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help me
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where can i get ones with ...

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Does ...

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Any help???...

does your eye sight fix itself?

major Tom
no. only a matter of time before your eyes explode and you die.


Ben S
It can but i wouldnt depend on it.

Sadly ... I think not. It would be cheaper than buying glasses for a lifetime.

Both my brother and I needed glasses when were young, my eyes gradually got worse but my brother "grew out of it" it was something to do with him being very young and and they way he was growing and developing. But this is really a question for a optician and I guess it would depend on whats wrong in the first place.

Yes, it can in SOME cases over time fix itself. It happened to my sister; she wore glasses in the first through second grades, but she didn't need them after a while because her vision actually improved. Mine, on the other hand, has worsened and I have to wear glasses when I read blackboards and such.

Sometimes it does, sometimes it just gets worse.

what does that even mean, I mean you eye sight is what it is it's not going to get better if that's what you asking. I mean you had an accident it might get better after that.

nope! why do we have eye doctors?


Sometimes. I needed glasses at 12 and was able to throw them away at 18.

not usually, thats why so many of us end up wearing glasses

i wonder that myself
both my bestfriend and my boyfriend needed glasses when they were about in the 3rd grade but didnt wear them and now there eye sight is perfect.. sometimes i think glasses ruin your eyes that young

Sophia solves all your problems
no glasses fix it

Highly unlikely. I'm 18 and my eyesight has been getting worse since I was maybe 13. I think my glasses are partly to blame. Get lasik surgery. Instant cure. They say for males, though, you have to wait until you're 21.

My mom was too broke to buy me glasses, so I lived without glasses daily up until middle school with problems, but nothing unmanageble.

But, now, after wearing glasses for so long - I cant go a day without them!

I dont think your eyesight can get 'better' on its own. But I do think wearing constant correction (like glasses, contacts) will make your eyesight worse.

My personal opinion.

♥Accio Doublestuff♥
no. it can't.

no glasses, contacts or laser surgery

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