buy light blue eye contacts if i have dark brown eyes??? How much would you estimate they cost? (Without the actual magnify lense... I have good vision... Just the colour ...

 what would doctors do in eye exam?

 Are glasses the reason I have dark circles under my eye?
It seems like the only reason cuz, I eat healthy, get lots of sleep, drink lots of water, am healthy.

How can I fix it???...

 How rare is this (10 points)?
I have light sky blue eyes and my parents eyes are dark brown and green. How rare is that because I always wondered?
Additional Details
Thanks for the answers guys!...

 Eye Problems =[?
Im 13 years old and im having problems with my eyes. When I sit on the floor just a little bit away from the tv, I go into the guide and I have to squint so that I can read it. Everything that I do.. ...

 Have you ever bought a bottle of tears?

 Should we avoid looking at the sun for just 1 second?
My little nephew asked if he should avoid looking at the sun for just 1 second....

 Sleeping with contacts on?
What happens if u accidentally go to sleep (overnight.. meaning sleep for like 8 hrs+) with ur contact lenses still in?

I've never done this.. but im just curious :O

(i ...

 Do you wear contacts or glasses?

 For years, i've been getting prescriped stronger an stronger glasses. But now, what's going on?
I've been wearing my current glasses for about a year.

Today when i tried an old pair of glasses (weaker prescription), i noticed that I see better with my old pair than with my ...

 20/20, what's it like?
im legally blind and my dominant eye is my right eye. i c 20/400 in my right and light in my left. well anyway, i never understood the concept of seeing 20/20. is it like u see the same object twice ...

 Do you wear glasses currently?
Do you wear glasses? If so tell how old you were when you got them, and why you have to wear them. Thanks!...

 Do blind people dream?

Additional Details
If they don't know what anything looks like how can they dream about anything?...

 What eye colour do you like the best ? Should I turn my green eyes blue -pic?
Oh hey there I really love the image or deep blue eyes and was wondering If i should get contacts ? I have green eyes now : http://i288.photobucket.com/albums/ll197/HaStrawberryGirl/Greeneyed.jpg

 if you put your own poo in your eye, will you get pink eye?
is it true if you get pink eye, you will have eye sight problems after, and if you wear glasses already, you will have to wear thick ones??...

 Can I get my eyes tested for no cost?

 I just got contacts and my eyes are burning...?
they burn, and i just got my contacts 4 or 5 hours ago. should i use some eyedrops or something? Is this normal?...

 Should I wear my glasses all the time?
I can't see things long distance but I dno I just feel more comfortable always wearing them. I was told not to wear them all the time, but I have a feeling it'll be really uncomfortable to ...

 Do I need to wash my contact lens case?
I have daily disposables, and I haven't used my case in two weeks. I want to use it tomorrow for a short time. Do I need to wash the case before putting in fresh solution?...

 I can't open my eye!?
ok so, ive had a bad cold recently but it's starting to go
but yesterday i noticed my right eye hurt when i blinked or w.e
now when i woke up i couldn't open it at all! it was ...

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My distance vision is fine, my near (reading) prescription I think is +2.25.?
I am not getting on with varifocals for driving and am going to buy some half-eye readers that I can drive and look over the top. I only want them when I need to see the SatNav writing about 4 feet a... Read More


l STAR l
Toric Contacts or Accueview? I have astigmatism. how about you?
I just got contacts and i have astigmatism in both of my eyes, right now i'm using toric xr (i believe) for a 7 day trial period. however, sometimes they get blurry and i have to adjust, move or ... Read More


Progressive lense manufacturers - which are best?
There are several manufacturers of progressive lenses: Essilor (Varilux), Zeiss, Sola, Nikon and others. Which are the best in terms of quality and what are some of the differences between them that n... Read More


Im getting contacts soon and am 13...can you tell me all about it please?
like what do i do at the exams, doctors wat do they do...thanks... Read More


What frames should I get?
I really want some prescription sunglasses. I was looking into some Oakleys but they can be costly.... Read More


oh so lovely
toothpaste...in my eye.?
ok dont ask me how i did it, im a clutz and uncoordinated and pretty much attract danger and i hurt myself all the time, but anyway i got a bit of toothpaste in my eye as i was brushing my teeth, it s... Read More


just chill chill just chill
contacts please help read this question please please please??
ok well i dont have glassess and i have a perfect vision 20/20 both eyes and well i was wondering if you could get contacts without a perscription and if you can how much would they cost? what are the... Read More


Has this happened to you, you close ur eyes and then you cant breathe, move or open ur eyes?
ok has this happened to you

you close ur eyes to go to sleep on ur bed

and then eventually you cant open ur eyes, breathe or move while ur still awake for about 15 seconds?

this happene... Read More


I have a little black dot in the middle of my vision?
It's not very noticeable, but I see it when I'm looking at a white wall and the computer screen.

