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any tips
way of putting contacts in

and in one of my eyes it blurr y than the other one and the other one is fine?
im going to doc next wed i have to go back for check up should ...

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I think she gave my the wrong solution, because as soon as I put the contact in, ...

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Im going to the eye doctor in walmart.

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Or is that just my wierdness?!
Additional Details
Oh you're all really funny...I meant my actual contacts that I put in my eye....hence it's in optical. Ha flippin Ha!! :P...

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P.S. Don't say it's stupid or weird, ...

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are you aware of them or can you not feel them at all? And does it feel weird once you put it in the first time? Are you supposed to get used to it before it feels comfortable? thanks....

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eye color question just curious?
if i have browns eyes and my bf has blue eyes what color would our kid have

Judy B
A brown eyed parent and a blue eyed parent will have children with brown, hazel, green or blue eyes.

your kid could get your eye color or they can get there father's eye color

It depends on your genes.

Brown is more dominant than blue, so your kid would have a greater chance of having brown eyes, but it's still possible for he/she to have blue eyes.

Most likely brown because it over dominates blue.

Jade B
Since brown is the dominant gene then that could be the most possible outcome. But, blue is recessive which means your boyfriend carries that gene. If you carried a recessive gene as well, then it could be possible for a color other than brown.

25% chance blue, 75% brown. but i'm making sooo many assumptions there. the actual answer is that no one can know. there's even a chance they might be hazel or green or black :)

I have brown, husband blue, we have two with green eyes, one with blue.

blue is recessive so it is more likely that the eyes would be brown or at least dark - blue would be rare but is possible

Don't listen about this dominating BS others are saying. It all depends on the gene of the parents. Your bf's dad could have had black eyes. The eye color depends on the gene the child inherits. No one can inherits the genes for the child by any artificial means. You never know what it'll be until the child comes out like the gender for example. The child inherits the genes of the mother or the father depening on what gene the child accepts.

ur gunna have beautiful kids... idk but for sure cute

brown is a dominate color when it comes to the eyes
so u would probably have a brown eyed baby but u might have a blue eyed baby. but that's like a 1 out of 10 chance

Danirae K
Probably brown

Its most likely your child would have brown eyes, becuase brown is the more dominant gene for eye colour. It might vary based on both of your parents eye colours though.

3/4 chance brown
1/4 chance blue

Most likely brown, but he/she can also have blue eyes, although less like. Mutations and such can also result in green eyes, even further less likely. Nothing's for certain but all are possible.

no one truly knows but brown is more likely

I agree - Most likely brown - since it is dominant

HOWEVER - AT this point i would be concerned what color your bridesmaid dresses are going to be - OR yours for that matter

brown is most likely, but not guaranteed.

Most likely your kids will have brown eyes but unless we knew the genotypes of you and your boyfriend we wouldn't be able to tell you for sure. And even then we would only be able to give you a percentage of the likelihood. And also you probably don't know this but your kid could have neither brown or blue eyes. It's all in the genotype. They could have green or grey eyes.

I have blue eyes, my husband has brown eyes.
We have 3 children, one with hazel eyes, one with brown eyes , one with green eyes.

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