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i have goo in my eye and its all puffed up?
so i wake up and my eye iches, then i look at it and there is like the white stringie goo crap in it, what do i do to get it out and get it back to normal size

you're probably just tired

Lady Gaga
you may have infitigo :/ i used to have it, go to your doctors and get it checked out.
or, it could be very bad hay fever.

Miss Honesty
it could be a few things.

1.) pink eye
2.) some other kind of infection
3.) allergies (most likely)
4.) irritation
5.) and lastly eye poop

it could just be a sty, dont wear any eyeliner(if you wear any atall) for a few days and dont touvh it, it could also be pink eye, got to the doctor and get some anti biotics , its be gone in no time with those

signs of pink eye

it could be pink eye or an infection commonly known as a "sty" (sp?).
you can get both of these things by coming into contact with the bacteria (ie: sharing makeup, affected family members/friends, touching your eyes frequently, etc)

you should not wear makeup around your eyes while you have this, and should sanitize your hands as often as you possibly can. If you continue wearing makeup, you should throw it out imediately after the infection is completely gone.

go to your doctor for treatment and more information. hope i helped :)

eye infection hunni

juelz s
scrape it out!!!!!!!!!!!!hahahahha

Eye infection, possibly pink eye. Go to the doctor and he will probably prescribe you Tobradex or the generic form. No big deal.

You may have pink eye, it's an infection. you need not to rub it, It
can get worse. Make an appt. with your Dr., he or she can give you medication, it'll will heal with in a few days or so. It is contiguous.

Blake the dinosour!
"Pink eye" is what you could have take a warm wash cloth, and put on your eye, to take the gunk out. Also it should help take the swelling down. You should see a Doctor. :)

OK don't pick poke mess or do anything to it because it may be pink eye K go to An EYE Dr. not a regular doctor And he will tell you what is wrong with it ANd he will help lots!

if you use eyeliner on your inner bottom eyelid it could have given you an infection, especially if you let a friend use it also

well it sounds like you have pink eye..........you need to go to the store and buy some pink eye drops and use it several times a day if that doesn't work then go see a doctor..please be careful cause its very contagious and don't rub your eye then touch the other one cause you will get it in that one as well. good luck!!

i think you have conjunctivitis, go to the doctor and get eye drops/cream. Make sure to not wear makeup and the makeup you have been using throw it away as it will pass the infection. Also make sure you change you bed covers, and towels etc as this can also pass the infection.

Get your eye and you to the doctor immediately. Don't touch it because it may be contagious. And if you do touch it, don't touch anybody else.

Conjunctivitis (Pink eye)

You should go to the doc b/c treatment depends on if its caused by bacteria, virus, irritation or allergies.

It might be the aqueous humor, the "eyeball juice" coming out of your eye. Like was mentioned before, it might be signs of pink eye. The best advice I can give you is to go see Doctor House.

Lyndsay Hamilton
Probably pinkeye, Polysporin makes eye drops that could help...you can get the from a drug store and don't have to go to the dr

First off start washing your hands and often. Wash your sheets good and anything else you have contact with. Whatever you do, do NOT rub the other eye because it will spread and is highly contagious. Go to the doctor, they will give you a salve for it and stay in a couple days away from everyone.

the Hammer
Pink eye!

The doctor can prescribe some antibiotics.

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