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 I have blue eyes,white skin, my partner has hazel/green eyes sallow skin. What eye colour will my baby have?

 Does lying effect size of eye pupil?

So i was doing a science project and i decided that i wanted to be about human phyics or antanomy.

so i decied "Does lying effect size of eye pupil"


 Could there be something wrong with my eyes?
For aslong as i can remember, my eyes water if i'm just walking down the street and i squint even if it's not sunny, even indoors i sometimes still squint. People think i'm giving them ...

I am 12 and I want to start wearing contacts, but my mom says that i am 2 young. My glasses are just getting in they way of everything and i play sports. Am i 2 young?...

 what will happen if I cry while my contacts are in?
So i'm a first time contact wearer and i was just wondering what would happen if i cry while my contacts are in...i get into fights with my parents or even friends often that make me upset so i&#...

 What is wrong with sleeping with your contacts in?
I ran out of my daily contacts a few weeks ago. I have been sleeping with my last pair in waiting for my new ones to get here. I sleep with them in. My mom says I'll go blind. LOL...

 Any way i can look at a computer screen without hurting my eyes?
If i look through it with a mirror would it help (er, two mirrors, so it's not reversed)? Is there anything else i could do to avoid directly looking into the light?...

 Is it bad to wear contacts if you don't need them?
Like if you wear contacts without any vision changing stuff.


Angie :)...

 men, what's your favorite eye color on a girl cause im gonna get colored contacts and i have hazel eyes now?
:) be honest too ...

 Please help very urgent!! PROBLEM WITH EYE..?
something is wrong with my sisters eye..
like theres extra sclera i think its called.. theres more sclera in one eye than the other and her veins around that area are very dark red and more ...

Like Seriously?!
Like Stick It Down Yhhur Own throat?!...

 I'm 14, is it okay to start wearing contacts?
I hate wearing glasses. Is it okay if i start wearing contacts now? Am i too young? Will it do any harm to my eyes? Thanks in advance. =D...

 how to i remove an eyelash from my eye !?
i can see it and its p*ssing me of :(!?

it hurts ...

 I just got contacts and I have some questions.?
First off, I got them four days ago. I loved them and was having no problem but then yesterday I was out at lunch and my left eye started to burn, so without thinking I took out my contacts without ...

 I sprayed myself in the eye with perfume at bath and body works...?
and now my vision is blurry in my left eye...but the eye isnt red though it feels like there is something in it. how long will it take to go away and hsould i see a dr?? ...

 my son wants to have his left eye replaced with a robotic eye where can i get this done?
if you know how much it will cost that would be great and if you know of any doctors that will perform the operation.

p.s. he want to be able to have x-ray ...

 Do you wear glasses full time?
How did you feel when you realised you need to wear glasses full time? Did the doctor tell you? Did you decide for yourself?

How bad were your eyes then?...

 what colour contacts wud suit a black girl?
who has brown eyes and darkish brown ...

 Why does my eyesight keep getting worse?
I'm 16. I started needing glasses when I was 13, when my vision was 20/50.
Then When I was 15, it became 20/300.
Now, less than a year later, I can't read anything without them. I&...

I want contacts, mum wont pay, help! II WONT wear my glasses ither|!!!
Additional Details
and also im too young to get a job.

im going blind...:'( i feel so depressed....

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I have brown eyes, I want blue!?
I have dark dark brown eyes and I would absolutely love to have bright blue eyes, but colored contacts on dark eyes don't usually look very good because you can't see the actual color. Any s... Read More


can u tell me my eye color??!?
my eye color is very strange!! it has a blue ring on the outside and then it is light green and then dark brown!! are my eyes hazel or a different color??... Read More


Lily Powell
Can a 13 year old girl wear contact lenses?
... Read More


are my eyes "ugly" ? ( PICS )?
These popular girls at school always said i had REALLY ugly eyes and i should get colored contacts and that my eyelashes looked like creepy spider legs :( are they really that bad? ( my eyes / eyelash... Read More


Whats your favorite eye color?
My favorite eye color is blue because my eyes somtimes turns blue? i was just curious?... Read More


Can a doctor tell the cops if you smoke pot?
I'm having lasik and another procedure and they both affect to the dryness of the eye; same as pot. So I want to tell him that I smoke pot and ask him if I have to wait until I'm fully recov... Read More


I just got A1 steak sauce in my eye.... What Now?!?
I washed it out with cold water but I'm just wondering if it's still harmful in a way besides that it hurt like hell!... Read More


What's your eye color?
Mine is green.... Read More


Wanda M
What is the purpose of the eye brow?
I'm sitting on the crapper staring at the mirror, this is where I do my best thinking. And then it dawns on me, why do we have eyebrows?

We cut our hair, shave our legs, arm pits, and ... Read More


What color would you say my eyes are?

and these are my real natural eyes, nothing about them is artificial, no colored contacts or anything
Addi... Read More


What do blind people see?
I know it sounds rude, but when you close your eyes you see black. Do blind people see black? And please don't answer with some smart alike response.

Thanks to whomever answers and tak... Read More


can you sleep with contacts?
is it bad for you?
Additional Details

okay then...

thank you... Read More

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