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is there anything wrong with my eye?
I can't tell, I have golden light brown/hazel but over the past few weeks it's been looking green.
thanks for the help.

that's kinda creepy

It's from the development of changes as you get older. it can also be different depending on how much light is being shown.

one.with the.universe
your eyes are pretty mine are exactly like that but more yellow-ish instead of green-ish haha. and of course nothings wrong with them theyre beautiful!

Unless you feel pain or see redness, everything is fine. Your eyes gradually can change color. If it goes back to the hazelly colour it was before, that is normal as well. You might consider asking your eye doctor from time to time, just for more professional advice.

I agree with all. Probably a lighting issue. Sorry not much help. I wasn't sure about your answer to my question but thanks for your help.

looks fine

I have brown eyes but I think they turn greenish after wearing my contacts for too long...

u prob should leave that picture up kinda weird....like one of those games u gotta concentrate on really hard and a scary zombie girl pops up.


my ex had hazel eyes but i noticed they sometimes looked green

could be the lighting

or you could have multiple colours in your eyes for example green/brown rather than just one colour

who cares they are beautiful

Nikki Noyb
i wouldnt say n e thing is wrong. but keep an eye on it (ha.)
u got REALLY beautiful eyes tho

That is pretty Normal it won't Change that often but if it startes hurting then go see a doctor

peace freak
well first of all. wow pretty eyes(: 2nd they seem normal to me. but there like really pretty so it doesn't look like anything is wrong

nope, it's the lighting

you look mad stoned


No, nothing is wrong with your eyes, they're gorgeous. My eye color changes randomly also its because of the lighting in a room in many cases.

Lonely Soul
go to the doctor it may be a parasite

Amber B
Honey, there is nothing wrong with your eye color. In fact, they are stunningly beautiful. :)


stupid lol
I have hazel eyes as well and they look different depending on what colors of clothse im wearing or my sorroundings... is perfectly noraml mine look brownish goldish and sometimes green like if i wear green and blue

its fine not really noticeable

(and thanks for the understanding answer you gave)

Run, Run faw away and don't get any idea because it will not end good.

monica c:
they still look brown/hazel to me. you have nice eyes.

Eyes change color eve after the development ages. it probably wont change a lot but it may turn green. you shouldn't be worried or anything unless it starts to hurt. then you may want to seek medical attention.

Jessy M.
Looks like your eyes might have changed color but also might be because of the light, i also have hazel eyes n they change green sometimes but not as much as yours though.

my eyes are hazel just like yours.. light brown/hazel but mine are more green than brown and turn more green and bright than your eyes.

Mine hurt in the light some reason they are real sensitive but its normal. I just get special priveleges like having a darker tint on my car than the legal limit because of an eye doctor perscription.

I wouldnt worry about it

Amanda Z
My eyes r hazel too in certain light they look brown and other lighting they r green becuz hazel is a mixture of brown and green u must have pretty eyes like me

Eyes change color eve after the development ages. it may turn green. if it starts hurting, go to a doctor and get it checked out

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