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 contacts at a young age?
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can you sleep with contacts?
is it bad for you?
Additional Details
okay then...
thank you

I'm an insomniac...I can't sleep with anything.

no its bad for ur eyes

Softball Star<3
its really bad for your eyes

it will not only dry the contacts out but your eyes as well

I wear these


It is bad for your eyes unless you have 30 day contacts. You put them in, and you sleep with them for a month and then you put in a new pair. Talk to your eye doctor about using them.

Jenn C
yes u can its not such a hot idea though

jermaine m
its bad for you unless you ave special ones but if you did you would know

Amanda G
My eyes are super sensitive. If I fall asleep with mine in they bug me for the rest of the day and I have to take them out. I can't even wear mine for a full day, protein builds up and I can't see after about 12 hours.

If your eyes aren't sensitive then you could prolly sleep in them, but only like a nap, nothing longer than an hour or so.

My boyfriend slept in his and nearly lost his eyesight! Your eyes can't breathe with contacts on and eyes shut for long periods of time. For him the doctor had to pry the contacts off of his eyes and he cried for the first time in front of me afterwards.

They have certain kinds that are like gel and wont harm you but its better to take them out, you might loose em in your sleep

Your eyes need to breathe! Nothing will happen if you do it on occasion, but the risk of infection is definitly higher if you do. Don't do it every night! Your eyes WILL get infected. Small naps are fine, in fact, I take them myself. No worries! As soon as you wake up from sleeping with them on, put eyedrops in your eyes, so they aren't dry. And if you take them out in the morning, allow yourself to have them out of your eyes for about an hour or so, and you'll be good to go!
I wear them.

Pink Elephant
It is bad for you (unless you have the special hard contacts like me)
They could scratch your eyes
you could lose them..
and there will be buildup on them and that is not good for your eyes either.
Just don't risk it. It might be okay for one night if there is no other choice, but take them out if you can.

yes it is, you can get an infection in your eye which can lead you into going blind.

Don't. It can ruin the contacts, and sometimes even your eyes! Not a good idea.

I'm not an expert but I heard it's not good to sleep with them in.

Laura W
no you cant because it can scratch your cornea which can lead to blindness or very bad eye site. if you wish to sleep with contacts in i recommend asking your doctor for the king in which you can sleep with them in. my friend also has contacts that you sleep with and in the morning you can take them out and see just as you would if you actually had your contacts in.

There are some brands that can be left in when you sleep, but it's a really bad idea. The oxygen can't get to your eye fully when you wear contacts and that can cause infections and other uncomfortable things.
Do the safe thing and take them out. I don't even like napping in mine, I'm afraid I'll accidentally rub them or something and scratch my eye.

They say not to but i have fallen asleep with them in and i hav'nt had a problem for the few times this has happened.
Now i have a Brother Inlaw who wears hard contacts and never takes them out except for once or twice a year to give them a good cleaning.
I would'nt recomend doing that but he has been doing it for the last 5 or 6 years.

its bad for you unless you ave special ones but if you did you would know

You can, but it is best to sleep with them out. Your eyes need oxygen and lenses, even though are gas permiable, aren't completely. You don't need them while sleeping anyway. I wore AcuVue for many years and took them out every night. I have had laser eye correction about a year and a half ago and so far have been very satisfied.

Steph S
I sleep with mine but mine are weekly and meant to be slept in-- they retain moisture more than others. Usually, your eyes need to have a break and "breathe," that's why you take them out at night. Dirt and such that gets into your eyes during daily activity can make tiny scratches on your corneas. If your eyes are not given air and time to heal, the scratches will essentially scar your corneas. Over time, the cornea will thicken and your eyes will get worse, vision-wise. This is also a reason that a lot of contact wearers are not able to get LASIK or PRK surgery later in life. I know it's a pain, but take them out. It's so much better for your eyes. You only get two of them... treat them well!

You shouldn't sleep with contacts in. They can dry out and damage your eyes. Also I knew someone whose contact went behind their eye while they were asleep which is not good. Just get a pair of glasses for night time if you need them or just keep the contacts right next to your bed, then if you need them in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning they will be right there.

Si D
Yes it's bad for your eyes - i think the occasional time if you doze off for a short period it's ok, but ideally no! There are some lenses that you can leave in for a month...don't know how good they are tho!

Julia H
Doesnt sound like a good idea to me.

You can,but it's not so good.just don't do it for like a week without taking them out.

you'll damage your cornea and be scarred for life.. i don't think you'll want that!!

Lucy Blue
Some might say yes, but it's really better not to. Your eyes are already deprived from oxygen at night. Your eyes need to rest from them and I've known people to get infections from doing it. You only have one set of eyes so why risk it?

I used to wear them all the time and
EVERY morning my eyes would be
so damaged. DONT sleep with contacts
in, it's horrible for your eyes.

No. Don't.
They can scratch your eyes in your sleep, and permanently damage your cornea.

You can but its unhealthy and not recommended.

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