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Janiela M
i want to wear glasses and i dont need them.... what are the side effects and will it matter that i got it ?
from the beauty supply????????
Additional Details
i just want them for a new look i wanted to know if that would hurt my vision at all in the long run but no prescription (DUH)

As long as there is no prescription in the lenses there should be no adverse effects.

Just get ones without a prescription in them...plus they will be cheaper that way.

steph :D
get fake lenses

Oh god! I'm the same exact way...I don't need glasses at all but I want them. Don't get real ones. They'll mess you up! I got some glasses with fake lenses so that I'm basically looking through a windows all the time. No problems. I got them from a Delia's catalog for about $10, i think. Hope this helped.


I got glasses to use for reading only, but wore them all the time. The upshot was that I now need to wear them all the time. Get clear ones.

You can get glasses with no lenses. My brother has a pair when he tries to look smart.

猫 neko
yes it will have side effects, it might give you a head ache and make it hard to see if you have 20/20 vision. Try sunglasses instead of regular glasses. =)

get clear plastic lenses...
or get a REALLY small point magnifyer

well If you wear glasses you could really mess up your eyes and then actually need glasses. Because If you have to fucus differently in glasses that are meant for people who cant see. My advice to you is to just get glasses with glass or plastic in the middle that dont do anything because you will still feel like you're wearing glasses but it wont mess you up

nothing wrong with that..no side effects..lots of people do it

If you want to wear glasses as just a fashion accessory, its possible to get them without a perscription which wouldnt affect your vision at all

Taylor H
you can go to claires or hot topic to find some

If you use prescription glasses when your eyes are 20 20, they will weaken. I dont recommend it. Wear sunglasses :-)

Laura R
you can get the eye doctor people to like get you a pair that dont have any correction and it could be expensive thought!

You may get dizzy/nauscious. As long as they are not made for other people you should be ok, not making any promises though :)

they make "no prescription" lenses that are just plain pieces of glass

Of course, that makes you a poser and kind of insults all of us who HAVE to wear glasses - but whatever floats your boat

Imagine a person who could walk deciding to use a wheelchair everywhere he goes just because he thinks it looks cool

You can wear any designer glasses just don't get a prescription for them and your eyes will be fine and no harm will be done.

just get clear ones

Don't get glasses with prescription lenses. If you do, you'd most likely get headaches.

I totally understand ho you feel. I was like that once. But then i soon realized how glasses can be a pain, so then i became grateful that i have 20/2 vision. It really inst all that great, and after a while it will be lame to you, and people will probably think that it is stupid that you are wearing glasses when you don't even need them.
My advice is to just be happy you really don't need glasses.

Hope that helps!

buy the fake kind. The ones that are just normal glass (ie no magnification or vision correction). That's what I do. They make me feel smarter. Wearing real glasses when you don't need them will F up your vision and make it so you eventually really do need glasses.

as long as the lenses are plain glass, then there shouldn't be any adverse effects

alli cullen
just get reading glasses on the lowest power they wont do anything to your eyes just make some things bigger

Why not just get some clear ones? You can spend some money and buy the frames you want and have clear lenses put in them.

Good Luck!

Brian S
Your best option is to get glasses that that have plain glass in the lenses. If you get prescription strength glasses or even over the counter ones that are make to correct vision, it will put unnecessary strain on your eyes. This will cause you many headaches (literally), and could ruin your vision, making you need glasses in the future (when it's not an option, it's not as much fun)

Brian H
Why don't you just get the fake glasses that are plastic lenses. They don't have any side effects theyre just like sunglasses just clear.

just wear the kinds with fake lenses if there is such a thing

thats stupid. you should be fine with the way you are. do you think people who actually need glasses like wearing them?

Go Heels
You can get glasses without a prescription. Anywhere that has accessories and such I believe should have some.

flashing lights
there are fashion glasses out there that look like they are perscription glasses but they arent..they are just clear and lots of them are way fab..most are cute but some are just plain hideous.
the glasses will ruin your eyes gradually and you will lose your eyesight faster than normal..that is basically the side affect.

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