I'm 19, and I'm also near-sighted. I started noticing it a couple weeks... Read More


Is there any way to correct color vision without surgery?
I am tired of not being qualified for the job I want because I can not pass either of the tests for color deficiencies. I can see most colors, my problem is that I can not always tell certain shades ... Read More


hi mom
What happened to Eminems eyes?
If you watch any of his recent interviews or his new not afraid music video you can see that his eyes seem alot larger and more piercing, almost like he is trying to keep them really WIDE open. Maybe ... Read More


some random guy...
Eye concentration problems?
Ok, this is kinda hard to explain so bear with me...

When I look at things I have a hard time concentrating on one thing. For example, when im driving, i cant stop staring ahead. I dont act... Read More


Who has had Laser Eye Surgery?
I'm looking into it, but i've heard that it only lasts a few years until your vision goes back to how it was before the surgery.

Does it hurt?... Read More


where can get prescription nerd glasses?
i am getting new glasses in the summer and i have to questions:

1.if i like a pair of sunglasses frames can i get them in reading lenses

2. what brand or store sells reading glasses that loo... Read More


is specs removing operation are successful?
i have -3.00 no. of specs on both left and right eyes

is operation to remove specs last forever....

suggest any other ways to improve eye sight... Read More


What are eye exams like?
I never had one and I'm getting my first one Friday. Anyone mind giving me some details as to what one is like.

Thankies in advance. ^.^... Read More


What would you call this eye colour?
Ever since I was little I've had weird eyes - my mum called them cat's eyes because they change in the light. She has light blue eyes and my dad has hazel, but mine can be anything from dark... Read More


Non perscription eye contacts?
I'm wondering where I Can eye contacts?

I don't wear glasses, nor do I need them.. I just am wondering

if you know where I could get any contacts (non perscription)?

I just w... Read More


What's with this shaky vision?
Yesterday, for like 10 minutes, my vision got really weirdly shaky. Like I'd look at my computer screen and it would shake a little bit side-to-side. And when I would look at something farther aw... Read More


The corner of my eye (closest to nose) is itchy and puffy,?
The corner of my eye (closest to nose) is itchy and puffy for a long time.

I went to see a doctor some time ago and he gave me some erythromycin ointment. I used it for at least two months every... Read More


I need eye test site ?
... Read More


How long does it take to receive trial pair contact lenses?
How long does it take to receive them?

I went to the eye doctors office, did the exam and everything last monday and ordered my contact lenses and trial contact lenses. The real contact len... Read More


how to stop my left eye twitching?
My left eye has been twitching for 2 days. (only the left eye) Every 5 minutes the eye lid will like twitch and half blink for around 20seconds. I have had a terrible cold, cough, ect recently and i&#... Read More


Eye strain symptoms, what are they ?
I frequently have blurry vision and I have slight pain when I rotate my eye balls. Are they sign of eye strain ? Are they harmful ? What should I do ? Need suggestion.... Read More


Laurennnn =]
what happens if i wear my daily contacts for more than one day?
i slept over my friends house, and forgot to bring my glasses and an extra pair of contact lenses. i have the ones that i wore yesterday, theyre in contact solution and in a case (as they have been al... Read More


eye color question....?
can eye color change as you get older? does it usually get lighter or darker? what color does brown eyes change to, any color? i have dark reddish brown eyes, and my brothers used to have dark brown e... Read More


My contacts lens seems blurry and not clear when i put them on?
OK the doctor gave me my trial and i was suppose to wear them for 2 weeks.

i think it passed over 2 weeks, is it because i wore them too much,or not?

I clean my contacts with the Solution ... Read More


about eye laser operation?
i am going to have an eye laser correction surgery.please describe your experience if you have done that surgery.do patients are admitted in icu after the eye surgery for some minutes.is the operation... Read More


smokes question????????????????????????????????…
what are some negative effect of tobacco?

how can marijuana effect a person while driving or the persons driving.?????///

how people who smokes effect society ???? or family??

how d... Read More


how long can you wear a pair of contacts lenses for without changing to a new pair?
... Read More

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