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just chill chill just chill
contacts please help read this question please please please??
ok well i dont have glassess and i have a perfect vision 20/20 both eyes and well i was wondering if you could get contacts without a perscription and if you can how much would they cost? what are the cheapest contacts to get and have good quality and are long lasting

No, you need to see an optometrist to be fitted for the lenses and get a prescription for plano (no-power) contacts.

Shanks Van I
Why do you want contacts if you have good vision?

u cant get PRESCRIPTION contacts w/o a prescription. if you want color contacts w/o vison correction i'm sure you can buy them somewhere. google Color Contacts.

Are you talking about color contacts??? If so, you can get them without prescriptions. They would cost the same amount of money....About $20-$30 per box.

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