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help? im getting a lazy eye, i wasnt born with it. its just lately one of my eyes seems to be lazy and isn't looking where it is supposed 2 b looking!
what do i do? anything tht i can do 2 ...

 My brown eyes are turning blue?
I always thought a kind of thin black circle surrounded the brown part of my eye. Now it's gotten bigger and blue. It looks as if my eyes are changing color? I've heard this happens to some ...

 If someone has a 'lazy' eye, which eye should you look at, when talking to them?

 What is this eye color?

This is one of my eyes...

My eyes are of this colour...

It's a strange color :S...

 Ok so im an idiot...?
I went to the walmart vision center to pick up my annual supply of prescription contact lenses & i got to pick out a pair of free eyeglasses. Well, i was talking to the lady who helped me out and ...

 Am I CRAZY! What are those clear falling things I see in my eyes that only I see?
Additional Details
I heard they're called floaters. It is clear circles I see when looking in a bright light or the sky. The ...

 first person to write either yes or no wins best vote which ever one I'm thinking of?
hurry your running out of ...

 is it bad to wear contacts while taking a shower?
my friend told me that you could get an infection, is that true?...

 Eye colour question? ?
Okay well one of my eyes is this colour


and the other eye is completly blue. My whole family are ...

 contacts at a young age?
do contacts at a young age mess up your eyes? im thinking about getting contacts and my mom told me that its better to get them at 16 but i dont wana wait. D:...

 Do I need glasses? Plz answer?
I have been fine up until the past few days. Suddenly when i watched tv for a while my eyes get tired. My vision in the right eye is blurred but the left is perfectly fine, i recently discovered ...

 any hits on how i can up all night?
any hints on how i can stay up all night ? or what i can ...

 What number is in the left box?

i think it's 8 or 3
To tell you the truth it take me a while to see it but afther about 10 seconds i get it.
be ...

 How do you get your eye to stop twiching?
I t is twiching constantly. I know it will twich under stress but is is constantly moving for the past 2 hours and it is driving me crazy! I tried drinking water and it didnt help. Its just one eye ...

 I Got make-up remover in my eye, and it wont stop burning! How can i make it stop?
Ohkay, so like 15 minutes about i go soap in my eyes, it still burns so bad and i have allready washed it out with water. I put in some viseine but it felt like some one had just stabed my eye. how ...

 i hate wearing glasses so i wear my glasses when i study and in other times i take them off... is this bad?
i hate wearing glasses so i wear my glasses when i study and in other times i always take them off. does this affect anything with my eyesight and am i hurting myself or anything? Is this bad?

 survey about butter: can my real contacts separate themselves from my not so real contacts?
we'll call you teams...

bonus question: what should the teams be called?

we only need two.

I have been hearing through the internets that some of you may not be ...

 i just got contacts....?
so i'm going on my first plane ride
with contacts. i've heard that contacts
can irritate your eyes while on a plane.
do they? what can i do to help them? tnks!...

 If I've never worn contacts before, is it possible for me to get contacts online?
I've only worn "glasses" in the past. Can I still order contacts online or will they expect me to have worn contacts in the past? I've wanted to get them from my optometrist but ...

 My eye color changes depending on my mood?
I naturally have light sky blue eyes, like a wolf, but depending on my mood, many people will notice that my eyes turn darker blue, turqouise, or green. I look myself, and they are a different color.<...

can u tell me my eye color??!?
my eye color is very strange!! it has a blue ring on the outside and then it is light green and then dark brown!! are my eyes hazel or a different color??

Alan M
you could have eyes that change colors some eyes adjust to different conditions by changing color so you could be both hazel and green

Icehead of WindClan
your eyes are white. end of story.

My freind has this, sorta rings and spikes of colour. Just choose the two most common colour maybe aqua-hazel???

Hope this helped!!!

RIP all the great stars who died
like mine people tell me hazel and grey your probably hazel

Talina W
they are hazel. with the green and brown. but with the blue ring that makes them very different. it sounds like u have very pretty eyes. m ake up a color for them lol!

rawr (:

Sounds like hazel to me.

Rudas Jabbi

Kristine A

i think hazel

i'd say hazel xD

Judy B
Eye colour naming is not very exact. Some people name eyes with a mix of colours hazel, some name the dominant colour.

You can call your eyes hazel or green, whichever you prefer.

Carl S
hazel... y not lol

Esther W

hazel hazel

Norie M
i dont know if your eyes are brown because there is no such thing in the world are black eyes
it might be brown eyes,blue eyes,green eyes;]
but i have brown

the way you describe them seems like they are hazel

if it is a green but dark brown colour it's probably hazel.

take it to da hoop
My sister's is the same way!
probly hazel.

Hard to tell without photo

skiddly dee
Yeah, that's exactly like mine. I don't know what color they are. When I grew up, my parents told me they were hazel. But they're actually like a greenish, grayish color with some small brownish yellowish tinge. Just go with hazel - cause it's sort of like a catch all.

-- also they don't change colors. When you have a tan, they will look more blue, and when you are pasty white, they will look more brown.

Riley A

Heather H
def. hazel...it's like the name for eyes that the color isn't exactly one color...

kool aid man.




bel!eve me !m ly!ng<3
thats so cool! just say they're bleewn!


Hazel grey probably..hard telling for sure without a picture

Haha they are like Brownish, greenish I would say if people asked.
It doesn't matter, people are just born with amazing eye colors.
But it doesn't make you unique, it just makes you, you!

Hope I helped :)

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