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michelle :)
i just got contacts....?
so i'm going on my first plane ride
with contacts. i've heard that contacts
can irritate your eyes while on a plane.
do they? what can i do to help them? tnks!

no they dont unless you have soemthing in your eye that is bothering you

Thats funny. I just got them 2 days ago. Yes, they irritate your eyes on a plane. Don't wear them :S

I am so smrt.
flying has zero impact on contacts. you will have no problems.

no they don't

Eileen J
I never heard that.( I don't wear contacts) and nobody ever complained about it to me It might be dryer up there..I have gotten a dry throat .There are things on the market for dry eyes. Good Luck ....Have fun on your Plane Ride.I wouldn't worry bout that...I would worry more about being on time, and not forgetting your ticket or your photo ID...

well if u have contacts it depends all on what kind u have but i would tell u to take some of the liquid on with u just tell the airport what u need it for

I've never had problems with them on a plane and I've flown several times with them. Bring your case and some glasses in case they do, or you want to take a nap. Don't forget to stick it in a plastic bag b/c of the liquids. And/or some eyedrops.

No contacts don't bother you on a plane. Contacts, will however, roll around in your eyes if it's very windy and you have your car windows down :)

Ceryl W
It depends how long the flight is. I wear mine on short flights of an hour or so but not long haul. I am going on a 12 hour flight this week and will take them out when I get on the plane and put them in before I get off. No problem at all!

what?!?!! who told you? they dont


It could be the air from the cabin just irritates some people's eyes more than others. I would bring a bottle of re wetting drops with you, if the screeners at the airport will let you bring them with you. A good brand of re wetting drops would be refresh (light green bottle) made by allergan. They make both contact lens re wetting drops and also moisturizing drops for eyes.

no who told you that? wow and i cant believe you heard that!

Misti M
I've never had a problem.
Pack eyedrops just in case but make sure they are in a bottle that holds less than 2 ounces or else you can't bring them in your carry-on.

TRUE. "Exposure to such an environment without
sufficient fluid intake will dehydrate the body through
perspiration and respiratory water loss. Dehydration can lead
to headaches, tiredness and fatigue. 11, 24 In addition, low
humidity can cause drying of the nose, throat and eyes, and
it can irritate contact lens wearers. Dehydration, as well as
the associated symptoms of a low humidity environment,
can be reduced by following recommendations designed to
mitigate them." (Boeing.com)

Make sure you drink plenty of water before and during your trip. You can bring a small bottle of solution with you in case it gets too bad. I think you will be ok as long as you hydrate before your trip!! Have fun!

[email protected]
Wow! thats the first time I've ever heard that..

Even without contacts, sometimes airline travel can be irritating to the eyes because of the very dry air in the plane; plus, the air is recirculated, so it could contain dust particles.

Take a small (3 oz. size or smaller) bottle of contact lens friendly rewetting solution/drops. Periodically, use the drops even if you don't feel any irritation; after you feel the irritation, it's much more difficult to get relief.

Everyone is different; you might have no trouble at all - but it's best to be prepared. If you're particularly concerned, wear your glasses instead for one leg of the trip and see how the air affects your eyes - or just wait until you arrive to switch to the contacts.

Noah B
me too arent they fun in the sun.

ive never noticed a problem with my contacts while im flying. but in just in case i would bring a small bottle (1.5 oz, 2 oz, casue the strict flying regulations on liquids) of contact solution, and a contact case. this way if they do start to bother you, you can take them out, or just wash them and put them back in. bring a pair of glasses if you have them that way if you do take out your contacts you can still see =]

I've never had a problem with mine on planes. They make re-wetting drops that really help when they get dry. I carry a bottle with me wherever I go.

Lisa G
They won't irritate you're eyes on a plane. But if it is a long flight more than 4 hours they will probalby get dry and start to get irratated. but being on a plane will have nothing to do with it.

Sometimes the air on a plane can be dry and it will dry your eyes. It might be a good idea to bring some eye drops with you just in case. But aside from a bit of dryness, there should not be any other irritation.

Have a safe trip!

I've never had a problem but the air on planes can be pretty dry so I reccommend bringing a small bottle of contact-safe eye-drops (ask your eye doctor for a trial size bottle). You can also buy them OTC but make absolutely sure that they are safe for use when wearing contacts!

they can - this is because the air on a plane is recirculated - which contains a higher amount of potentially irritating substances to your eyes...and the air is also less humidified (more dry) - which can make your contacts dry out and therefore, also make your eyes irritated as a result.

however, depending on how long your plane ride is, this may not be much of a factor. i've taken 3-hr flights with no problem. however, when i took a 6-hr flight, i *did* end up with very dry, irritated eyes. the next time i took that flight, i wore my glasses, and then put in my contacts shortly before we landed...that solved the problem.

btw, although they say you can drink more to hydrate, i don't think that'd be effective enough to combat the dry eye problem - besides which, you'd most likely end up having to use the bathroom more than once during the flight - eewww.

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