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 What is your eye color?
mine is blue/...

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your eyeballs will pop out of your head?...

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 my eyes go blank when i stand up?
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 eye color question just curious?
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 Green contacts on green eyes?
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 Just recently I've been having a very "Twitchy" left eye - should I be worried?
I think it is the nerve in corner of my eye and I know it probably doesn't look like much but from where I am I feel as though I'm involuntary winking at people!!

Is it stress ...

 I'm nervous...help!?
I have an eye exam today and i am almost positive i will need to get glasses or something...i have to squint to see the scores of sports games on TV!! I am nervous so does anyone have advice?

i see weird moving lines / dots whenever i look into the sky?
does this happen to other people? i remember one of my other friends said how he saw things like that too when looking up at the sky

its just like small lines, some are twisted around into each other and all that, and they just appear in my vision when looking into the sky. they fall really slowly out of vision, so it lead me to think that its just things on my eyes that i notice then, and when i move my eyes, the lines and evertyhing will follow, but its not at once; its like ill move my eyes to the right, and then ill see the weird lines and stuff sliding into vision, kinda like its resting on water (which made me think theres just the things on my eyes since theyre covered in all'a them there jooces)

any explinations? (im sure this will call for some smart *** responses, but theyre fun to read anyways)


olive yaÄź
i'm guessing extraterrestrial beings are trying to communicate with you

Shane McCraaay
Your one of the chosen

Merrick Stamos
Stop doing drugs

are you high? that might be why, hmmmm? eh?

OMG that happens to me too! I thought i was alone though, hahaa I think it's just like how sometimes you see squiglys or other things out of the corner of your eye but its not there. I'm unsure of why, but that's cool it happens to someone else. (i think it happens to others too, cuz Family Guy makes a few jokes about squigglies on the corner of your eyes...dont quote me on it though) XP

Brit loves twilight
i have a astigmatism and i get the same thing.
You probably don`t but its worth getting your eyes tested
try resting your eyes for a while
sit back and put some ice on your eyes (not bare in a bag).
Then leave it on for a few minutes and when you open your eyes they should feel refreshed
go to the optician just to be sure.

Stephanie F
Yeah I See Those Too Its Just Dust In The Air Nothing To Be Worried About, Ignore The Other Comments Its Hypocrites That Say Its An Infection Its Fine, Carry On As Normal, Blink A Few Times And Im Sure They'll Go Away Slightly. :)

Yeahhh I do.. hahaha

Yep, I used to think I could see germs.

I don't know your age, but it is not normal for younger people to have these. They are called floaters and are bits of "debris" from the vitreous of the eye. They could potentially be the warning sign of a retinal tear or retinal detachment, which could cause blindess if not treated.

It could be completely harmless, but I'd have it checked out. If you are diabetic, you absolutely must have it checked out.

Alice Flansen
They could be eye floaters.


Normal. They're called optical floaters.

yea i see that too

Snow White Queen
yesssssss i have that too!!! i thought it was weird and had something to do with wearing glasses but apparently everyone has it!

The One And Onli
urm yeah it happens to me to lol
but it only happens when you really focus on something...
dont worry about it, im sure its nothing :] x

Those are called "floaters" and it usually signifies that some liquid has gotten where it shouldn't be. Get to an ophthalmologist ASAP.

Check this:

eye bugs!
little things that float in you're eye's.

stop looking into the sun/ putting pressure on your eyeballs.

happens to everyone:)

for reeeaaalll

David E
They are white blood cells going through the blood vessels in the back of your eye. The Wiki article has information about this and other similar phenomena.

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