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Jamie c
is it bad to wear contacts while taking a shower?
my friend told me that you could get an infection, is that true?

Tina L

Tennis Lover :)
yes. i have contacts and i'm not suppost to wear them in the shower.

help please:http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AmXXXiJG4wjork30312DYczsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090227173830AAQ96kD

thanks :)

super rad
yeah, it's really bad. water dries up your contacts and makes them stiff, which makes them harder to take out and shortens the life on them. lots of my friends do it but it's really not smart.
i did wear them once in the shower, and it took me forever to get em out

Sammy A
Yes, not a good idea.

Most likely.

redhead hottie
well, it isn't very good. the steam can dry them out badly and what not, but the worst thing you can dp is sleep with them, THAT can cause blindness

It depends on what's in your soap, but just to be safe, I would remove my contacts. I don't want to risk my eyes.

I believe it is and if soap or or lets say ur condioner or shampoo accidently get in ur eye thats a major ouch! you will be so itchy u might not be able to get them out n ur eyes will be bright red

i heart nick jonas!!
i don't think so but it can damage or make you loose your contacts

Clovis V
yes, its true.
if water gets caught under the lens between your eye and the contact it can develop into a serious infection, you should just take them out just in case, im sure its not a high chance . most of the time i wear them in the shower myself.but better safe than sorry

Jerry Benson
Yes, its true if Bath water gets in your eyes. The water is not sterile and can create an inflection when it gets trapped under the contacts.

If you must take a shower with contacts make sure to keep your eyes closed and do not get any water in your eyes

No,the problem is that your contacts get soften and easily break since the water will go in your eye and such.
It can also fall out.

No. i shower all the time in my contacts and nothing happens. Only Swimming and Sleeping is bad for you when wearing contacts.

When swimming the contacts absorb the chlorine and make your eyes really red. And while sleeping the contacts get very dry and are VERY hard to take out.

I do it every time I take a shower and I've been wearing them for two years!
Just make sure you dont get soap in your eyes or rub them!

And never swim with them unless you wear googles!
even if your eyes are closed underwater, it still leaks under your eyelids and they fall right out.
Never sleep with them either, your eyes get all crusty and you wake up millions times in the middle of the night

I do and my eyes and contacts are still going strong.. well just as they were

Mackenzie is almost here!
I dont think you can. My fiancee showers with his in and his eyes are perfectly fine!

Definitely not! I always shower with my contacts on and nothing ever happens. Of course, you have to be careful not to get soap and such in your eyes. But the worst that could happen is that you get shampoo or something in your eyes and it'll burn a little. Hope I helped.

No. You're fine. I did it and I am fine.

I think you'll be fine as long as you don't get soap in your eyes. Be careful of that, and I don't think an infection will follow. But considering me not being a proffesional....but I do have contacts, and I do shower with them on.

It isn't that bad, but I wouldn't suggest it because it is VERY uncomfortable to take them out after. The same goes for swimming.

green socks
not at all.

just be careful to keep soap/shampoo away from your eyes while you're in there.


the worst that could happen is a contact washes off. There isn't any more risk for an eye infection if you wear your contacts in the shower than if you don't.

funn g

i'd assume no.

As long as you close your eyes, and when you open your eyes, make sure there is no soap on your hair of the face.

Paige :]
no. i do it all the time
but if you get soap in your eyes a lot then dont do it... i did that once and i have to throw them away and get a new pair

No, it's not true. I've worn contact for about 15 years now and I shower with then on. You just have to be careful not to get soap in your eye seeing as it hurt a lot more than if you're not wearing your contacts. The only real adverse effect is that your eyes will be very dry when you finish and you may need to take the contacts out.

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