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contacts at a young age?
do contacts at a young age mess up your eyes? im thinking about getting contacts and my mom told me that its better to get them at 16 but i dont wana wait. D:

i don't think it's about contacts messing up your eyes, it's more so responsibility. like if your old enough to take care of them properly such as cleaning them etc. i got my contacts when i was 15.

they are okay, but you have to be very careful with contacts. they have to be kept very clean. sometimes they may produce tiny cuts on your eye, which could lead to infections.

the best thing to do is to talk to the optometrist.

bout 5th grade is the first year to start wearing them

otherwise ur to young

Yes, they will because your eyes retina becomes dependent to the glasses. Therefore, in the future your vision will get worse until the age of 21. That's when the eyeball stops growing.

i dont need glasses or anything but with my friends as a referrence, some had contacts since they were like 12 but you just have to follow the directions. take them out for bed, dont wear ripped ones, and stuff like that. u should be good^^

Nah. grrr my mom says i must wait till i'm 16 too.

I'm 13 and I got them when I was 12 and my eye sight has actually improved....so i don't think so.

i dont think that at a young age matters.
it just matters if your eyes aren't THAT bad, then don't use them yet.
because your eyes will get worse and worse, and then you will need them badlyyy!


i dont think so half my friends have them and there in 6th grade!

I think you will be okay, I got my contacts when I was 13.


they could your body is still developing you should wait for 16 ,but i would wait till 18 besides some people look good with glasses

there is nothing wrong with getting contacts at a young age,
if you dont need them, then you can get the non prescription ones to just change your eye color!!!
i reccomend contacts cause glasses bother me cause they leave a dent mark on your nose part and they look nerdy to me.
and when your playing basketball or any other sport, its way better to wear contacts so the ball wont hit you in the face and cause major pain. OUCH!
well anyways hope i helped:)

Nah, you'll be fine. I know people that got them when they were like 13.

I know a 7-year-old with contacts. I think that doctors would probably not prescribe them if they were going to damage your eyes. Perhaps your mom means that you aren't ready for the responsibility because they do require lots of maintenance.

I think its fine, just make sure you give your eyes time to breath without them on. Clean they very well and dont sleep in them!

that is a rumor.
my mom had colored contacts all her life.
and she sees like a hawk. :DD

cydney lautner (:

♥тαтιαηα♥ τʜε ѕεжy ᴃεт?н
i don't think so but they are highly reccommended for older ppl... i got my first pair of contacts at 14 but only cause I do contact sports...

HOW OLD ARE YOU? (cause it depends)

I think you would be fine I started wearing contacts when I was 13.

You don't have to wait, but if you get them, you shouldn't wear them all day, from when you wake up to when you go to sleep. Take them off when you get home from school, or something like that.

Its not that they mess up your eyes, its a maturity and cleanliness issue. If you dont look after them properly, you get eye infections and other issues.

oh lala
No they dont mess your eyes up, Ive had contacts since i was 11.

Blue Rain
I got them when I was 13, and I didn't even have glasses before that. They don't hurt.

i got contacts when i was 12
i love themmm!!!

Dessie Marguay
i had contacts when i was 12 years old.
go for it

Marley & Me
I'm 14 and I have contacts and my eye doctor prescribed them for me so I would say that they don't mess up your eyes at all as long as you are at least 14.

Well, I'm not really sure it matters too much on how old you are. I got my contacts when I was 13 years old, and they have worked wonders for my eyes. My prescription was really strong, and every six months it would get a little worse. But since I got contacts, they have stopped. I got soft lenses, which are better than the hard (RPG) lenses. Ask your eye doctor; he should give you advice.

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